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    And there we have it!

    foxfeeder, anyone can set up a facebook group and claim that they are doing it for the fans, putting in the time etc.

    But some of us go the extra mile, make acquaintances and learn how things work. Why should people who make a real effort, not enjoy the spoils.

    Bare in mind, there are Canadian's, American's, German's, Italian's, British, Scottish and some French collectors that have some exceptionally rare stuff. But they will not even release a clip, we made the effort with In The Cage from Hannover years ago. The thanks we got? Some entitled nobodies from Leeds and an alleged Superfan from Liverpool trying to get their grubby mitts on it.

    So you'll forgive me if I am quite angry at this time.


    I would love for them to release at least a rehearsal CD for this tour - especially songs not recorded on tour like Jesus He Knows Me or Hold On My Heart. Apparently they also practiced Abacab. The entire bootleg from these trials would be needed.

    IF YOU SPOKE TO PEOPLE, TOOK YOUR TIME TO GET TO KNOW PEOPLE YOU WOULD KNOW THE FOLLOWING. Jesus He Knows Me, failed to get beyond the production rehearsals as late as the Birmingham rehearsals in mid September 2021. This is because Phil's voice couldn't keep up with the pace of the song, which meant the visuals fell behind. SO it was abandoned. This is why you will not hear Jesus from any rehearsals.


    In my opinion, it is still possible that Phil will go on a solo tour in a year or two. In theory, Nicholas said it was the end of Phil's shows forever - but yesterday Phil was talking "only" about Genesis. We will see again, and I hope there will be this "last, farewell" solo tour in some time. Now let Phil rest, as he deserves it - and let him try to take care of his health.

    In your opinion?

    Having seen seven (7) Last Domino shows, including that on the 26th March. I would expect there to be no more live shows from Phil Collins. His 2017 solo shows were a sign he wasn't quite the performer he was, given his age and the amount of health issues it was not expected either. We were surprised he committed to a 2018 and 2019 leg of his solo tours.

    But reality has to be reached, Phil Collins will not be performing live again.



    You bet wrong. In 2001 when the Official Genesis website was rebirthed and an official forum appeared, the webmaster at the time did indeed poll people to see what the demand level was like. Sadly it was not sufficient enough for the management to be convinced that such a project was worth it.

    At the time, there was talk on basing any Genesis project on the project that King Crimson was running at the time.

    Bill, the former webmaster put a lot of effort into this. There was even a filmed interview with Genesis technical guy Geoff Callingham discussing how they were transferring the board cassette tapes, (not be confused with multi track tapes).

    Nothing came of the project, Genesis management will not be bullied or shamed into such a project. All projects have to have a budget and a sales/marketing plan. If those figures are not enough, then the feasibility study concludes its not worth the investment and the profit if any is not enough.

    The IT Genesis fan club / Magazine has enough experience to manage such a poll or petition itself. It certainly does not need another newbie trying to leverage any pressure.


    Yes people do have audio and video of the Genesis 1992 rehearsals. But why would they share it or give it to you for free?

    We have tracked you all over the internet. You seem to want everything but contribute nothing in return.

    Your recent attitude with Hannover 1987, has meant that people would be far less likely to share things with you.

    You really come across as a naïve newbie.

    Try putting in some effort, work, time, money into Genesis before begging for freebies.


    I agree that Mama and Domino sounded great. :) Especially from the 1st concert in Birmingham on September 20, 2021, from Glasgow on October 7 - and then in Cologne in 2022 especially. :) Same Land Of Confusion. This piece - both in rehearsals and concerts - was wonderful. :) Misunderstanding with the help of 2 vocalists really sounded good - Phil's lower tone and the darker sounds of the instruments was fantastic. :) No Son Of Mine at the beginning of the tour was especially great too. :) Home By The Sea, Duchess or The Carpet Crawlers had its charm. It's a pity Abacab wasn't there or Jesus He Knows Me- but nonetheless this tour was great. :)

    Jesus He Know's Me was rehearsed, they even commissioned video for it during the production rehearsals. But it was dropped by the band for technical reasons.

    Pawciob1, this information is out there. You have to perform research to find it.


    I can't understand Management using cost as an issue for not re releasing, especially considering how much the official website charges for postage on orders :rolleyes:

    Every album, book, DVD has to be classed as a project. Projects need budgets, budgets include Return On Investment. Record companies will not constantly throw money at projects by a band that doesn't break even.

    The website, is run by a third party (online shop). Genesis get their cut, but only their cut. Believe me looking at some of the t shirt designs, it would seem like they don't always get a say on such products.

