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    New video from Alyona. She moved to Florida back in March, all of her Moscow videos now complete and uploaded to You Tube. So this is the first song she chose to record in her new studio.

    I believe the 3 songs on the EP were recorded during the Wind & Wuthering sessions, but none of them made the cut for the album. But they did appear as the Spot The Pigeon EP. I can remember buying this when it got released in 1977. I didn't like the first two songs at all, and they were rightly left off the album. But the final song, Inside And Out, is a good one. And it wouldn't have been out of place if it did appear on the album.

    However, the album is 51 minutes long. And that is very long for a single album back in those days. So there was no room unless another song was left off. I would take it instead of Wot Gorilla, but that would mean extending the album by another 3 minutes. And maybe that would be too much. So that means looking at the other songs, Mouses Night, I would maybe consider, but absolutely none of the others.

    Young drummer from Germany, Sina Doering. She's also known as Sina-Drums with close to a million subscribers to her You Tube channel. Ian Paice from Deep Purple recently picked her out as the new, young drummer to watch after he saw her drum cover of the old Deep Purple song, Burn. He rates her very, very highly. And when Donovan plays in Germany, Sina is his first choice as his drummer.

    I'm very happy that Sina chose this epic song to take on. My favorite Genesis song...

    A real sad day for music so early into the new year. Rush were one of the first bands I got into as a teenager discovering rock music in the late 70s. I saw them at Hammersmith Odeon, London in 1979 on the Hemispheres tour. My favorite era of the band.

    I saw them as support for Blackmore's Night way way back some time between 2000 and 2003. They were a trio and played only with acoustic guitar, flute and vocals; some songs reminded a little on Pink Floyd. It took me years to see their name again, this time in prog magazines and websites.

    Yes, they did open up for Blackmore's Night as a trio sometime in the early 2000s. And this stripped down version also opened up for Jethro Tull at that time. Richard Wright and Jon Lord were also fans of the band. I forgot to mention, The MA trio also opened up for Steve Hackett on his 2014 Genesis Revisited tour. Steve is a friend of the band.

    Mostly Autumn are a 7 piece English prog rock band from York who released their debut album in 1998. Some of the band members also have their own solo projects and collaborations and they have quite a large turnover in personnel. Their family tree is massive. The band leader is guitarist and main songwriter Bryan Josh. They have a number of songwriters in the band. I've seen the live about a dozen times as well some of associated bands. They were the band that got me into a new scene of prog rock.

    They play all original songs, and often add a cover as part of the encore. Afterglow is one of the Genesis songs they have played - around 2005. And one time I saw them, they played Turn It On Again as part of the encore. I'll post some videos here, and some of the associated bands (Mostly Autumn members) because they are just as good. But trying to explain the history of the band is a long, long, story!

    Young musician from Russia, Alyona Yarushina

    Alyona's a big fan of Phil's live version. And that is the one that inspired her to make a cover of this song. And its the one she is covering here. She released this video to You Tube in November after working on it over a period of several months. Alyona usually has a pool of songs in various stages of completion that she can keep going back to with "fresh ears". And she figures out everything by ear.

    Alyona recorded the instrumental herself, and she is playing it entirely on her keyboard. Her lead voice is a clean vocal, but she has added an effect (phaser) to her back vocals. This gives her voice a bit of echo and makes the song more atmospheric. Similar to a vocoder that Phil used.

    "This instrumental I did completely by myself on my keyboards. All the recording, mixing, mastering, filming, editing and uploading I do by myself in my little home studio." - Alyona

    A short documentary film about Genesis at Knebworth 1978. I was there as a wide eyed teenager at my first festival. And first time seeing Genesis. Great memories...

    Hmmm...interesting stuff. I voted on this as my first contribution to the forum. My three were Selling England, Trick Of The Tail, Wind and Wuthering. And they were the top three when I saw the votes when the results appeared. I would have taken The Lamb as well, but couldn't shoehorn it in. As a 70s music era man, my choices were always going to be from the albums up to Wind & Wuthering.