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    I am a bit astonished, that everyone ist seeing in Olive Tree a link to Collins.

    For me much more in foreground is that african feeling, which is a connection to Gabriel's times of worldmusic. Came very unexpected for me, but is indeed welcomed.

    I am pretty sure he will not release it during the american tour dates. And I'm more sure he will not do it before, because that should have been announced already.

    So earliest date would be somewhere end of October.

    But more logic to me would be end of November. The full moon releases of the album would been through, the album could come out and end of December we would get What Lies Ahead as a non album track for the last full moon of 2023.

    I don't know where this rumour comes from, the tracklist order would be almost liek the release order on the full moons. There are several differences - all markes tracks were released at a different order position:

    01 Panopticom
    02 Playing For Time
    03 The Court
    04 Four Kinds Of Horses
    05 i/o
    06 Love Can Heal
    07 Road To Joy
    08 So Much
    09 Olive Tree

    10 This Is Home
    11 And Still
    12 Live And Let Live

    The only thing, that is true is that in the first half of the year, songs from the first half of the album were released.

    Well - since with the end of November all albumtracks could have been released, the album could be out with the beginning of December. What Lies Ahead could be the last track out on the very end of the year and would be a kind of additional release outside of the album context.

    About that track itself: assuming that the studioversion is very similar to the liveversion it will be a very short one (lesser than three minutes). That makes it a perfect candidate for a bonustrack.

    Well, Manu's Statement is one year old (or even older) - and he is "just" a musican on the album. He is not involved in all the realease plans, PR stuff and so on. So I wouldn't take his words too seriously (anymore).

    Concerning "September": I think this is just an idea - not a must.

    The Tour Merch is branded with PG23 because the tour is running 2023...

    I still see no strong signal for a release in the next months.

    I presume we will get an album with all the versions that were released first (on the full moon) - on my opinion these are "Peter's choice" versions. And beside that a double album with all mixes.

    How many tracks? - That depends on what else Gabriel has in mind. Publish more after that? An o/i EP? Then i/o will have fewer tracks. Maybe only 10. - If it remains one album for now, it could contain all 12 or 13 tracks from 2023.

    When will it be released? I presume in the beginning of 2024. I see no reason for doing it earlier.

    Well - ChatGPT is not an encyclopedia but an text assembling application. Sometimes it assembles nuts. So I wouldn't count on it...

    If you have a look at the diskography at wikipedia and the chart entries of the singles there you can see, that it is more complicated than the programm tells here. Sometimes songs were ranked higher in the US but for a lesser amount of weeks. How to rate that?

    Don't Give Up reached Nr 72 in the States but (other that ChatGPT says) was on #9 in GB (and #27 in Germany). Steam was #32 in the States, #10 in Britain. Lovetown was running under the radar everywhere....

    But coming back to topic: No 1- 4 of the list are already in the setlist. And I really doubt that Gabriel will put Steam or Lovetown on the setlist - not at least because - to quote myself - he looks for the ones that catches the audience for sure - and are known by really everyone.

    I wouldn't expect any changes to the setlist.

    First I am not aware of any song that was in the US more popular than in Europe (maybe with the exception of In Your Eyes, which is already on the Setlist) - and then this show works in it's entirety. Why changing a working system?

    Inbetween all the new songs Gabriel threw in just the real big major tracks. The ones that touches the audience for sure - and are known by really everyone.

    I don't see that Shock the Monkey or Games Without Frontiers would work that way. (Even I understand that hardcore fans would love to hear them.)

    Gabriel stated that he will release Songs on every full moon throughout the whole year. That means until december.

    He even thought (and Christian doesn't get tired to remember us about that) about continuing the next year...

    Gabriel played all in all 13 New Songs on the tour (like this year has full moons). 7 are released, means 6 to come.

    If the album will contain 10, 12 or 13 songs is not announced yet. Every statement about that is pure guessing.

    I must admit I don't understand your request. - There is no Encore Series for the i/o Tour. So what are you referring to?

    I don't think Peter will change much this year. I see no reason why he should. The setlist is well developed and seems to work for him.

    Maybe he will replace Washing Of The Water with something - at least as a try for a few shows - but that's all...

    Something different is with the shows that may come next year. But that depends on the reactions on i/o.

    I'm pretty sure if there WERE ideas to release shows on nugs (or wherever) we would already know about this.

    At least for the european shows we will have no recordings, I'm afraid...