Absolutely zero chance of these shows in April. I think we all know that.

    As for when, it's anyone's guess. My fear is that they may just opt to cancel the whole thing but this really depends purely on Phil surely. He's the one with the health issues.

    The future looks so uncertain on all levels and what tomorrow may bring, who knows!

    I’d be fine with a livestream event next year since a tour is unlikely in 2021. This also might make cameos from Gabriel and Hackett more possible.

    The tour is very unlikely to begin as planned in April but happy for a live stream? On a personal level, the feelings you get from seeing and hearing a band live are not comparable to live streams on any level.

    It's very much akin to a cookery program where the meal looks delicious and all you have is a guest telling how how fabulous it tastes.

    'They must be rehearsing because they're touring in six months'.

    You think? I can't see these shows getting the go ahead until at least the summer next year with dates pencilled in for the end of the year.

    Unless this government changes it's approach or a tried and tested vaccine is in place, the3se shows will not happen.

    Absolutely love some of his work.

    I lived in the same town as Steven a while back. Literally less than a mile. I would regularly see him walking about as and when I was driving around. I never stopped to bother him until one day, walking through town, there he was standing outside Boots of all places waiting for someone. Naturally I went up to him and shook his hand. He seemed somewhat bewildered by my enthusiasm but what a fab guy. We got talking about the town, how it had changed and how long he'd lived there. He seemed genuinely interested in my responses. He is exactly how he is when you see him interviewed. The genuine article.

    I saw him once more walking back to his home a week or so after the tour had finished and then nothing. Had he got a car? Was he driving instead of walking? Turns out he had actually moved away ...and he'd got hitched into the bargain.

    Very difficult to predict how the future may evolve. Events seem to happen on an hourly basis. I've had two gigs cancelled yesterday so both The Who and Polly Samson have been postponed. Nigg Begg's tour with Howard Jones in the States has been postponed. I have a Fish gig in Northampton next Saturday.Maybe that will go too?