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    It's hard to understand why they didn't make a video recording, especially of the last gig. If they decided not to release, fine, their decision, but at least they would have the option. I know it would be a significant investment but presumably money wouldn't be an issue.

    As an example, Kate Bush did record her 'Before the Dawn' gigs, then decided to archive the footage. We did get a live album though. As it's much easier to record audio a live album is always possible.

    There's a full recording of the last Genesis gig up on YouTube currently - decent quality too - giving an idea of how a live album might sound. I guess an audio release would also depend on how willing they were to release the raw recording, or to go in and record overdubs etc. as necessary.

    I think Steve was saying he wouldn't state publicly anything was 'final'. We never know what lies in the future, so keep the powder dry. Theoretically Genesis could decide to go for another last hurrah in a few years with PG and SH on board. In theory I might win the lottery.

    In practice though, Genesis are done.

    At least we have a new Gabriel album to look forward to now ... later this year. Or next year. Or in some future year.

    There are many references to songs (not Genesis) throughout TLLDOB. To the point where I've periodically considered compiling a list, before real life takes over again. Perhaps one has already been made?

    Three quick examples (IIRC are many more, but haven't refreshed my memory for a while):

    "There's Howard Hughes in blue suede shoes" - Broadway Melody of 1974

    "And as the song and dance begins, the children play at home
    with needles; needles and pins." - Broadway Melody of 1974


    'cos it's only knock and knowall, but I like it.' - It

    I'm sure there are many others I've noticed over years of listening, as well as others I've not picked up on.

    Anyone got any more?