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    Its funny, as a kid in the ‘80s, a lot of us didn’t even realize that Peter had this whole other chapter to his musical career. He was just this guy that did really cool and weird music videos.

    Well that's how I started, it must be said. It took me decades to even hear his Genesis work even after the one & only time I saw him live (1994).

    Well, now that the Republican senators have blocked the investigation into the January 6 insurrection, IMO they have committed treason. If a foreign country had invaded our Capitol building they would have definitely voted to investigate. What a bunch of chicken shit cowards. Not one of them deserves to be a representative of the U.S. government. It's obvious to me that they are all self serving pieces of crap.

    Not just a foreign country. If Antifa or BLM had done it... ironic, given that some of them seem to think the rioters WERE Antifa & BLM & not their own precious supporters.

    haha. I like to imagine that he is probably actually very funny. People with a dry sense of humor are sometimes some of the funniest people. I love on Sum of the Parts when Phil is talking about the squabbles the band would have and he said he would be like “did I miss something?” The camera pans wide and you can see Tony cracking up, it’s great.

    Watch his Prog God speech.

    My pet hate is whenever there is about to be a press conference by the Prime Minister the ABC (the equivalent of the BBC) will show live pictures of a podium with nobody standing at it, for minutes at a time, because apparently it is too difficult to just cut to the start of the press conference.

    hmmm..maybe I’ll try giving Yes a listen, the only song of theirs I know is Owner of a Lonely Heart....

    I have felt for years that I needed to discover Yes. I now have a Best Of CD called Highlights which includes tracks like Roundabout & I've Seen All Good People. Slowly but surely.

    Here they are doing Roundabout at their Hall of Fame induction with Geddy Lee.

    And don't swim in the sea!!!

    It should be mandatory for every reporter out in extreme weather to shout very loudly: 'Lord! Here comes the flood'.

    Hello, everyone! First post here. I am guessing they will open with a recognizable hit to hook everyone from the start. From there, I hope they feel free to move on to whatever. How about Illegal Alien, or a reworked Congo? Background info: I first became Genesis-aware in the early 80s, probably when abacab was new. Did not become a crazy fan until the early 90s, about the time of the first remasters. Can’t remember exactly what my first complete albums were, but fairly certain I started with Trick, Selling, and W&W.

    I am one of the people who likes Illegal Alien. However in the current climate, it would be inappropriate to say the least. If I had my way, if not TIOA, they would start with Abacab or Dodo/Lurker.