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    As Liverpool will be my first ever Genesis gig I obviously have lots of songs on my bucketlist. Thinking realistically though, I think the following may very well be in the running...

    Watcher Of The Skies - Nic is gonna want to show off some of the older style drumming and where better than on this song. Phil needn’t do the vocals, we’ll do that for him. Opening track I reckon...

    Cinema Show/Musical Box - I’m thinking that the older stuff will be served once more as a medley but this time they will rest In The Cage as that’s been done countless times. Or it will incorporate new elements.Really fancying Musical Box to make a return this time. Would love Suppers Ready but unlikely (and will get this at the Hackett gig anyway)

    Abacab - I reckon this is a shoo in. Would also like to hear Keep It Dark.

    Your Own Special Way - Phil did FYFM on his own tour. Would he want to revisit with Genesis? This sounds like the perfect replacement. Otherwise In Too Deep.

    After that, it will be the usual suspects (even Mama which I really can’t see them dropping).

    Then again, what do I know!