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    I can't understand Management using cost as an issue for not re releasing, especially considering how much the official website charges for postage on orders :rolleyes:

    Every album, book, DVD has to be classed as a project. Projects need budgets, budgets include Return On Investment. Record companies will not constantly throw money at projects by a band that doesn't break even.

    The website, is run by a third party (online shop). Genesis get their cut, but only their cut. Believe me looking at some of the t shirt designs, it would seem like they don't always get a say on such products.

    Still, much as I would like Genesis to release the full Dallas 1977 film etc such things do not always make for good ROI.


    The download was offered through the old Genesis Forum. Nick Davis was a regular contributor on the forum during the remixing process, frequently giving forum members updates on his work. When the Live box was released, Nick said he had done the stereo remixes for Watcher of the Skies and The Musical Box from the Rainbow show even though they weren't going to be included on the Live Box Extra Tracks CD. He provided a link in a forum post to download the 2 tracks.

    Joey, we were on the old forum (it was actually the 5th or 6th edition of the official forum). Whilst we don't remember everything. We do know that Nick Davis had a section on there.

    Having met Nick Davis twice (both at The Farm), its just one of those things that has slipped my mind.

    So, thank you for the update on this.


    I'm surprised they don't want to keep the surround mixes in print. I understand that the actual boxes increase production costs but that's certainly not a requirement. I have all of the sets but I still wish they were available for those that still want them.

    Heck, I'd even re-buy all of the blue box albums if they were willing to remaster without the heavy-handed compression that was added at the mastering stage back in 2007.

    The compression? it was the worst on the stereo recordings. But at the time the boxset was £120 retail, I purchased my copy for the surround mixes.


    SACD for me is still a very viable option to be honest as I still buy them now I have a player that’s compatible. I have bought a few recently and some of the high end audio labels still use SACD ie, Mofi and Analogue Productions to sell their titles. If they did re issue then the work has already been done, It would be great also for those fans who have got into the group since 2007 and I’m sure there are a lot. Fingers crossed that whoever is involved thinks let’s do it again and see what happens.

    We love true SACD, like you with have a compatible player, so we have enjoyed everyone of our multichannel SACD's. The War Of The Worlds (original album) is fantastic as a SACD, multichannel of course.

    Then there's Peter Gabriel's 2002 album UP, again brilliant in this format.

    But it just feels as though the format has waned, Genesis did try Selling England By The Pound as a blu ray audio. But it didn't exactly fly off the shelves.


    amazing they don’t like re releasing when they have re issued the albums again separately on vinyl and also some of them on coloured vinyl and half speed. The lobbying of management is very much appreciated, please keep it up. If we had a poll on here requesting who would buy them I’m sure Yoy would get good very positive results to direct in their direction!.

    Well alot of wannabe audio engineer's were all over the Steve Hoffman forums, slating Nick Davis and the work that was done from the multi track tapes. If it wasn't the compression on the stereo (note: Stereo was secondary to the Surround sound mixes), then it was wrong tape effect etc

    Christian and his team have been lobbying the management, which is a wonderful thing. Yes there are some nasty dealers out there trying to make a fast dollar/pound on remaining copies. The same low life's do it with releases from lots of bands (Tears for fears) is another example.

    I honestly think they would move away from the CD/DVD or SACD/DVD formats, because one Blu Ray can hold the same information more cheaply.

    Still, we live in hope.


    The promotional campaign for these boxsets was quite extensive, how did you miss it?

    The other issue is, a lot of people didn't understand the Surround Sound aspect of the boxsets, so they thought they were over priced reissues.

    The third issue, people in American whined on about excessive stereo compression, despite the boxsets being about the Surround sound from the very inception.

    Fourth issue, people moaned and complained about the visual bonus footage. Forgetting it was an additional bonus to the boxsets not the main reason they were being released.

    So after all of that would you still want them?


    Is there evidence that it was ever video recorded in full? For example Pete's Shepton Mallet stuff is only partial, as far as I know.

    Remember everything you see is an edit.

    I would be prepared to believe that there's a soundboard cassette or three in the archive....which would be better than anything that has surfaced so far. Whether we'll ever hear it is another matter. I get the feeling Peter and perhaps MIke are adamant that the show was a one off, and best experienced on the day. There were mistakes, flubs, miscues....which were forgiven due to the occasion but would seem odd on an official release.

    Remember this would only be a stereo cassette for the bands review, not a multi track tape.

    Maybe they'll get bored in retirement and start releasing soundboard recordings. Or maybe a certain Mr. Collins will decide to leak some of his personal collection again....allegedly....

    Who knows.

    Genesis sound board tapes have come from a theft on a tour bus sometime in 1978. Gifts to various people in time and misplaced stuff that somehow gets out. There was a rumour that some of these were also review copies for Paul Russell (author of Genesis A Live Guide to 1975). But that is unlikely because why would he burn such bridges.

