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    Ok, our favourite touring guitarists name is Daryl (just one R) Stuermer.

    Archive One was first started in 1995, they didn't do anything with it until June 1998 in terms of a release.

    Archive Two came out in September 2000.

    Phil had left Genesis by 1995, but the band didn't make an announcement until March 1996.

    Phil has remarked that at the gig at Cowdray Ruins in 1993, he felt he was playing a part. He had little to no feeling performing those songs. That was the final thing in his head about leaving, obviously his personal life was derailing, that wouldn't become public until 1994. Phil was the target of the tabloid press, who where very intrusive and invasive. They would ring up Phil's mum / sister etc and hassle them.

    The TIOA 2007 was meant to continue into 2008, the management had placed the stage into storage for this purpose. They had also contracted companies like transport / trucking etc.

    So there you go...


    Rob, that would annoy some people. Especially if you did it without their permission. Making a multicam from mobile phone or point and shoot camera's isn't going to yield the best results.

    Just enjoy things, why the need to beg/borrow and then bundle something up.


    Ticket prices for London have deffo increased it seems in last few days, I sadly have no chance of being able to go now :(

    Sorry to hear this, but in our experience the tickets have been going down... as Ticketmaster / Live Nation and The Venues have been looking to fill the shows. We upgraded our tickets last Tuesday in Birmingham... yes they were £182 for the fifth row. But this is Genesis, they will not be bringing this tour around... this feels like the last chance.

    I'm even thinking of Liverpool or Glasgow, and we are off to Newcastle for the two shows today!


    Thanks for the write up. I'll be seeing them twice in Chicago.

    During the 07 tour, there was a German guy who went to every European show and had front row. He was known by everybody. We hung out with him in Berne and Linz. Cool dude. I forgot his name, but did you see him there for these shows?

    Ulrich Klemt, "Ulli" he is lovely we saw/spoke with him at Birmingham on Monday 20th September 2021.


    We went to all three shows in Birmingham,

    Monday night: Band a bit unsure of the reaction, they were cautious. Production was for an arena tour rather epic. Audience enjoyed the show, some drunks dancing, some women dancing to the two songs they knew (That's all and Invisible Touch).

    Tuesday night: Band starting to get more confidence, Mike starting to rock it out... (I know how unlikely that sounds), Production more slick and Phil's voice got a bit stronger.

    Wednesday night: Band much more confident, Phil joking more with the audience, Mike rocking it out quite a bit and the production has evolved.

    Overall view, Phil's no spring chicken , voice is what it is. Yes he forgot some words, yes Tony made some mistakes and then glared at everyone else, yes Mike made some mistakes and just laughed it off and shook his head. We got to see Geoff Callingham getting introduced owing to a lead in a keyboard not working properly.

    Fans for the most part, from people bringing their sons/daughters to people the same age as the band. People from Germany and America, Ireland, France and the UK in the audience.

    Tony Smith was spotted a few times, the merchandise is what it is... although the cost of the tour programme has remained the same since the late 1990's.

    The venue isn't the greatest, but it did its job, although a few sound issues relating to the venue acoustics.

    The set list is the same, although emotions change from night to night. I went from disliking Throwing it all away to liking it.

    The new members of the band (backing singers) did a great job.

    All in all, I spent over £600 on tickets ranging from block F to block B, and finally got a front row ticket. Nic Collins is a fantastic drummer, a hybrid of drumming styles but he certainly has his dad's talent.

    The VIP package we did not have, but it must have been galling to some of those who spent £766 on a ticket to be in the same row as a guy who spent £182 on a ticket. Due to ticket returns there is a real chance of getting a better seat for £182 at the venues.

    Worth every penny and it was great to see Genesis at last, to be there on the final run!

    Kind regards,


    Phil was the reason The Turn It On Again tour did not continue into 2008, believe me the stage was in storage for that tour.

    Phil was the driving force behind The Last Domino tour, clearly he has changed his mind.

    But lets enjoy what we have before us, rather than pontificating about what we have no control over.


    The British Tabloids had a field day, they took one source (the BBC) and they never cross referenced it. Non of them did any research either.

    Phil's problems started in 1986, at the latter part of the Invisible Touch tour when he was prescribed Steroids for his voice. He was prescribed steroids whenever he had vocal problems on Genesis / Solo tours. The side effect of which means they can cause bone disorders in later life. This is from an interview in Genesis Information issue 44. "I had throat problems before Christmas" that would have been November/Dec for the New Zealand / Austrian dates.

    Phil also broke his wrist during the Far Side Of The World tour - 1995, this was from an interview given in 1996 in a tabloid magazine which is issued on Sunday's. Phil mentions the use of prescribed steroids then to resolve vocal problems.

    At some stage during the Turn It On Again tour (North American leg), Phil got back problems, and then in 2009 he had an operation to correct this. In Mario Giammetti's new book "Genesis 1975 to 2021" Tony banks is quoted to have said "I think it was performing Behind The Lines that did Phil's arms/back in"

    From that point onwards he has had health issues, in particular not being able to hold a drum stick properly. Hence this is referenced in the making of Going Back.

    Again this is research which took a few minutes, so the shock horror effect of poor journalism is not to be misunderstood. But sadly people are gullible and will soak it up!

    Phil used a wheelchair during the Genesis rehearsals, because it was quicker for them to transport him from the car to the stage set up. It also reduced wear and tear on his body.

    Still, the tour production rehearsals restart soon and then before we know it, it will be the first night.

    Then the audience, fans and world will get to see Genesis in 2021.

    Kind regards,


    I can still find tickets for Wednesday 22nd Sept at Birmingham for £69.

    FYI, one of my Birmingham tickets was £70 cheaper through TTF compared to Ticketmaster.


    To be fair, regarding Genesis we have not anyone better in terms of production and natural ability than the podcasts of Genesis Table Top!.

    Other attempts sound amateurish which is a pity.