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    If I may...

    Can we get a grip here?

    Yes, I wish Peter would release an album a year or even two, but that's just not what he's been about since leaving the Old Boys.

    The life changes he has undergone have also clearly given him a different kind of distance from the man he once was. People change. Artists change.

    Fathers, sons, and husbands change.

    If you go back over the last 5 or so years, I think you'll see that life has dealt the man with some pretty serious gut punches. And we want him to keep churning out hits from our favorite eras of PG listening....?

    And, by the way, to record an album while his fellow co-hort and constant sideman is out on the road every year for the last 4-5 years as King Crimson's stellar bassist. I'm pretty certain the bass tracks are down for whatever comes next or can be managed via top secret file sharing. No I don't want to know what his DROPBOX account is.

    The new album(s) will come ... and be worth every second of repeated listenings when it does.

    Could be his last. Never know.

    Better to send him good wishes for a healthy life--in or out of the music business.