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    I guess that's s a question of perspective and in some school of thought it's 'new' until it is heard... like that classic if cliched quote about having your whole life to write to your first album/book/movie, but 18 months to write your second. When in truth many writers go back to old notebooks and ideas from years ago.

    Phil has plenty of new (unheard by the public) stuff written, some of it up there with what he consider his best material. I'm not sure if he'll develop an appetite to release any of it whilst still alive and potentially endure yet another critical kicking which invariably gets him down. It's not like he needs the money. If he does release it'll be because he wants to (or Tony Smith or his family persuade him). Though recently, critics seem to be much more pro-Collins than in the past... presumably a lot of those all old critics with axes to grind have retried or died, and subsequent generations are less about hating for the sake of it, and more willing to engage.

    A new dark, atmospheric, brooding Phil Collins solo album full of minor keys with a few thoughtful ballads could be just what the world needs. I know I do. ;)

    I guess as painful as it is to know there are no active plans to get this to the fans, it's heartening to at least know such footage exists. It'd be so amazing to see a full Mama Tour, full Invisible Touch Tour, Mechanics with Paul Young, Phil's Both Sides Tour from Singapore... and anything else from the archives.

    I personally don't think the band themselves are motivated by profitability, but others that run the business side perhaps are. The best we can hope for would be a decent third party brokering a deal whereby they would take on the financial risk, and put together some releases. The Eagle Rock SD Blu Ray releases are a case in point.

    Again, just one fan's opinion, but I'd love it if The Genesis Archive were involved as we know, love and trust them.

    If it exists, then provided it's looked after, then no doubt one day it will one day surface... we just have to hope we're still alive when the day comes!