    Still, much as I would like Genesis to release the full Dallas 1977 film etc such things do not always make for good ROI.


    The download was offered through the old Genesis Forum. Nick Davis was a regular contributor on the forum during the remixing process, frequently giving forum members updates on his work. When the Live box was released, Nick said he had done the stereo remixes for Watcher of the Skies and The Musical Box from the Rainbow show even though they weren't going to be included on the Live Box Extra Tracks CD. He provided a link in a forum post to download the 2 tracks.

    Joey, we were on the old forum (it was actually the 5th or 6th edition of the official forum). Whilst we don't remember everything. We do know that Nick Davis had a section on there.

    Having met Nick Davis twice (both at The Farm), its just one of those things that has slipped my mind.

    So, thank you for the update on this.


    I'm surprised they don't want to keep the surround mixes in print. I understand that the actual boxes increase production costs but that's certainly not a requirement. I have all of the sets but I still wish they were available for those that still want them.

    Heck, I'd even re-buy all of the blue box albums if they were willing to remaster without the heavy-handed compression that was added at the mastering stage back in 2007.

    The compression? it was the worst on the stereo recordings. But at the time the boxset was £120 retail, I purchased my copy for the surround mixes.


    SACD for me is still a very viable option to be honest as I still buy them now I have a player that’s compatible. I have bought a few recently and some of the high end audio labels still use SACD ie, Mofi and Analogue Productions to sell their titles. If they did re issue then the work has already been done, It would be great also for those fans who have got into the group since 2007 and I’m sure there are a lot. Fingers crossed that whoever is involved thinks let’s do it again and see what happens.

    We love true SACD, like you with have a compatible player, so we have enjoyed everyone of our multichannel SACD's. The War Of The Worlds (original album) is fantastic as a SACD, multichannel of course.

    Then there's Peter Gabriel's 2002 album UP, again brilliant in this format.

    But it just feels as though the format has waned, Genesis did try Selling England By The Pound as a blu ray audio. But it didn't exactly fly off the shelves.


    amazing they don’t like re releasing when they have re issued the albums again separately on vinyl and also some of them on coloured vinyl and half speed. The lobbying of management is very much appreciated, please keep it up. If we had a poll on here requesting who would buy them I’m sure Yoy would get good very positive results to direct in their direction!.

    Well alot of wannabe audio engineer's were all over the Steve Hoffman forums, slating Nick Davis and the work that was done from the multi track tapes. If it wasn't the compression on the stereo (note: Stereo was secondary to the Surround sound mixes), then it was wrong tape effect etc

    Christian and his team have been lobbying the management, which is a wonderful thing. Yes there are some nasty dealers out there trying to make a fast dollar/pound on remaining copies. The same low life's do it with releases from lots of bands (Tears for fears) is another example.

    I honestly think they would move away from the CD/DVD or SACD/DVD formats, because one Blu Ray can hold the same information more cheaply.

    Still, we live in hope.


    The promotional campaign for these boxsets was quite extensive, how did you miss it?

    The other issue is, a lot of people didn't understand the Surround Sound aspect of the boxsets, so they thought they were over priced reissues.

    The third issue, people in American whined on about excessive stereo compression, despite the boxsets being about the Surround sound from the very inception.

    Fourth issue, people moaned and complained about the visual bonus footage. Forgetting it was an additional bonus to the boxsets not the main reason they were being released.

    So after all of that would you still want them?


    Is there evidence that it was ever video recorded in full? For example Pete's Shepton Mallet stuff is only partial, as far as I know.

    Remember everything you see is an edit.

    I would be prepared to believe that there's a soundboard cassette or three in the archive....which would be better than anything that has surfaced so far. Whether we'll ever hear it is another matter. I get the feeling Peter and perhaps MIke are adamant that the show was a one off, and best experienced on the day. There were mistakes, flubs, miscues....which were forgiven due to the occasion but would seem odd on an official release.

    Remember this would only be a stereo cassette for the bands review, not a multi track tape.

    Maybe they'll get bored in retirement and start releasing soundboard recordings. Or maybe a certain Mr. Collins will decide to leak some of his personal collection again....allegedly....

    Who knows.

    Genesis sound board tapes have come from a theft on a tour bus sometime in 1978. Gifts to various people in time and misplaced stuff that somehow gets out. There was a rumour that some of these were also review copies for Paul Russell (author of Genesis A Live Guide to 1975). But that is unlikely because why would he burn such bridges.

    Still hope those answers help,