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    I'm watching Kaleidoscope in Netflix. It's a nifty heist caper told in parts that can - apparently - be watched in any order. Each one has a color attached to it. I've watched three or four, and it's well-acted and written. Rufus Sewell is in it, the guy from Man In The High Castle.

    I'm also watching 1899 but it's too much like Dark to think of it as being so original.

    It was clear from the beginning that CAS wouldn't be as successful as WCD, but they stopped at least one album too early, in my opionion.

    Couldn't agree more. As Ray said in an interview, during the tour they had become a band, and of course he was brought in late to CAS and only contributed to writing a little. It's such a shame they didn't do a full album with the three of them.

    Are there any video bits of this Ruins show?

    😆 I laughed at that, thanks.

    Edit: the system came with a free download of Resident Evil 4, and I didn't have time to try it yet. I confess the whole thing is so immersive I am slightly nervous of what being in a dark world full of bloodthirsty half-humans is going to be like. Bring it on!

    I've spent a good bit of time playing Resident Evil 4 in VR now. I am not in any way a "gamer" so bear that in mind!

    It's very, very entertaining I have to say. Very immersive. However, there is such a thing as VR nausea, which I guess is the exact same phenomenon as sea sickness. I'm not prone to that at all, but after an hour in the VR game I start to feel ever so slightly queasy from it. The headset can become uncomfortable after that long also, which may be exacerbated by my wearing glasses. There are much more comfortable headstraps you can get apparently, and if it's something I'm going to continue using a lot I may upgrade that. The battery could be better.

    These issues aside, the experience of being completely inside the game world is great. It can be quite scary which is fun. There's a learning curve with the controls but I got it pretty quickly. I'm looking forward to trying out some different titles.

    Sounds like a very unique event.

    I noticed Tonight, Tonight, Tonight and IT aren't listed next to each other in your article but I assume it was the standard medley, and not a full TTT?

    And do we know what the 3 Floyd pieces were? I imagine it stuck in Roger Waters' craw to have a member of Genesis playing his stage role in Floyd. Hahaha.

    14. An early favorite of mine starting out as a fan when WCD came out. I loved the brooding verses and passionate chorus, and the dynamic between them. Also the sense of anguish they generate in the outro. And although I never saw the tour live, I agree with the comments that it was even better in that setting with Chester's drumming and Phil's vocals performance, and the video/lights. The ending was very good live too. Great stuff all round.

    I know there was a 3CD set from chiddingfold which as I remember had Living Forever, Tell Me Why, Way of the World, Mama and Carpet Crawlers on it together with a usual full WCD set. I dont have it before you ask!

    Woah. Has this ever been available in any format or was there 1 copy that's lost? What's the story here? Would love to hear it.

    Edit: what is the hidden trading pool? Apologies for my ignorance.

    Sat at furthest end from the entrance of an otherwise empty café, I watch a customer enter & walk past all the empty tables to sit at the one right next to mine. She's barely even a metre away ffs.

    Never mind pandemics, people should just stay the fuck away from each other (ie, me)

    (EDIT - it's a stranger by the way, not Mrs B or my mum)

    Ah ffs. Totally unacceptable.

    It's always gratifying to hear someone from one of those genres champion Genesis or compliment, for example, Mike's bass playing (someone did that specifically, I forget who). Not because it validates how good they are, but because it's a break from the more typical approach of hiding it away or being somehow afraid of admitting to liking Genesis.

    Agree. The haters can fuck right off. They don't know anything! It perpetuates the idea that people can be judged negatively for what music they like, a ludicrously dumb concept to begin with, but harmful for kids. I liked Genesis when I was a teenager in school and would have been quite self conscious about the perception. What a stupid, shitty thing to be a thing at all.

    Any idea how this "band" was put together? It's not exactly Mechanics or Floyd time, regarding albums or tours at the time.

    I'm curious about that too. I initially thought they must have been together as some preliminary Division Bell tour thing, but that album wasn't released until the following year. Is it possible that release and tour were unexpectedly held up and they thought they'd be going out sooner? Either that, or one of them was asked and suggested the others.

    'Waiting For The Crash' - a pretty cool title looking for a song, album or novel to attach itself to.

    Yes, and the cover of said album might be an image depicting the consequences of poorly mounting a large screen TV, which I am happy to report - 36 hours in - I am unable to provide. 🤞

    Or come to think of it, such an image would probably be on the follow up album, After The Crash. The tracklist writes itself.

    1. Shock track

    2. The Fight (I told you so)

    3. Shattered Glass in Mangled Circuitry

    4. Floorboard Woes

    5. The Contractor (money, money, money)

    6. Depletion I (money)

    7. Depletion II (the will to live)

    8. The Divorce

    9. I Told You So Reprise

    10. Was It Worth It?

    There are few such home-related things beyond changing light bulbs and knocking in a nail to hang a calendar on that I'm prepared to do, being largely cack-handed and clueless in these matters. Wall-mounting an expensive piece of AV equipment bigger than a Great Dane is definitely one I'd avoid. Damn foolish affair if you ask me.

    😆 I couldn't agree more! Too much learning while doing, which is not the correct arena at all for such an education. Well, it survived 24 hours so far, but I could barely sleep last night waiting for the crash, and tonight may be no better.

    I wall mounted a 65" TV this evening. It was a terrifying experience. Of 8 screws, I don't think I repeated the same combination of screw/bolt/anchor even once. One is overtly loose and only two are on a stud. I now get to spend all of my time waiting for a huge crash signifying that the whole thing has pulled loose leaving the TV, the wall, my wallet and my marriage in equal states of disrepair.

    Great write up and it's nice to see what we're getting in context with what there is available.

    To one point:

    I'm certain the answer comes down to the budget for the project and the desired price point. Even though it's far from complete, five discs is still a lot of content. I'm sure the record company also sees $60 as a tipping point. That price and volume of content will appeal to a wider array of buyers. I'm sure they're correct to believe that if they had pushed the price up to $100 and included 8 or 10 discs the sales would have seen a sharp drop.

    I don't think it would have made a big difference. If anything, more of the bigger fans would be willing to buy a complete set. What they've come up with is neither here nor there, half way between a one or two disk collection of highlights and the full set. Yes, it's 100% consistent with their past approach, and it's not surprising in the least, but it is a bit of a shame. Christian's nice post showing what available and what's included put it in nice context for me.