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    "The Manchester Arena is back to its old self: very crowded, bar queues blocking the whole concourse, very few masks to be seen & no one asked to see Covid passes. It was great to be somewhere that felt normal rather than the dreaded “new” normal."

    I don't want to start a Covid row which is why I haven't mentioned it untill now but as you mention it . In Birmingham they did a quick visual check of the pass , it could've been from a cornflake box! In Manchester they didn't bother at all. I for one don't want to be crowded indoors with non vaccinated people. Having a decent queuing system for the bar does no one any harm . I was told Covid passes would be needed and felt ok to go but uncomfortable when I got there. Wearing a mask does no harm and may save a life or avoid a much needed hospital place. No doubt a life will be lost as result of this tour or lack of Covid safety if all the places are like this.

    Correction needed: I don’t think having bar queues blocking the concourse is a great idea, it’s a long term fault of the Arena’s design & I mentioned it only as a sign of things being back to normal.

    Given the overall UK vaccination totals & the age of those at the concert, I’m confident that most of us, including me, had been vaccinated & were therefore sufficiently well-protected to sit back & enjoy the show. Let’s all take reasonable precautions, but I can’t imagine anything more miserable than sitting through a long concert wearing a mask, a constant nagging joyless reminder of the pandemic that’s been ruining most aspects of our lives for far too long already.

    However, one thing management could do that would help reduce spread of the virus & definitely improve the atmosphere for most of the audience is to shut the bar when the show starts. That would stop the flow of idiots constantly squeezing up & down the narrow rows, disturbing everyone else by forcing them to stand up & breathe all over each other in much closer proximity than throughout the rest of the venue. If you’re looking for the likeliest source of infections at a concert, it’s right there!

    Lots of technical difficulties yesterday! Generator problems and flat tire on the tour bus. I guess that's what happens with such a large production. Glad they still played the whole set!

    Well I’m really glad I saw the show in Manchester on Saturday night not Friday, since my last train home left from the opposite side of Manchester at 11.38pm!. There were fewer problems on Saturday than were reported on Friday.

    A few thoughts on the Saturday show:

    The Manchester Arena is back to its old self: very crowded, bar queues blocking the whole concourse, very few masks to be seen & no one asked to see Covid passes. It was great to be somewhere that felt normal rather than the dreaded “new” normal.

    Tony played a few bum notes in several numbers.

    Phil interacted well with the crowd.

    During the band intros it was Nic who got the biggest cheer from the crowd.

    The more stripped down performance they did in the middle of the set worked well for That’s All but not at all for The Lamb Lies Down & Follow You Follow Me.

    The big screens behind the stage showed plenty of close-up footage of Phil, Mike, Tony & Nic, & some of the 2 backing singers, but virtually none of Daryl except during his erm... reinterpretation(?) of the Firth of Fifth guitar solo.

    It was sad to see Phil hobbling off stage very slowly with his walking cane at the end. Someone even asked whether he had Parkinsons.

    Overall it was a very good packed show, & I’m glad I finally got to see them live.

    By most broad definitions Hackett's albums and singles place him above Banks in terms of chart success. Each have penned very catchy solo songs, some of which were singles, that under different circumstances could have been hits by most definitions but obviously weren't. Profile, brand, promotion, radio play, whatever factors there were meant they didn't reach that special milepost. Both have proved themselves skilled writers so it shows how hard the business of hit songs, however you define it, can be.

    That seems like a fair summary.

    More noticeable than hits now is that Steve seems to have an ongoing musical presence, consistently producing albums (even if as has been observed in other threads, some of the recent ones are rather less memorable), collaborating on other musicians’ projects & touring - apart from during pandemics. He seems to be contentedly settled into that round of visible activity. Whereas apart from the upcoming Genesis tour we don’t really know what Tony’s being doing. There’s been 3 classical albums in about 20 years & a short classical piece for a concert a few years back, but no sort of consistent musical activity - although in fairness to Tony, the winner of the Not Doing Much Musically for Inordinately Long Periods Competition must be Peter! ^^   

    Indeed. As per your list, many of the things that the UK government have got wrong in the pandemic were done because they were following whatever was “the science” & the SAGE experts’ opinion at that particular time. “The science” & opinion then changed & the government changed the rules accordingly.

    But since the start of the pandemic any questioning, of “the science” has been decried as misinformation. Respected scientists expressing valid concerns about lockdown’s effects on missed cancer treatments, heart attacks, strokes etc were attacked in the press or silenced e.g. by having social media accounts suspended. Yes the obvious loons who think Bill Gates is injecting people with microchips & suchlike should be ignored, but the general groupthink condemnation of any sort of questioning, however reasonable or well-informed it may be, is just as worrying.

    This morning I turned on Today, the main BBC radio news programme, to hear a presenter grilling a treasury minister about PG’s request for government support for music festivals as WOMAD faces cancellation. I think they’d interviewed PG himself earlier on.

    The treasury minister wasn’t particularly helpful, but maybe PG’s old band could use some of the profits from their lucrative upcoming tour to bail out WOMAD. It wouldn’t be the first time....

