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    Fantastic news! I, for one, have never heard any of the bootlegs and so on, so I’ll take whatever they’re offering as it will all be new to me. Wonder if they might go the way of the Queen cd set from a few years ago and include some interviews? I suspect many won’t be remotely bothered by such things but I actually went for the bigger of the Queen offerings for precisely that reason; listening to interviews that were broadcast on the radio decades ago can be really interesting as they remind you of what life was like back then (possibly reminding you of what your life was like if you were around at the time). Anyway, can’t wait.

    A burgermeister is a German Mayor.“.

    Yes, thanks Ian. I knew that, but many wouldn’t I suspect. I was trying to allude to just how strange and exotic the album appeared - to me, at least - at the time, touching on subjects that I’d never come across in popular music before. I’m off to Google ‘ Burgermeister in popular song’ and see what’s out there. Maybe something from Captain Beefheart......or XTC....? The word is long enough to appeal to Elvis Costello, come to think of it:)

    As much as I like PG3 onwards (it was hearing PG4 that hooked me) his first solo effort remains my favourite (the only album that runs it close is the Scorsese soundtrack). This album occupies a unique place in his career, in my view. It’s eclectic, for sure, and the places it takes the listener to were never to be re-visited. Just what is a Burgermeister when he’s at home, anyway? Where is the ‘Dolce Vita’? Who doesn’t want to find themselves atop Salisbury Hill after dark, to ruminate on where life might take them next? (I always imagine walking down hill to a pub, with a fire in the hearth, and ordering a pint, as a first I await ‘the Big One’....whatever that is). Great stuff. My No. 1 for sure.

    Yes, I think you’re correct. Just looked at Invisible Touch and it says the remastering was done by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Mastering. Also agree on the mixes; true, I don’t have the original mixes to compare to but the new ones sound fine. Maybe Tony needs to find someone not also called Tony to do another set of masters?

    I can understand why they wouldn’t be interested in reprinting these sets. While it’s been some time since they first came out, I’m not confident there are enough ‘new’ Genesis fans (or at least the ones willing to spend close to £100 per box, three times over) to warrant that decision. Much better to launch a complete ‘re-fresh’ of the catalogue; that way, owners of the current sets will also buy the new product. The answer to the question ‘How should that be done?’ is out there in plain view; step forward the Jethro Tull sets. Whether Genesis have enough in their locker to come up with comparable sets I’ve no idea, but that’s the way forward in my view. There is another obstacle, I suspect, in that Tony Banks appears to be of the opinion that Nick Davis has golden ears. I sense many out there hold a different opinion of his mastering and mixing choices (personally, I’m fine with them, although even I find some of the top end too ‘toppy’ at times). All that aside, put me down as another prospective punter should they ever decide to put something new on the market (pointless multi-disc ‘best of’ complications aside).

    Hi KB,

    I was moved by your very honest account of the relationship you had with your brother. I guess nothing can totally erase the pain, but your post reminds us of the life-affirming aspect of musical appreciation. That’s something that applies to us as individuals, but as you point out, it’s something of immeasurable value when it’s something that’s shared. Can’t put a price on that.

    For me, it was a shared experience as well. It was round at my school mate’s house as he played me track after track after track. Then one week he played ‘Follow you, Follow me’, which I’d recently heard on the radio. I did like that one. But none of the rest.....couldn’t stand them. I did like Gabriel’s solo stuff though...

    Cut from 1979 to 2009. I decided that as I liked Gabriel’s solo stuff, I should investigate his work with Genesis. Jumped in at the deep end, and bought the 1970-1975 vinyl set on the way home from work one Friday, which happened to be payday.

    Around 3.00 Saturday afternoon I played the first lp, Tresapss. By the end of the opening line, I knew I was ‘home’. I’ve never looked back.

    I’ll raise a glass to your brother tonight, and hope that you’re keeping well, knowing that our musical memories endure in a way that we almost certainly never anticipated at the time.


    “Don’t know why some fan discuss about this for days. Just don’t buy it. Or do if you want.

    I think it’s discussed because it’s one of the very few new things to discuss. If not this, then what?

    As someone who likes the band, I have all the available studio recordings, but would love to hear more. Alas, there appears to be no more in the war chest.

    I have a faint hope that someone associated with the band/record company comes here from time to time to ascertain what people want.

    I use this platform to say that I don’t want this, but would give them my money if something more interesting was offered.

    Plus, it’s sometimes good just to get things off your chest!