    Still hope those answers help,


    This is the actual question from RS and Chester's reply.

    Do you recall much from the reunion show with Peter Gabriel in 1982 at Milton Keynes Bowl?

    [Laughs] That was fun. I guess they were never able to release it because Peter is pretty spontaneous and it drove the sound engineer crazy. They went over all the details in soundcheck and we rehearsed the day before. But they set up mics around the stage where he said he was going to be. Come the day of the show, Peter was wherever he was at the moment, which wasn’t where he said he’d be the day before. Unfortunately, they never had enough of his clear vocals to release it, or anything.

    This might be a very diplomatic answer, Mike Rutherford has always claimed it wasn't recorded. Peter Gabriel's keyboard player "Larry Fast" recalls watching the video of the show on the 3rd or 4th October as he was rehearsing in Peter's band for the 1982 tour.

    Still, that's what I believe you were paraphrasing or quoting from.


    The mic he used was attached to speakers which pumped sound out to the crowed.

    The stage mics were what recorded the sound professionally and didn't pick up Peters Vocals.

    Big difference.

    You make the assumption we have no knowledge about live sound. Genesis have a soundboard cassette of this show in their archive. That is taken from the mixing desk in the middle of field in the sound tower. The video was not filmed by a professional team.

    The live PA mic that Peter/Phil mostly sang into would have been recorded, one can only think the stage mics you speak of were for a live ambient sound. This is sometimes doesn't work and can be abandoned during the mixing stage in post production.

    There would have been either a DI or mic's at amps for the guitar/bass guitar. Tony's keyboards would be DI into a mixing desk and or sent straight to a multi channel recording desk, if one was used. This for the most part of being in a field (Milton Keynes Bowl), would have been in an outside truck. Such as The Manor Mobile etc.

    I go back to my same point, if Peter can be heard singing into his vocal mic through the PA as is evidenced by audience recordings, then he would have been picked up by whatever recording equipment they were using.


    From a copy of "Sounds" early (Jan/feb) 1980:

    Seems an utterly pointless article, but maybe you had to be then! :)

    Sounds did go a bit weird at times... NME of course went fully anti whatever had gone before that wasn't punk or new wave.

    Here's a clue to the date range of the article, if Peter Gabriel is blowing out candles on a birthday cake it would have to be post 13th February 1980. So possibly the 23rd February 1980 edition!


    TGA is so awesome, from your YouTube videos to all the work you put into preserving the history of our favorite band. I can’t thank you enough for all the great material you’ve helped assemble and rescue. You all are the best !!’

    You would be amazed at the abuse we get, even from other well know Genesis fans. That said we all have a role to serve and we all do it differently. (IT Fanclub), is one of the more professional websites, forums and well organised groups of fans we have encountered.


    that was really interesting , I wish they would repress those three box sets once more as probably everyone does who doesn’t own them!.

    It was interesting, The Evil Jam is our sister website. That day out at Fisher Lane Farm on the 12th June 2006 was great fun. Dale was lovely (we had met a few times before), Nick Davis was lovely (we had met once before). It was a great experience in the control room hearing those songs in surround sound.

    They also had lots of 1992 /1998 stuff on DAT tapes (not pictured).


    Big shame, as I think the people who would be receptive to this material are not overly interested in whether the sound quality is like a contemporary 'in your room' recording. They're interested in these pieces as collectibles and time capsules, and would snap them up if the quality was only half-decent. I do however get the cost-benefit angle though, as the engineering and production costs would far outweigh the likely returns.

    Look around on the internet and that includes Ebay, the amount of recordings being SOLD for MONEY would put me off. Then the amount of recordings (sound board cassettes), being given away freely.

    Would in our opinion spook the most richest of record labels. That and the fact people have no respect these days, they'll copy or upload onto Youtube. As we found with videos from the Blue, Red, Green boxsets. Annoying when like most people, we brought ours with cold hard cash, that we had earned.

    Maybe that's why such a project has stalled, who knows.


    The cassettes that Geoff shows Bill Macormick (former official Genesis webmaster). Are not what live albums are made of. Genesis Live, Seconds Out and Three Sides Live along with all official live releases by the band. Come from Multitrack tape reels. These can be played in a professional studio and levels of instruments can be altered to sound right.

    The cassettes Geoff has/had have all now been transferred onto Hard drives. These are in stereo and were only for the band to listen to the previous nights performance. Not for live release.

    Multitrack recording facilities / Filming back in the 1970's was very very expensive. The band simply could not afford this luxury, and the record company would not always provide the money either.

    The notion that Genesis is sitting on mountains of archive material is just pure fantasy. Yes there is stuff in the archives, but not mountains of it.

    Any live box set or album or film, still requires a budget from the management / record company in order to start the remastering, preservation work and other stuff required to bring the live box set/album/film to market.

    I hope this clarifies things,