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    The 1980 Lyceum gigs were 6 & 7 May, so if you mean 7 May (the one famously filmed by the BBC for Whistle Test) then you and I were at the same two gigs, as I also went to the Hammersmith Thu 27 March one. That was the first of 3 shows at Hammersmith, they did The Knife on the 3rd of those. But otherwise yes the only encore was IKWIL.

    you are, of course right, I was at the second Lyceum gig, which was on the 7th. At Hammersmith we got BINYC, which was then replaced by Squonk, iirr.

    I was at the Lyceum on the 8th May, The Knife was played after the group returned to the stage a final time (the house lights didn't come on fully so we just waited and hollered and there they were.) Phil said "this is the only other one we know" and they went straight into it. I was pretty amazed, I'd seen them at Hammersmith on Tony's birthday and there was no hint of an extra encore. Daryl played lead. I was really close to the stage and managed to get this shot of Mike with my ancient Canon. The jostling made it impossible to take decent pics for almost the whole gig

    I loved the freshness of Like China from the first time I heard it. The loveable Cockney yobbo is a character that suits phil down to the ground. he alluded to it in Whodunnit, but it wasn't as accessible as in Like China. HIMBG is my fave Collins album, just ahead of But Seriously, and this is definitely one of the reasons why!