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    Thanks for the update vl1! I know we are living in strange times with the pandemic, but given the 2 sides of the coin regarding the music industry - wanting support to preserve venues and livelihoods versus the lack of information to paying customers, it is all incredibly frustrating. I've got c.1200 quid in tickets hanging for a dozen or so gigs (not counting the 180 quid in fees for those tickets) an example I've got tickets to take my wife to see Jamie Cullum, the date has been moved to October (2nd change of date), I've known this for 3 weeks because I looked for the information, no communication from either Bridgewater Hall, Manchester or Ticketbastard! TBH I will be surprised if any (indoor) gigs happen this calendar year.

    Simon, put it down to senility ha ha! When I was typing that original comment I had a nagging thought of "who have I forgotten" love Lloyd Cole too, try to see him as much as possible too! He tours solo or last time his son played with him. 'Forest Fire' is still a goosebumps monster of a song!

    'Hats' is sublime, but 'Rooftops' means a lot to me, walking my then flatmates dogs around Kelvingrove Park, at night, in the rain, listening to the album on my walkman looking at the very rooftops the song was written about. Happy Days!

    Love Edwyn - followed him since the Orange Juice days. I was a postgrad student in Glasgow in the early - mid 80's and I am heavily into the Glasgow/West of Scotland music of that time (so many good memories) - The Blue Nile (I have met Paul Buchanan and PJ Moore), Edwyn/Orange Juice, Simple Minds, Love and Money, early Deacon Blue, Roddy Frame/Aztec Camera.

    I can thoroughly recommend the book 'Falling & Laughing' the book written by his wife Grace Maxwell on his near death illness and subsequent recovery. I have seen him live twice at small venues in Manchester and his singing is almost 100% compared to his normal speech. He has a great band - Paul Cook ex-Sex Pistols on drums, but sadly I missed the tour when he had Roddy Frame on lead guitar.

    The Watch are definitely worth the watch (pun intended). First time I saw them they played "It's Yourself" (ATOTT b side) into 'Los Endos' still gives me the shivers! They also did a brilliant 'Duke suite' after a set of early Gabriel solo stuff another time. If they come to Manchester I make sure I go to see them.

    I know what you mean about Brand X info, blood and stones come to mind, I'm hoping for a convenient reschedule as may 8 clashed with Nick Mason rescheduled.

    Generally I can cope with shitty beer and smelly bogs, its tw@ts who insist on talking all night that really p1ss me off!

    Rescheduled dates again - Manchester, UK originally 09/04/20 to 01/04/21 now 07/11/21 and back at 'band on the wall' which should be open after its redevelopment. Obviously conditional on the pandemic. Anybody have any info. on the UK Brand X dates?

    Not sure people can remember how hard it used to be to get tickets for gigs - sitting on the phone continually dialling, no redial facility, no websites etc ^^^^^^

    More fun though! :) Cheques, postal orders, stamped addressed only knew about tours if you followed the music press. No ticket brokers, no rip off fees/charges, no secondary marketing. :P

    Queued all day in December '76 outside the Free Trade Hall, Manchester to get tickets for the W&W tour got to 20 feet from the door and told 'Sold Out''. Out of the country for Knebworth '78, saw them in Manchester 2 x Duke April 1980, Birmingham NEC Abacab Dec 1981, Milton Keynes Oct 1982, Roundhay Park '87, and Old Trafford '07.

    Just an aside, this year (my 60th and events subject to this bug going around) is a hell of a Genesis music year - saw TMB Genesis Extravaganza II in Feb, got tickets for The Watch in April, Steve Hackett in November, Genesis in December and TMB - The Lamb next February!

    I hovered around various sites earlier, Manchester Arena was impossible to get onto (which didn't bother me too much as its a sh*thole, but nearest to home), I toyed with Liverpool and Birmingham and after 1 hour 45mins I got 3 tix at the (general) top price of £160 (so 540 odd quid with rip off add ons) at Leeds. We are fairly central, two thirds of the way back (I saw Neil Young and Promise of the Real at First Direct Arena and I like the way it's shaped/built). But purchasing that late meant that when you went on to Arena X ticket page, Ticketbastard actually listed exactly where they were and the prices. A lot of the front blocks and even side tier fist level front were showing at the 'vip' fan package prices of £700 or £350 (or whatever they are exactly) which IMO is frankly taking the piss! Yes, I know that 'no-one has to buy, its all about choice etc', my excuse I'm 60 later this year, I've loved Genesis for over 45 years, I didn't get to see them until the 'Duke' tour, then 'Abacab' at the NEC, I was at Milton Keynes, Roundhay Park '87, Old Trafford '07 and no-one knows what tomorrow might bring, but 'big' gig prices are truly getting out of hand.

    "I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Very loud in a tiny venue but I'm assuming the Academy is bigger! Some very nice nostalgia."

    I saw the show earlier this year at Manchester Ritz, I think I said in another message that it had been 40 years since I last saw SHB and I do like me a bit of Hillage/Giraudy band music 8)