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    I must have bought this when it was released because I certainly had the video compilation.

    It has had a lot of criticism over the years, not least from Phil himself in his book. As far as I am concerned it goes without saying the best tracks aren't those dominated by brass & synths no matter how commercially successful they were. The lyrics of Sussudio & Don't Lose My Number just are not very interesting. My favourite tracks are Take Me Home, Inside Out, Long Long Way To Go , Doesn't Anybody... and We Said Hello Goodbye. I always go for the more considered, thoughtful stuff on Phil's albums (but I miss the anger from Hello... I guess he thought he had done enough in that vein).

    But this quote from the review:

    f he had never done Face Value it would not matter. But he did and touched something real with it. He lost that later. He could have become a John Lennon, but he decided to become Paul McCartney.”

    I don't know how often it has to be said that there is nothing wrong with 'being McCartney rather than Lennon. People forget how self-indulgent and pompous a lot of Lennon's stuff was and they always choose to ignore some of the Double Fantasy songs, which were more McCartney than McCartney ever was. I digress. It's not a fair comparison. All I would say is yes, Face Value and Hello are both more 'real'.

    Getting back to the lyric, there's a very minor thing that makes me smile as it brings to mind my English teacher Mr Jeffries. He advised against ambiguity, such as "I scratched my head with my dog by my side." He'd point out you weren't literally using the dog by your side to scratch your head. Similarly - "I rang the bell with my heart in my mouth" would've had him asking if the narrator had his heart clenched between his teeth while pushing it against the doorbell.

    I don't know how else you could say it except for 'as I rang the doorbell, my heart was in my mouth' or 'I felt my heart in my mouth'.

    Some astonishing, magnificent stuff there - if I had to pick one out of the four to play first, it would be the third one. Those first five songs - what a sequence. I love The Night Before which I think is almost as good as the more celebrated No Reply.

    Everyone sends Phil an Instagram message on his birthday!

    I think it's safe to assume that his daughter did a little bit more than that for the old man.

    Yes, they're close. She's been interviewed on the subject about their parents splitting when they were so young. Obviously, it was hard at the time but that's all in the past now.

    Well yes, of course she would have done more than that. I don't follow her on social media. I just saw the post she sent to his page.

    That sounds awesome! If you are able to find them and able to share that would be so cool.

    One other question I was thinking about and couldn't remember Phil addressing it in his autobiography, but how is his daughter's relationship with him after all of this? Do they still talk? Did she like the song Survivor or feel it was upsetting for her?

    Last year she sent him an Instagram message on his birthday. I assume they are close.

    We can also say goodbye to America today as well. They might as well give Trump a crown and sceptor because the Republican senators just made him king. It's a sad day for both Britain and the U S.

    Hear hear.

    My fear that once Trump is re-elected, he will want the two term limit for the presidency abolished. After all, it has now become a fact that if a president does something to get himself re-elected because he believes it is in the ' national interest' then surely that national interest would allow him to be president for as long as he likes. It is a very slippery slope these Republicans have embarked upon. ' Do you know what you have done'.

    As for Brexit I'm just sad about it.…tic-ambition-history-done

    I love Till It Shines, but Her Strut - er.... 'they do respect her but they love to watch her strut'. I try not to take it too seriously but I struggle with it.

    You may not get many people here who like Seger (apologies if I am wrong). I discovered him through being an Eagles fan & finding out that he & Glenn Frey were friends from Detroit. He was the only musician to pay Frey a proper musical tribute after his death (aside from Frey's solo songwriting partner, Jack Tempchin) - in fact, two songs, I Knew You When & Glenn Song.

    That aside it is a cliché that Seger is like a Springsteen/Mellencamp epitome of 'blue collar working men's rock'. I always thought he was far less bombastic than Springsteen & a lot more believable when writing about relationships .

    Some of my favourites;

    Beautiful Loser


    Night Moves


    The Fire Down Below

    Hollywood Nights

    No Man's Land

    Shame On The Moon (features Frey on backing vocals)

    Face The Promise