    In the US here, Madison Square Garden now has a policy of "no shot, no entry" basically, which means you can't attend any event without proof of a vaccine. This is a very dangerous path as far as I am concerned. This is a path toward segregation of the population which definitely rubs me the wrong way. I hope other venues choose differently.

    I find it worrying too. What will the venue deem acceptable proof of vaccination? My son has a card with the dates handwritten in biro by the nurse & Witchwood only has a sticker. Would they be turned away at the door? Or will everyone be forced to carry a personal tracking device (aka a smartphone) to participate in normal life? And once Covid vaccination status is universally accepted as an entry requirement it won’t end there: next winter it’ll be flu vaccination status too, & so on. It’s a slippery slope.

    We can't eliminate risk entirely so we need to manage it sensibly. I’ve been vaccinated & that gives me an acceptable level of protection. I have no right whatsoever to insist that everyone else must do the same or be treated like a pariah. Yes, I have a very slightly increased risk of catching Covid at the Genesis concert if someone else is unvaccinated. I also have a slight risk of being hit by a car on the way to the venue, but I’m not going to let either of these remote possibilities stop me going!

    My point was that whatever his shortcomings are, and clearly they are many, as someone who was brought into government at a senior level and was there during a crisis his testimony can't simply be ignored, certainly not by the parliamentary machinery if not by the media.

    From what I understand, his inflated view of himself precedes his involvement in brexit and Johnson's government.

    Even if what he has said, and the evidence he's presented, is partially flawed why would you want the issues he's referred to, to wither away?

    Because all the attention just inflates his feelings of self-importance/messiah complex, the Covid enquiry when it comes needs to examine the issues he’s raised but in a more measured & less hysterical atmosphere than currently prevails, and finally because I’m not obsessed with, & am therefore sick to death of hearing about, the wall-to-wall coverage of Dominic Cummings!

    I've seen a few of these comments along the lines of "first they hate him, now they love him, aha, gotcha", which as a position is a gross oversimplification.

    Clearly, this is someone with a self-serving agenda and by all accounts he has some sort of god complex.

    Maybe he has, but then if the entire media was obsessed with endlessly reporting my every word, deed & thought I reckon I’d be entirely justified in having a god complex! Just ignoring him, or at least keeping things in proportion, would be the most effective way of ensuring it withers away, so surely it’s worth a try?

    that was me 😀

    I love this track. Why should this be one of his worst tracks?

    It’s not that bad musically, but I’ve always found the lyrics an off-putting mixture of trite & creepy - not the intentional dramatic creepiness of ‘Intruder’, more like leering/ogling at the princess it’s being sung to! Of course, that's just my opinion.

    I'll be passing on spectacle of the the fickle left wing media fawning over Doms tittle-tattle after they spent month after month losing their hinges over a car journey to a castle. Why people waste their life watching and commenting on this infantile nonsense is beyond me. Political commentator must be one of the most useless occupations ever invented, essentially carving a living out of agitating the public with pointless gossip. They'll drag it out like Plebgate of course, 24 hour news must be fed.

    You have a point. I can’t understand the weird national obsession with Dominic Cummings, a successful campaigner & unsuccessful political adviser whose enemies seem to think he’s Voldemort. In a real own goal, Channel 4 (one of the many media outlets who get so riled by him) even made a TV drama in which he was played by Benedict Cumberbatch, giving him the sort of cachet associated with genuises like Sherlock Holmes & Alan Turing. Why don’t people just ignore him rather than let themselves get so wound up? It's almost as if it gives them a perverse pleasure..... It's baffling to anyone who doesn't really care about him!

    Also to the legendary F1 presenter Murray Walker, who presented motorsport for almost 50 years. He was such an icon and much loved throughout the world.

    RIP Murray Walker aged 97. :(

    Yes dear old Murray really was a legend, & F1 was never as interesting without him to enliven it. Loved how excited he could sound over some minor manoeuvre (“...and Christian Danner has just overtaken Volker Wiedler for 14th place!”). Murray & James Hunt made a wonderful team.

    A shame about Sabine Schmidt too. I remember first seeing her on the old Top Gear driving Jeremy Clarkson round the Nurburgring in under 10 minutes - in a transit van! ^^

    RIP to both of them.

    I love the notion that Rolling Stone readers are 'cool types', by the way.

    I suspect you & foxfeeder are both right: it’s not that the RRHoF really are ‘cool types’, it’s more that they’re convinced that they are - like the BBC types who book acts for Jools Holland’s Later!

    Fela is likely getting the votes as much for political reasons as musical ones.

    I wondered that too. It’s like Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest albums of all time list, last updated in Sept 2020. Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’ might be the best album ever (I don’t know it, so can’t judge), but I’d be more easily convinced if it hadn’t been promoted to #1 after the 2020 summer of BLM activity created a bandwagon that everyone who considered themselves cool or influential felt compelled to jump on! ;)

    Just looked at the current standings in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame official fan vote leaderboard to see Kate Bush is currently 16th & last! The New York Dolls who surely were really influential are only just ahead of her at 15th, & Todd Rundgren is only 9th.

    Not that I think the RRHoF is important, I was just surprised at such low rankings :(