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    I think it "just" needs a production company to license the shows and release the bluray.

    Phil and his people have no interest in doing, but i'm sure they would sign-off on anyone else prepared to release it, hence the Live at Montreaux and Going Back blurays.

    I think it was Picture Music International that did the VHS releases (I still remember the logo theme!) but they closed. Eagle Rock Rock Entertainment seem to churn out BluRay releases that can't possible have any sales outside of extreme hardcore fans... particularly those talking head documentaries about a particular album featuring none of the actual band members. If they turn a profit, then an actual Phil Collins gig that fans are desperate for would 100% sell in greater numbers.

    It would be so good just to have the VHS Perkins Palace upgraded to BluRay, if it was possible to add in the cut tracks and have the full show including And So to F etc, it would be mindblowing. Also No Ticket Required and a Both Sides Tour bluray would be very high on my Genesis & Related wish-list.

    Does anyone fancy forming a production company with me and we'll see if it's possible and how much it would cost to license and produce?? We could do a short run first to "test the water".

    Banks claimed there is 'nothing left in the vault'. Even if that's not true there is absolutely no chance any of them would consider this idea. File under Never Going To Happen.

    Banks means there's nothing left that he thinks is worth releasing. But then he said he didn't see the point of live albums as he never listens to them.

    You're right there's no chance "any of them would consider this idea"... but when control passes to others it's entirely likely.

    Yes Phil has said before there's loads of tapes of them jamming (or "blowing" as he puts it") that he thinks are good enough to release... Guessing Tony said no. But when other people are in charge it's possible it'll come out eventually. No telling how many of us will still be alive then.

    This has strikingly not been the case with Genesis over the years.

    It's true Genesis themselves have had a lack of motivation to release things... it's not like they need the money, and they could never be accused of pandering to the fanbase (well aside from teasing things that never come out which Tony is famous for). A publishing company however exists to make money from the songs they own. A lot of people hate the Tony Cousins mastering on the stereo mixes which I believe are now the only available versions at retail.

    Low hanging fruit for the publishing company to reissue the back catalogue preferably in a way to entice as much of the fanbase to re-purchase. This seem like an obvious opportunity. Rumour of a special edition of The Lamb has been around for years... 50th anniversary could fingers crossed see it finally come out.

    It wouldn't make any sense for Concord to pay all that money and then just sit on the back catalogue and not do anything with it?

    I don't 100% understand the details of the Concord deal, but I don't think they purchased the Gabriel/Hackett era stuff.

    If you look at the BBC Broadcasts credits (and I know we need to be wary of credits on official releases) songs like In The Cage, Carpet Crawlers, Dancing Out With the Moonlit Knight, I Know What I Like etc have the following publishing credits:

    Concord Music Publishing Ltd

    EMI Music Publishing Ltd

    From this it's reasonably safe to conclude Concord publishes the Banks/Collins/Rutherford side. EMI publishes Gabriel/Hackett.

    (Further info on Gabriel/EMI here: https://archive.completemusicu…-deal-with-peter-gabriel/ Which i believe says Gabriel still owns the publishing but it is managed by EMI rather than the situation with Concord where they actually own Banks/Collins/Rutherford publishing.)

    However, it doesn't seem to include the pre-Selling England material (that was released at the time). Songs like The Knife / Twilight Alehouse / Watcher of the Skies are all published by Stratsong Ltd. Nursery Cryme has conflicting information where The Musical Box and Harlequin are Stratsong but Harold the Barrel is listed as Carlin Music Group for some reason... the plot thickens!!


    I like the edge in Phil's voice and love Tony's words... to my ears, it's crying out for actual proper heavy guitars in the verses, but that was never really Mike's style and definitely not during the IT era. Sacrilege I know, but I'd dial down Tony's digital synth brass. :-o Definitely feel the song has potential that's sadly not realised in the existing version. Could've worked well live. Works as a decent B-side. Not in the same league as Do the Neurotic which I have on my version of the album as the closer after The Brazilian.

    I'm probably the only one, but I like "Since i lost you", the only song on the album where Tony plays on a real piano.

    Definitely not the only one. The emotion in Phil's voice slays me every time. And yes, always good to hear Tony on a real piano!! Otherwise i like Harold Demure's suggested tracklisting and will give it a try over the weekend.

    Really excellent show. For me (and a i know a lot depends on acoustics, sight lines, and atmosphhere of where you are sitting etc) but this was vastly superior to the O2 show. One thing of note was the screen for Love Can Heal was behind the band... this meant Peter was at times awkwardly twisted for doing the digital painting with the wand behind him and reading the lyrics from the autocue in front of him!

    Really hope there's a recording of this gig.

    Was also tempted by merch but what with partnering with famous price gouging promoters LiveNation felt Peter was just being a bit too greedy with regards pricing. It's a interesting question how many more tickets would have been sold, and how much more merch if the prices had been lower. Too many people I know were priced out of tickets. Really hopeful there's a second UK leg as per the Still Growing Up tour, once the audience have had time to learn all the words and can sing along!!

    I think it will be simply a business decision. If this set sells like gangbusters, then there will be consideration for what else to release. If sales are insipid, then I wouldn't expect much else down the pipeline.

    I think getting to number 3 in the German album charts is clear evidence it's profitable. Concord will certainly release more as they want as big a return on *their* publishing rights as possible. The only question is how much veto power Tony has in the current arrangement.