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    Being in the U.S., I didn't know for a long time that "Inside & Out" was from an EP. I originally knew of it -- and sought it out -- only as a non-LP B-side by Genesis (and the first such Genesis B-side that I'd heard of). In the U.S. it was the B-side of "Follow You Follow Me". To this day I&O is one of my favorite Genesis songs.

    I like "Match" and "Pigeons," but I agree that they wouldn't fit the mood of WIND & WUTHERING at all.

    Eurgh! That must vie with Script For A Jester's Tear and Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors for most pretentious album title of all time.

    What stands out for me about the title "Beyond the Shrouded Horizon" is that, like many of Steve's titles, it has no recognizable connection to anything on the actual album. (Other examples are Cured, Highly Strung, Till We Have Faces, Feedback, Guitar Noir, Wild Orchids, Out of the Tunnel's Mouth, The Night Siren, At the Edge of Light. Even VOTA probably qualifies.)

    Someone in another thread said they knew what the vocoder voice says halfway through this. I've often wondered, and was about to ask what it was, when I decided that having gone several decades not knowing I could carry on that way. So I still don't know, and don't want to.

    That was me who said that. And, just to warn you, it's mentioned in the review linked to in the first post!

    The banter gives the song the sense of audio verite (a bit like some of the old Led Zeppelin songs such as In My Time Of Dying and Black Country Woman).

    Getting even further off topic, but... yes, that sense isn't something you really get on Genesis albums, is it? The (original) ending of "Anything She Does" is the only thing I can think of that even comes close. (In contrast, another favorite band of mine -- pre-1980s Chicago -- has quite of bit of that on various albums.)

    The 12" mixes were not part of the boxsets, neither the Archive set, not the SACD-Sets. To me it looks more like they didn't want to put remixes on any of the sets

    Except that the 12" versions of "Mama" and "It's Gonna Get Better" were not remixes. They were the complete versions of the songs from which the album versions were edited.

    I personally consider these the true versions of the songs, and don't even bother with the edited album versions -- especially IGGB, where the short version has awkwardly been left with only one verse section.

    I came to know SMALLCREEP'S DAY through the U.S. vinyl version, which has the suite on side 2 and the other 5 songs on side 1. To me, the album wouldn't work nearly as well with the suite on side 1.

    I'm also highly fond of "Overnight Job." Another case of different people hearing the same song differently. I guess it makes a better side 1 closer than album closer.

    My top 3:

    Steve - One of the best-represented artists in my whole collection. There's not much solo material by him (other than live albums) that I don't have.

    Ant - I have the majority of his output, but there are also several of his albums that I either passed on after one listen or never bought to begin with.

    Tony - I have all of his rock material, but never got into his classical stuff.

    The rest are a little harder to rank.

    Of these, I have the most material by Phil, but overall I'm not a huge fan of his solo stuff.

    I have all of Mike's proper solo stuff (what little there is), and am a big fan of SMALLCREEP'S DAY. But the Mechanics stuff, past the 1st album, has never caught my interest.

    I've never been a fan of solo stuff by either Peter or Ray, although I have one album by each, plus a handful of individual tracks (1 by Ray, the rest by Peter).

    According to liner notes the only post-Peter albums with vocal credits to anyone but Phil were Trick of the Tail, Duke, and Genesis.

    On Trick I think I hear Tony on "Mad Man Moon," going "aaaah" behind the "hey man, I'm the sand man" part.

    On Duke I'm guessing that Tony and Mike sing along with Phil on the chorus sections of "Duchess."

    On Genesis there's Tony on "Silver Rainbow," and I'm guessing that Tony and Mike sing along with Phil at the end of "Illegal Alien."

    And of course there's Tony's co-lead vocals in Shepherd and The Magic of Time.

    Oh, so Tony's singing the harmony with Pete on TMOT? Hmm, I wouldn't have thought of that as being a co-lead. (I think there can be a fine line between "backing vocal" and "co-lead vocal"; think of "Am I Very Wrong?", "Dusk" or "Supernatural Anaesthetist", for example.)

    No, it's true. They bounced around the idea of Tony singing silver rainbow and Mike singing just a job to do.

    Hmm, I could almost imagine Tony pulling off "Silver Rainbow." Mike and "Just A Job To Do," on the other hand... :huh:

    I love the two strange songs that they toyed with the idea of Tony and Mike singing.

    Is that really true? It always sounded like fan legend/speculation to me.

    Based on that article, it sounds like only a small part of the final song actually reflects Tony & Phil's contributions. So it's not like anything close to the full "A Call To Arms" would have been a potential 10th track on GENESIS.