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    I think it would be awesome to let the fans vote for one song like the Rolling Stones do. That being said I promised myself not to complain about the setlist and just be grateful that I’m getting to see them live again. But as you know, promises are meant to he broken. lol 😂

    I got to do that when I saw the Stones in Brisbane. I voted for Respectable, but they played Silver Train, which was fine, because Mick Taylor was a guest!

    You mention Rammstein. Hubby discovered them a while back and loves them. It took me a while but a lot of their music is challenging in a good way, as is Till Lindemann's solo work.

    I will add Jethro Tull to my list of favourite bands now. I am slowly getting the entire catalogue, just as I did with Genesis, The difference is I have seen Tull, back in 1994 I think.

    It's a good list, but omitting Wuthering Heights is like omitting In The Air Tonight from a list of favourite Phil songs. But there is something for everyone there.

    Per Backdrifter's emoji, not only is Phil not an East Ender, he is from Hounslow, which is about as far from the East End as you can get in London. Neither is he 'working class'.

    I find the description of Peter peculiar to say the least. :rolleyes:

    Do you have any idea how ridiculous that statement sounds? Especially on this forum where loving the pap era as much as the prog era is not just expected, but downright mandatory?

    'Mama' has its raw side, sure, complete with thunderous drumming and studio trickery. And Phil's pain is palpable. However we're talking music here, and the actual tune is best qualified as nondescript, while the screams/gurgles are just annoying.

    But I agree this song is probably one of the trio's best.

    It isn't 'mandatory' at all, but your use of the word 'pap'reminds me that there is no point engaging with you.

    Not a trio song, though. But it certainly would have benefitted from PG's participation/singing. And we might have been spared hearing about the er... daddy issues that... mar that particular track. Wouldn't you say this is the album where quality control really started to slipthe advent of that sickly sweet sound that defines the rest of the band's history, all the way to the awful Mama and beyond?

    You might say that. Others do not. Once again, you assume your opinions are shared by everyone else.

    How Mama, one of the rawest songs in Genesis history, is 'sickly sweet' I cannot fathom. If you dislike it, OK. Don't call it something it patently is not.

    Also your assumption that anything on the later albums would have been 'rejected by the collective' elevates Hackett & Gabriel far beyond actual reality. The other three were also part of the collective.

    I'm sorry. I really try to stay out of this, but this stuff is starting to get on my nerves. I know what people say. Don't feed the troll.

    Reading a statement the band released on YouTube it’s clear that a) they are very upset about having to postpone the shows, and b) they will almost certainly schedule new dates for these 4 canceled shows.

    I think so. I feel very concerned for the band members, and upset for those of you who won't see the shows now, but I think this sums it up. To coin a phrase 'it's gonna get better', which I think sounds better than a previous post which said something like 'the tour was doomed'. <X:saint:

    Same here. AFAIC, there was Genesis, a band that put out a string of albums in the Seventies that are just works of art to me - epoch-making, unsurpassable, unbelievably rich musically and in their world-making, to coin a phrase (Trespass through Seconds out, more or less).

    And then there was/is the current trio, who after losing all forward-looking members chose to explore vastly different territories - poppy, drenched in keyboards and cloying melodies, and devoid of any real relevance in the plastic MTV world.

    Not this again.

    I will leave it to those of you who are more eloquent than I am to respond to this, if you feel it necessary. I went back through the thread and will politely just say, Lazlor, you have made your preferences clear. Others disagree.

    A big improvement. Can the rest of you feel it etc etc. I will now get this week totally wrong, probably!

    Man Utd 1-0 Everton

    Leeds 0-2 Watford

    Brighton 2-1 Arsenal

    Crystal Palace 2-1 Leicester

    West Ham 2-3 Brentford

    Liverpool 2-0 Man City

    Coventry 2-1 Fulham

    Cardiff 0-1 Reading