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    Neil & Tim Finn were in Crowded House together for one album but they made a couple of albums as a duo. I'm not sure that counts.

    However, Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil has a new band called the Alter Egos, which includes his Oils guitarist Martin Rotsey. I'm not entirely sure if the Oils have split for good as yet.

    What about whichever combination of Yes you might want to call a separate band. What was it... Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe?

    Oh, and I suppose you can count Mark Knopfler & Guy Fletcher in the Notting Hillbillies.

    I like CAS (although I struggled with it at first, especially the videos), and I like Ray's voice, musicianship & songwriting. The last album by him, The Weight Of Man, is really good as is the compilation Upon My Life. I follow him on Facebook and Instagram, and have a friend who goes to see him in Germany all the time (and she's not even that big a Genesis fan). I honestly think I prefer his work to the current Mechanics output, for instance.

    Tony and Mike both repeatedly answered to questions on a 5-man lineup reunion: "People seem to forget we could only play songs from the Gabriel era."

    How could we all miss this point - who would want to see a Genesis concert without I Can't Dance, Throwing It All Away, Hold On My Heart, etc.?

    All I can say to that is when I saw Phil do Throwing It All Away it was one of the highlights of the night. I am well aware others feel differently.

    LOC is not an odd choice at all. See my post on page 1.

    Apologies re 'you can dance' mistake. But I honestly thought all Genesis were really saying with 'We Can't Dance' was to acknowledge that at their age they couldn't be expected to make that sort of music.

    By the way, what is obvious is that the We Can't Dance title is a lampooning nod to that of Madonna's album You Can Dance. Remember that Madge is (or was in his teen years) Simon's favourite singer.

    I thought they were lampooning all the dance music of that era; I ddin't even know Madonna did an album of that title (the line comes from the song Vogue, anyway). By Simon I presume you mean Simon Collins?

    I'm pretty certain when they got all 5 together, Peter didn't want to commit to a long tour and Phil was also on his I have to stay at home for the kids (even though they pretty muched moved not long after) so you had Peter wanting a one off, Phil not wanting to commit to more than a handful of shows and TS wanting a year long tour no doubt so that it would make enough money etc

    It's a real shame, because this would have been a rare occasion that an original line up being all alive and healthy could have done something great, but instead they kinda blew it (especially after Phils drumming issues soon after 07 Tour).

    Still..... If Nic were to replace Phil, they could technically do a Lamb Tour still in 2025 / 2027 if PG and rest wanted too.

    Really? They would play only Gabriel era songs?

    "Genesis is a strange band... they were privileged but brutalised": Steve Hackett remains "very proud" of his six years with Genesis, but has no regrets about leaving
    "I choose to celebrate Genesis’s classic work with a band that relishes it" says Steve Hackett

    This is a link to a Daily Telegraph interview which is paywalled, so some of the summary may be taken out of context.. But he's starting to sound like Don Felder, formerly of the Eagles. I don't recall him being this bitter about Genesis before. He makes them sound like the Conservative party. This about the reunion tour:

    Genesis is a strange band. They ask you, and then when you say yes they say… surplus to requirements. It’s so competitive.

    I know, but in fact, the other three members bassist Paul Denman, keyboardist Andrew Hale and saxophonist Stuart Mathewman have always appeared in every albums' booklet and every music video.

    What is more, Sade are defined in Wikipedia as a band of which Sade Adu is the singer.

    Yes, I had to look that up and I honestly did not know 'Sade' was a band.

    I have another one - Red Rose Speedway by Wings where only McCartney is on the front.

    There is also London Town - allthough Jimmy McCullough & Joe English played on this album only the McCartneys & Denny Laine are on the front.

    Well, I DID hear Abacab on radio. I was intrigued by it. Given the effect In The Air Tonight & Face Value had on me earlier in the year, why didn't I rush out & buy the album? I still wasn't quite ready, it seems.

    Do complilations count? If so, ABC's The Look Of Love only has Martin Fry on the cover. There would be a lot of compilations where only the best known member features e.g. Legend by Bob Marley and the Wailers (in much smaller type). Same with the Doors, Roxy Music, Blondie

    Again, I suppose similar to Bob Marley, if it's 'and the' then the backing band doesn't count, as with Bruce Springsteen & Bob Seger album covers.

    And er... the Dire Straits Live at the BBC album only shows Mr Knopfler. Funny, that. Jethro Tull's Bursting Out only has Ian Anderson on the front. So do live albums count?

    There is one though - The Byrds' Notorious Byrd Brothers has a photo of a horse where David Crosby would have been if he hadn't left.

    Ther are several Jethro Tull albums which only feature Ian Anderson on the front including the live album mentioned above. These include Heavy Horses, Songs From The Wood, War Child, Too Old To Rock & Roll and The Zealot Gene.

    The Rolling Stones' Tattoo You has Jagger on the front & Richards on the back. I don't have the LP so I don't know if the other members were inside the sleeve.

    The Pretenders Last Of The Independents has only Chrissie Hynde on the front and she's the only one on the front of a couple of compilations.

    Rammstein's Sehnsucht had six separate covers featuring solo shots of all six members as does the Made in Germany compilation.

    This is only stuff I have!