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    There a Radiohead spinoff band on the go, with Thom Yorke and the guitarist. The band's name might be Smile or something? Getting very good reviews, checking them out is on my infinite to-do list.

    Edit: i just remembered Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain of the Smashing Pumpkins formed a supergroup called Zwan, which released one very good album before imploding in the standard fashion.

    Edit 2: and Brett Anderson/Bernard Butler of Suede reunited for one album as a different band, The Tears.

    What could have worked might have been a 5-man or 4-man selection of shows in particular markets, which might draw many from other locales. If they did say London, Paris, Rome, New York, they might have been able to fill larger venues with fans of the older material.

    Yes, that's along the lines I was thinking. It's all academic now of course, but fun to think about. I also understand why they made the choices they made.

    It's hard for me not to think about the marketing strategy and contrast the possible relative popularities of two reunion tours, a smaller "vintage" tour of 70-77 material with Steve and a "standard" tour of all eras with the usual 3 man touring crew (perhaps with less old stuff than normal) to sate the masses.

    Also: it's an odd thread that appears (to me) to have myself as the author but someone else is the author of the first post.

    I acquired this today for 6 dollars in a record store. This is where it all began for me 33 years ago! I was 10. I don't know where my original copy went, probably discarded in a clean out at home by my parents at some point. It's nice to have it again in this most nostalgic of formats!

    Very good write up here:

    “Musically and emotionally overwhelming … he gives us some of the most flamboyant and dazzling guitar-playing of his career”: Steve Hackett’s The Circus And The Nightwhale
    It’s taken him nearly 50 years to return to the concept album format, but his semi-fictional musical memoir proves it was a wise move to wait – it’s his best…

    I haven't heard it myself yet.

    PC describes how they instantly reverted to their old roles - TB & PG arguing, MR being the gentlemanly moderator, himself being lighthearted trying to defuse the atmosphere, SH off to one side being 'dark' and marginal.

    Thanks for all the interesting info. The above paragraph stood out to me as a great example of how to describe band dynamics succinctly!

    Fascinating to think what a 4-man + CT would have been like setlist wise.…a-strange-band-no-regrets

    This is a link to a Daily Telegraph interview which is paywalled, so some of the summary may be taken out of context.. But he's starting to sound like Don Felder, formerly of the Eagles. I don't recall him being this bitter about Genesis before. He makes them sound like the Conservative party. This about the reunion tour:

    Genesis is a strange band. They ask you, and then when you say yes they say… surplus to requirements. It’s so competitive.

    I noticed that too. I didn't know he had agreed to participate in one of the reunion tours and was given the cold shoulder after. Or maybe that's not what happened? Regardless I picked up on the same fairly direct hostility you did.

    I prefer the second of the Tatyana tracks, had a nice dark edge. Will check out her album I think. The term "harp pop" is new to me.

    Not familiar with Mitski though I recognize the name. I like the track, it's very smooth and relaxing, but not vanilla at all.

    As the thread popped back up in my feed, I reread this story and had to check out King's synth version of Wild World. All I can say about it is, what is wrong with that man's brain? He stole the music for It's a Sin and awkwardly grafted the words to Wild World on top. It almost disproves the point he was trying to make.

    It is his birthday, and this tweet from Robert Plant had me convinced for a long moment he had died:

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    Happy birthday Phil!