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    No, it's true. They bounced around the idea of Tony singing silver rainbow and Mike singing just a job to do. I read Tony's comments on the matter and that they decided in the end that Phil was the best singer so it didn't make sense. However, can I remember where I read that? No. Can I link to material supporting the claim? Also... No. I came across it many years ago in a book, or magazine. Or it might even have been a recorded interview as I can remember the comments in Tony's voice.

    Well in the end I am happy that Phil sang the songs...

    Thanks! Didn't know that. Interesting. After watching the making of the mama-album, I does make clear why they didn't end up having b-sides: there was some time-pressure and the proces of writing songs form the scratch was new to them. On the other hand, Abacab delivered a lot of b-sides...

    I was watching the Making of the Mama-album last night when I saw that Phil said: "Three songs down, seven to go". But only nine songs ended up the album. So what's the mystery 10th song??? Any guesses?

    I think that it is quite possible that they will play mainly pieces of which they are fond. I mean, that's why they choose a lot of parts of Duke the last time.

    Personally, I hope they chose to play a ratio of the three eras:

    40% trespass - TLLDOB

    20% ATOFTT + W&W

    40% ATTWT - WCD

    And of course: a lot of hidden gems!

    I remember in fall of '91: I was only 12 years old then, and I went to a big warehouse where you could listen to cd's they sold. When I put on the headphones there and the cd started playing, I was blown away by especially the No Son of Mine. I strongly remember the moment when the drums came in. Due the time I had to listen (I think 15 minuten, passing the time waiting for my parents), I very quickly skipped Jesus He Knows Me, but had just the time to listen to the whole Driving The Last Spike. Then I had to leave, without having listened to the rest of the album. But, hey, I would go home with in my head those two fantastic tracks.

    By the time it was Christmas I got a copy of the cd on (a pair of two C60) cassettes. It was only until the summer that I bought the cd, just before I went to see them in Rotterdam on 28th of July 1992...

    Nowadays, I still like WCD very much...

    When I set up my album playlists I also kept Land of Confusion pretty far apart from Feeding the Fire, due to the lyrical similarity. I still think of these albums in "sides" so I also enjoy your symmetry of ending each side with an instrumental.

    I like the ballads, but just as importantly I think they provide a better balance to the album.

    You're right, I also tend to think in sides. Now you've got two sides beginning with uptempo followed by a long one, then a poppy/slow one and finally an instrumental.

    Actually, Throwing It All Away should've fit in there but I don't know where. But then the sides would run out of time... Anyway this tracklist would have made a more progressive album of IT.

    Recently I have created a playlist with all the studio albums (except CAS and FGTR). But I included from The Extra Tracks:

    . 76-81

    . On The Shorline / Hearts On Fire / Do The Neurotic / Feeding The Fire / I'd Rathe Be You

    . Twilight Alehouse / Happy The Man

    . Shephed / Pacidy / Let Us Now Make Love (All BBC Nightride 1970)

    I put this playlist on shuffle and still get surprised because I get to hear songs I normally skip or to which I don't make much attention. And... I never get bored of it.

    (By the way, it contains 151 songs and has a during of 13 hours and 35 minutes)

    Who else has this sort of list?