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    I like the edge in Phil's voice and love Tony's words... to my ears, it's crying out for actual proper heavy guitars in the verses, but that was never really Mike's style and definitely not during the IT era. Sacrilege I know, but I'd dial down Tony's digital synth brass. :-o Definitely feel the song has potential that's sadly not realised in the existing version. Could've worked well live. Works as a decent B-side. Not in the same league as Do the Neurotic which I have on my version of the album as the closer after The Brazilian.

    I'm probably the only one, but I like "Since i lost you", the only song on the album where Tony plays on a real piano.

    Definitely not the only one. The emotion in Phil's voice slays me every time. And yes, always good to hear Tony on a real piano!! Otherwise i like Harold Demure's suggested tracklisting and will give it a try over the weekend.

    Really excellent show. For me (and a i know a lot depends on acoustics, sight lines, and atmosphhere of where you are sitting etc) but this was vastly superior to the O2 show. One thing of note was the screen for Love Can Heal was behind the band... this meant Peter was at times awkwardly twisted for doing the digital painting with the wand behind him and reading the lyrics from the autocue in front of him!

    Really hope there's a recording of this gig.

    Was also tempted by merch but what with partnering with famous price gouging promoters LiveNation felt Peter was just being a bit too greedy with regards pricing. It's a interesting question how many more tickets would have been sold, and how much more merch if the prices had been lower. Too many people I know were priced out of tickets. Really hopeful there's a second UK leg as per the Still Growing Up tour, once the audience have had time to learn all the words and can sing along!!

    I think it will be simply a business decision. If this set sells like gangbusters, then there will be consideration for what else to release. If sales are insipid, then I wouldn't expect much else down the pipeline.

    I think getting to number 3 in the German album charts is clear evidence it's profitable. Concord will certainly release more as they want as big a return on *their* publishing rights as possible. The only question is how much veto power Tony has in the current arrangement.

    Thinking about Concord getting publishing royalties from more live releases, then it seems inevitable once we, the loyal fans who buy everything, have sprung for the current BBC Broadcast highlight compilation, they'll release the entire shows. I'm sure they're already prepared and due to be announced in a few months time. I bet they're already polishing up the deliberate errors that are signature part of each Genesis release.

    Tony just means he can't see them recording new music. He's effectively in charge for any subsequent releases... for now. And when he no longer is, gloves will be off in terms of any reluctance to release things just because Tony can find a reason not to. Lyceum Blu-ray seems like it's itching to happen.

    that’s the tricky bit - publishing yes if it is recorded music. And we do. It know exactly what they sold them. It’s most likely all albums and b-sides that were released previously in some form. But unreleased music? Doubtful. The BBC was licensed from … the BBC.
    but again - we only know the press release

    Hey Christian, I'm happy to be wrong so please correct me, but my understanding is, yes the BBC will own the rights to these sound recordings, they always have. But the publishing side that used to be Hit and Run now goes to Concord. Similarly any subsequent official live recordings would earn money for the owners of the sound recording *and* the publishers of the songs performed, which is now Concord for the Mike/Tony/Phil share..

    I was surprised the pre-sale was so quick after the announcement and as I was really busy was not able to look for tickets until late in the evening. Glad to say I now have a ticket for Glasgow:)

    Me too. I imagine it's very hard to get Peter to agree to any firm announcement/release dates and then stick to it! The original Manu Katche interview said the album would be out by the end of the year. I can easily imagine people trying to set the release date but Peter keeps finding just one more thing to tinker with!! I have to keep pinching myself that I/O looks to be actually, finally, really happening!! ;)

    Did you type All of that out?

    Is there an online version of the book somewhere ?

    I typed the quote from Chapter & Verse... typos are mine!

    Most YouTube videos these days have an automatically generated "closed captions" subtitle... For the Phil interview, on the video page you can click on the three dots next to 'Save' and click, 'Open Transcript'... It's not perfect, but was a good base to copy and paste into a text editor, and play the video through a few times to edit it into the above. It's tricky, right, because of course people don't generally talk in complete sentences, you know, they tend to have these verbal tics and run-on sentences, you know, and keep saying, you know, filler words like, 'you know' and 'right' etc. and I'm always wary of editing them out. Fortunately I can type quite fast! I do keep wanting to go back and my post and insert commas for clarity though, you know, right... ;)

    Cheers. Any more on the legal action Steve is supposed to have taken?

    I've often wondered the detail of it... maybe an enlightened fan can give us more.

    This is from 1981 (n.b just one year before Six of the Best reunion) interview with Phil and DJ Ray White from Radio Station WLIR. Phil is acknowledges the tensions but at the same time is brilliant diplomatic and understanding of them...



    DJ RAY WHITE: Do you run into Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett and the other people?

    PHIL : I run into Peter and I run over Steve! [Laughs] No I don’t mean that, or do I?..


    PHIL: …Steve, you see, the only time I've ever seen Steve since he left the band, I saw him

    once in New York when Brand X played at The Bottom Line, and I saw him more recently in Los Angeles when his band played the Roxy when I was on holiday, and I didn't actually get to meet him at that point, because, you know, the place was a zoo with Genesis fans and I didn't really want to sort of get you know trampled to death and so I said let's, I sent a message why don’t you meet me up in On The Rocks which is a bar above the club, and his manager wouldn't let him come, which is a bit odd… I mean there's some strange things going on between Steve and the band I mean you know, there’s some legal stuff like writs and all that kind of stuff and I don't know where I stand with him, he said a lot of silly things that I don't agree with, and it's very easy you know what it’s like when you've been with someone for a long time, been in a band for a long time, and you suddenly get out of the band, all those frustrations that you felt over the years you suddenly let them out all in one go you know it's and an awful lot of bad feeling goes down, and we were very careful with Peter that, you know, it didn't happen, you know, but I mean to an extent it did with him too. I mean I read some quotes the other day that I said a few years ago and I.. I don't believe I even said them, and I did, I remember saying them, but I can't believe that I said it you know. I mean I said there's one quote that I said, well I don't, I know it’s the wrong thing to say, but I don't really, I hope Peter isn't successful! You know, and I can't believe I was stupid enough to say that because you know but it was just at the time you go through that, it's like a release, and I definitely don't mean that I mean I love the bloke.



    (Also includes Abacab to be a double-album with all songs written by the band... and that Phil has very good quality recording of very interesting jams that they're thinking of releasing!! 11:40)