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    It goes without saying that I would also love the full footage and performances from the available tours, but this also involves money - acquiring the rights and doing all the cleaning up etc.

    I can confirm that all of the Mama tour show was professionally filmed, Los Endos was actually edited and handed to the band. The decision to release or not release is always in the hands of the band and or management.


    The issue of compression, or dynamic range, is easily checked on this website:

    Green is good, not over compressed, red is bad.

    There is a software to check your own CD's, I used to have it, can't recall the name right now.

    The only issue was the Blue boxsets, in particular the CD's. If you spent north of £100 on a boxset for stereo cd's then, you ought to be committed. These boxsets where always about the surround sound aspect. In person conversations with Nick Davis, suggested that those allegations about wall slamming compression, was not the whole story. It was part of the story blown up by those not in the know about music production, as well as music mastering.


    They did the whole catalogue from 2006 through to 2010, the albums were presented in the following formats:

    Stereo CD's (which everyone claims were compressed)

    SACD 2.0

    SACD Multichannel (5.1)

    DVD - A in 5.1 dolby digital and DTS.

    Later on they reproduced these in Vinyl.

    The extra material was provided in the form of single B-sides. So its unlikely that the audio would be revisited again. Genesis tried the Blu Ray audio format with Selling England By The Pound and it didn't fly off the shelves. The artwork is not likely to be expanded, although there is likely to be promo / marketing materials (we have some on our website). That might not be enough to tempt anyone else to buy them. Genesis do not wish to be accused of reselling the material for no additional gain for the consumer.

    The problem with additional unused material/demo's is it starts people down a road of pestering for more, hence most of the trio saying that there is nothing left. There was at least two or three full shows recorded for each tour after the Lamb. Yet they never expanded on Seconds Out or Three Sides Live.

    So its unlikely, even the much reported Deluxe edition of The Lamb has been shelved, its just not happening.


    I'll try once more.

    I personally cannot read it, without an enormous amount of faffing about .. at my age, time is running about, I don't do faffing about anymore. You could solve some of that by scaling images to use the full height of the screen, that would in most cases make it readable without magnification.

    Good Evening Vari-lite 1 (VL1), we are more than welcome to permit you to bring you're immeasurable CSS and Js skills are welcome. These programming skills will save us £hundreds in altering the design of the website.

    We continue to be puzzled at your difficulties in navigating the website, again we are not certainly that you understand how the magnify plugin works. To clarify an interview in Melody Maker or NME and even Sounds are often close to A3 size, to have a screen big enough to see that page displayed in full would require a monitor set to portrait. This is often the preferred choice of programmers. The user would be looking at a cost of £250+ for a decent enough monitor.

    Our materials are navigated present with a magnify function, if you do not understand how to use it. Then please be honest.

    Again along with foxfeeder, you're both welcome to construct you're own websites and collate you're own archival materials.

    Our design and format choice is certainly more easily navigated when compared to that of


    If however, it used the all available screen space, and is at an appropriate magnification to be readable, I might just stay a little bit longer and read it. Same for the articles from magazines, the initial sizing is unreadable, the magnified sizing is often just as annoying, there's a limit to how many clicks and drags people are prepared to make to get to the nitty gritty. In the past I've had to resort to using magnification software, because the sizing was so inappropriate.

    You do realise that since the summer of last year, we have had our magnify function reinstated. This was an original feature, but the plugin that powers it was discontinued. At a great cost along with other crucial updates, the magnify feature was brought back.

    The youtube video which we posted here, demonstrates how to use that feature at 2 minutes and 58 seconds. Adverts on youtube are just as annoying for everyone, but youtube is a business and that's how it makes money.

    Again, as you're not the one who ploughed close to £3.5k into the website last year. Its easy to complain, the magnify function is there and it should work fine on your computer.

    We have tour itineraries and all sorts of multi-page documents that are easy to read. We have had very little if next to no help from the supposed Genesis community, but plenty of nay sayers, detractors, people drying their teeth and those were the pleasant recollections.



    The volume of material and the way it needs to be presented, dictates the design. It is very difficult to showcase the materials in any other way. Although suggestions which are allied to solutions are always welcome.

    It is easy for the both of you to criticise, something neither of you have invested the time and money into. As for the material, trying to please everyone all of the time is an impossible task. But archiving the history in the most accessible way possible was our intention from the beginning, this continues to be the case.

    As for being seduced by techno flash delivery, its a wordpress website which uses a theme. Nothing to flash about that. But far better than using drupal, and light years away from a html based website.

    As for the three websites that you have authored, kudos to you. But providing an archive over over 10,000 items is a far more challenging task, especially when people expect something for nothing.