    I have no idea who this release is supposed to appeal to. Existing fans of the band? Hardly, as they already have everything on it, in all likelihood. New fans? Seriously, there are more white rhinos in the wild than there are new Genesis fans.

    This is just the lamest release, which may as well have been titled “We’ve run out of ideas of what to do with the music of Genesis”.

    Look at King Crimson. Unbelievable riches. Sets based around a single album that run to 20+ discs. Look at Jethro Tull. Fantastic book-sets that explore each album at length, with around 100 pages of interesting reading, and discs of additional material (studio and live). I’m a fan of the band, but this is poor. It seems only five minutes ago that they put out R-Kive.

    Why this? I’ve no idea, in all honesty. Maybe had one glass of wine too many tonight, so feel free to correct me...

    Top 2 were easy (Humdrum and Slowburn). Went with Moribund as the third choice (Waiting.....narrowly missed out).

    Love Flood, but have maybe heard it too many times. Solsbury Hill is overplayed (is it on every Live album?).

    Regardless, my favourite if all his albums.

    Like Wayne, I was born in 65, and like him, the Stones were at No. 1 in the charts, only this time it was ‘Get off my cloud’. My first experience of Trespass would have been around 78-79, when a mate introduced me to it. Couldn’t stand the album....couldn’t stand the band.....didn’t care for the cover. But time has a way of changing perspectives. In my Top 10 albums by anyone, now.

    I have two of the three CD/SACD sets, and I don’t think I’ve bothered to watch any of the video content on the DVDs. Same with the recent Jethro Tull sets. Doubtless I’ve got some King Crimson video footage on one or more discs. Maybe I’m in a minority, but I’ve never been interested in watching musicians perform music (unless they’re in front of me, in the same room/stadium/field).

    I’d like it if they produced the live collection on vinyl. They did a half-speed master of Seconds Out a couple of years ago, which was very good, and I’d hoped that this was heralding a broader vinyl reissue schedule, but alas, no.

    They could improvise and blend the ‘shorts’ and the ‘longs’ to make for a concert- accurate running order. Given the appetite for vinyl right now - and notwithstanding the debacle over the ‘not quite 180 gram’ weight of the vinyl in the ‘red’ set - I’m surprised they haven’t gone for this. I have all three of the studio album sets, and they take pride of place in my music collection. They are simply missing the ‘no-brainer’ live set! My credit card is starting to twitch at the mere thought of such an item!

    I’d be up for expanded editions for all albums up to and including Abacab (at least). Including:

    Original mix (which I don’t have).

    Remastered edition of the remix (to try and breathe a bit more ‘air’/less compression into them?) or new remix.

    All associated b-sides for singles released (and the A sides, if not on album).

    Any material tried out but never used (not sure any exists, though).

    Book with essays about the recording of the album (although much of this has been covered in the interviews in the green/blue/red CD box sets), plus lots of artwork/marketing and promo material, etc.

    Yep, I’d buy those - hopefully on a regular release schedule (one every 6-9 months) - without blinking. My suspicion is that the box sets released before 2010 are felt to have most of the above already covered (or at least, there’s the view that they have, by the band itself).

    PG1 seems out of time, to me. The various styles on display seem strikingly different to pretty much anything else, to this day. PG4 - muddy sound, aside - transports me to South America (at least that’s what I’ve always heard - could be due to the Family & Fishing net?). Finally, Passion is possibly the best soundtrack ever written (which is saying something, given the greatness of Barry, Mancini, Hermann, et al.)

    I’d like to see a ‘live’ vinyl box. I only have Seconds Out, but would buy new issues of the original ‘Genesis Live’ and Three Sides Live’ in a heartbeat. But, of course, in regard to the latter, they’d have to choose between the US and UK version (where, of course, the title only makes sense for one if the versions). They could even play around with the later sets, and reconfigure them. Have to say, given the vinyl resurgence, I was expecting this to happen before now.

    While I’m here, is there any more news on the Lamb box set that has been rumoured for this year?

    I was tempted to vote for ‘Your Own Special Way’, but on listening again I’ve concluded that it would have gone in there but for the chorus; I really like it up to that point. Went with the current Top 3. I do like the Autumnal feel of ‘Unquiet Slumber....’ but couldn’t justify it when considering the other tracks. Overall, though, a great album. Certainly one of my favourites.

    Undertow. Might be my favourite Genesis track of all. Difficult to say exactly why it’s my No. 1; I guess it’s that very personal reason of ‘it just is’.

    FYFM second; love the coda

    Snowman third.

    An underrated album in my opinion, unfairly maligned (at least I have the impression that it’s relatively unloved my a number of fans).