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    Just had a re-listen to the whole remastered version of the album.

    I had always considered this a bit poppy and also the absence of Steve pervaded my thoughts as I always listened in the past.

    Today, I appreciated the songwriting, lyrics and many references to the old Genesis sound still there in the background.

    Standout tracks:

    Undertow - would love to hear Peter Gabriel sing this.

    Snowbound - Crafty lyrics disguising a bittersweet song from Mike.

    Many Too Many - Classic Genesis - they can still pull it off, even if there's only three of them.

    Follow You, Follow Me - Genesis do a love song and yet still manage to include a prog keyboard solo!

    Burning Rope - great tune, possibly even better live?

    Deep In The Motherlode - great lyrics.

    It's taken me many years to come round to this album. It was originally given to me almost forty years ago in school by a chap who sat next to me as he knew I liked Genesis.

    I was heavily into the Stagnation,Musical Box, Hogweed, Lamb, Suppers ready era and I took the tape home expectantly. Compared to the earlier stuff it disappointed me, but today all these years later, listening to it in isolation and without comparison I am enjoying it!

    A brilliant song - one of my fave's by Phil. Phil himself said in recent youtube interview with an Australian tv show that Take Me Home & Can't Turn Back The Years were his own personal favourite songs..

    I struggle to hear Sting and Peter Gabriel on the backing vocal. Can anyone separate the vocal track in the mix to isolate the vocals more clearly?

    This is not a criticism, but the song has always reminded me of a jazzed up take on Peter Gabriel's 'Lead A Normal Life' off Gabriel IV

    Back in the early 1980's a much older Genesis fan than myself told me that Peter had removed the first two letters from 'Israel' to come up with the name Rael.

    I don't know where he got that info from or if anyone here has heard that before??

    Never thought of that one - a good choice!

    He comes across as a thoroughly decent chap - his book was one of the very best I've ever read about Genesis.

    I loved the bit when Tony Banks said to Richard.'It feels really strange doing this with you.'