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    No, it's true. They bounced around the idea of Tony singing silver rainbow and Mike singing just a job to do. I read Tony's comments on the matter and that they decided in the end that Phil was the best singer so it didn't make sense. However, can I remember where I read that? No. Can I link to material supporting the claim? Also... No. I came across it many years ago in a book, or magazine. Or it might even have been a recorded interview as I can remember the comments in Tony's voice.

    Well in the end I am happy that Phil sang the songs...

    Thanks! Didn't know that. Interesting. After watching the making of the mama-album, I does make clear why they didn't end up having b-sides: there was some time-pressure and the proces of writing songs form the scratch was new to them. On the other hand, Abacab delivered a lot of b-sides...

    I was watching the Making of the Mama-album last night when I saw that Phil said: "Three songs down, seven to go". But only nine songs ended up the album. So what's the mystery 10th song??? Any guesses?

    I think that it is quite possible that they will play mainly pieces of which they are fond. I mean, that's why they choose a lot of parts of Duke the last time.

    Personally, I hope they chose to play a ratio of the three eras:

    40% trespass - TLLDOB

    20% ATOFTT + W&W

    40% ATTWT - WCD

    And of course: a lot of hidden gems!

    I remember in fall of '91: I was only 12 years old then, and I went to a big warehouse where you could listen to cd's they sold. When I put on the headphones there and the cd started playing, I was blown away by especially the No Son of Mine. I strongly remember the moment when the drums came in. Due the time I had to listen (I think 15 minuten, passing the time waiting for my parents), I very quickly skipped Jesus He Knows Me, but had just the time to listen to the whole Driving The Last Spike. Then I had to leave, without having listened to the rest of the album. But, hey, I would go home with in my head those two fantastic tracks.

    By the time it was Christmas I got a copy of the cd on (a pair of two C60) cassettes. It was only until the summer that I bought the cd, just before I went to see them in Rotterdam on 28th of July 1992...

    Nowadays, I still like WCD very much...

    When I set up my album playlists I also kept Land of Confusion pretty far apart from Feeding the Fire, due to the lyrical similarity. I still think of these albums in "sides" so I also enjoy your symmetry of ending each side with an instrumental.

    I like the ballads, but just as importantly I think they provide a better balance to the album.

    You're right, I also tend to think in sides. Now you've got two sides beginning with uptempo followed by a long one, then a poppy/slow one and finally an instrumental.

    Actually, Throwing It All Away should've fit in there but I don't know where. But then the sides would run out of time... Anyway this tracklist would have made a more progressive album of IT.

    Recently I have created a playlist with all the studio albums (except CAS and FGTR). But I included from The Extra Tracks:

    . 76-81

    . On The Shorline / Hearts On Fire / Do The Neurotic / Feeding The Fire / I'd Rathe Be You

    . Twilight Alehouse / Happy The Man

    . Shephed / Pacidy / Let Us Now Make Love (All BBC Nightride 1970)

    I put this playlist on shuffle and still get surprised because I get to hear songs I normally skip or to which I don't make much attention. And... I never get bored of it.

    (By the way, it contains 151 songs and has a during of 13 hours and 35 minutes)

    Who else has this sort of list?

    1. Land of Confusion

    2. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

    3. Invisible Touch

    4. Do The Neurotic

    5. Anything She Does

    6. Domino

    7. Feeding The Fire

    8. The Brazilian

    What do you think of this? I've made my own playlist "My Invisible Touch" in Apple Music.