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    Henry & Sredni - Correct all around!

    As for #3 - This will be a tough question. Hint: It's observable from the track information (as seen in, say, Wikipedia), but I had to know the basic track information from all Genesis studio albums in order to figure it out.

    I'd been saving these questions for the Genesis Trivia Quiz thread, but that seems to have stopped getting posted to, and I wasn't likely to get a turn anytime soon anyway. So here they are. These don't call for any inside knowledge or anything; the answers are just mundane things that I've observed.

    (1) Among Genesis studio albums, what is only true of their first 3 (FGTR / Trespass / Nursery) and their last (CAS)?

    (Hint: This is technically true of every band's first album, but Genesis's has a better claim to this than most.)

    (2) Among Genesis studio album tracks, what is uniquely true about "Los Endos" and "No Son of Mine"?

    (3) Among Genesis studio album tracks, "The Serpent" represents one extreme and "A Trick Of The Tail" represents the other. What are the opposite things that are true of these two tracks?

    The slightly bizarre obsessive lyric is amusing and full marks for 'knockatize' (file alongside 'unifaun' and 'undinal').

    storytelling lyrics (by Collins, according to Hackett and not by himself as I've read).

    It turns out that the word written as "knockatize" in the printed lyrics is supposed to be "narcotize."

    I was surprised when Hackett said Collins wrote the I&O lyrics, as I'd heard they were by Mike. I still think they sound more like Mike's style of writing than Phil's.

    "More Fool Me" and "After the Ordeal" aren't great songs, and the album would probably work without them. (It would even still be a fairly long album.) But they do make for nice breathers between the long, epic numbers. ATO, in particular, strikes me as being a perfect follow up to "Epping Forest," both in mood and in title.

    Before I heard the album, I kind of expected "More Fool Me (Vocals Phil)" -- as it was listed on the cover -- to be more of a full-band piece. Actually, when it comes down to it, neither of Phil's full lead vocals in the Gabriel era are really "Genesis" songs; they're both just Phil and a guitar player.

    I think the "starting-with-Willow version" is just my misunderstanding, misremembering or incomplete knowledge of the more detailed story that you cite. I was right, at least, in that "Willow" was pre-written and that the band decided to have it pop up unexpectedly in the middle of something bigger.

    I could be remembering wrong, but I recall reading somewhere that the band basically started with "Willow Farm" and wanted to write something big for it to pop up unexpectedly in the middle of.

    23 minutes of SR plus near 2 minutes of Horizons is pushing vinyl to the limit IF you want to keep the bass at proper levels

    True, but Side 2 of FOXTROT is far from being the longest side on a Genesis LP. Side 2 of SELLING beats it by a full 4 minutes, for example.

    Definitely an impressive piece, though there are other Genesis songs I like better.

    I don't have any trivia about the song, but I have a couple of observations:

    (1) It's obviously their longest song, and their 2nd longest isn't much more than half its length (technically, about 51%).

    (2) There doesn't seem to be any consensus about exactly where each section begins and ends, and the instrumental section prior to "Apocalypse" doesn't really seem to belong to any titled section.

    And for the record, I'd say "Apocalypse" is actually in 9/4 rather than 9/8. :)

    OK, well, this is going to seem really anticlimactic...

    LAMB (LP 1) and ABACAB are the only Genesis LPs where the longest track is on the side with the most tracks!

    "In the Cage" is on Side 1 of LAMB, with 6 tracks (vs. 5 for Side 2).

    "Dodo/Lurker" is on Side 2 of ABACAB, with 5 tracks (vs. 4 for Side 1).

    Now for what I hope is a better question:

    Twice in Genesis' discography, a title reveals a very specific thing about the song itself. What are the two titles? (Hint: They're in different Genesis eras.)

    Wow, I really didn't think this would be such a hard question. I guess my mind really works differently from other people's.

    Once again, it's really simple. No knowledge needed beyond what's shown in Wikipedia on the Track Listings. The same thing occurs occasionally -- i.e., less than half the time -- on other artist's albums as well.

    Next hint: The answer focuses on Side 1 of Lamb & Side 2 of Abacab.