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    The amazing thing is is the the first time there has been only one drummer for genesis lice since Phil Collins took to the mic. It's weird hearing some of these songs with just one drummer sounds likethe album versions nic does an awesome job and some of the videos I swear he looks like Phil back in the early 1970s lol. He really looks like his dad at times

    Looking closly at this box set I noticed a typo in the lyrics sheet. Mine has a place to call my own on the lyrics sheet labled a place to call your own lol. Opps. This typo is right above the lyrics looks like the only typo.

    Oh I dunno if he made one for SR. I just stumbled across it last night and felt as u did but gave it a chance and I was impressed. Yeah it could be a lot better I agree but it’s better then nothing.

    I know I read somewhere Peter was involved in getting this album remastered and restored I’m hoping the versions I just got are them. EDSAL release. And this box set. Still not sure. I had a couple different cookies over the years with band photos on it. More ways of making king get money I’m guessing lol.

    Found this on eBay. Thought I’d leave this here.…id=p2349624.m46890.l49292

    They claim this to be an original first pressing of from genesis to revelation. Less the 700 were sold is what I’ve herd over the years. Not sure how many original pressings there was for this. Cant believer they pressed it twice. Anyone know how many copies were made back then of this? And maybe someone can verify if this is from back then. It does say Decca.

    What I found really amazing was in all my years of being a genesis fan I’ve never seen or read the story that is written on this lyric sheet. That story impressed me. Almost $600 they are asking for this. If I was rich I’d fork it over but that’s way outa reach for me and it’s used. Good luck finding one that’s never been opened lol

    Maybe we can all pitch in a few bucks and hold it at our houses for a month and pass it along to the next fan lol. We are all owners of it lol.

    I don’t know if this has been talked about on here but I just found this.

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    Someone took time to set the lamb to animation and did a really fantastic job. I hate fan made stuff normally. I would rather see the band themselves do something. But THIS WAS AWESOME. Check it out when u have time to listen to the full lamb. The ending is very awesome!!

    I bough both the vinyl box set and the edsal deluxe cd. Will the Amazon purchased vinyl get here first or the Ebay cd lol.

    well Amazon UK won’t take my card so I got it off of eBay. Not sure why when I try to buy overseas this seems to happend. Getting old.

    I seem to recall back when the box sets were being mad or possibly when archive was coming out that Peter struck a deal with John jo music to get From Genesis To Revelation remastered and put back to its original condition. All the original art work was put back with the lyrics and such. Does anyone know of this? Did they title it any different? Does anyone know where and if I can still get a copy of this a link on eBay perhaps? Been looking for this for a while now. All I seem to find are lame rip offs with extra tracks. I seem to recall there was an extra disc with this to have the extra tracks like one eyed hound ect Any help is appreciated.