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    And I guess more importantly, does the whole concert exist in any form?

    But totally agree with what others have said that it’s finally amazing to see after all this time. Having the old VHS of the Wembley show and thinking (showing my age) that it was just cut from the cassette and then when the official Wembley DVD came along and discovering (through the power of the internet) that it wasn’t recorded because of them changing the tapes, I’d begun to think I would never see it.

    So thank you so much for posting it.

    If this is directed at me, I wasn't complaining or moaning [snip]

    Ditto to this really. I've only just joined so if the comment was directed at me too then I take issue to that.

    I would like to stick around here more than one day however if this is the kind of welcome new members get then maybe I'll have to rethink that.

    I also wasn't complaining in fact I think I made that perfectly clear in my post that it wasn't a complaint.

    Hello. Just joined today.

    This is amazing to finally see in full. I like many, am still disappointed that this doesn't appear on the Wembley DVD but of course we all know the reasons why.

    The only thing that is missing are some wide shots. I guess we're lucky to have it at all so that isn't a complaint at all.