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    I love the album, and loved it when it came out. I remember it we'll, as I was just setting out on a > 1 year long trip abroad, and the album was one of the soundtracks to that very crazy time. I thought it sounded very sophisticated, dense and lush - and I still do. It's got some beautiful moments on it, like the chorus of Darkness, and I Grieve. It's all so layered and textured that there's something new to discover each time.

    It's my favorite PG solo album.

    Haha very funny replies here 🤣. It was a humourous incident looking back.

    I don't normally chew gum either, I'm not a fan. I did on this occasion because I was displeased with the taste in my mouth for whatever reason.

    I just finished a 10 day stretch of work with average 4-5 hours of sleep per night. I fell asleep on the train on the way home, and woke up choking on chewing gum. It had slid all the way into the tube it shouldn't be. I was fortunately able to give an almighty cough and get it out, but I was pretty shaken, and my throat was fucked after so I'm pretty sure the other passengers think I gave them all COVID. Still coughing a lot an hour later.

    Time for pizza, beer and sleeeeeeeeeep. Without gum in my mouth.

    Not heard much Beach House but what I have heard, I like and must conduct further investigations. Great news re Suede and hey, the manics aren't too shabby a live act either. Lipsmacking stuff.

    I thought the last two Beach House albums were great. 7, and Once Twice Melody. The latter is a double album, a real feast. 7's a bit darker.

    Agree about the Manics. I saw them so much in college I got a bit burned out on them but very happy to have the chance to revisit them.

    And KT Tunstall - I need to explore as I've occasionally Shazam'd a song that catches my ear only to find it's her.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!

    I'm very happy I did now! It was blind luck, and Twitter, that led me to discover this unbelievable tour. I've never tapped my phone so furiously getting the presale in!

    I similarly love every single thing they've done, they are so consistently good. The B sides stand out. I made my own 5 disk version of Sci Fi Lullabies way back when, to cover all the unreleased treasures up to A New Morning!

    I've seen them once - the Royal Albert Hall comeback gig. The bit after Metal Mickey where the crowd would not stop cheering and the band just stood there soaking it up was absolutely spine tingling.

    I love music and gigs, but I rarely get to go any more because of life. Even when bands I love play nearby I can almost never go. Sharon Van Etten and Beach House played this summer and I missed them.

    I just found out Suede are playing in the US in November, a headlining tour with the Manics. This is remarkable because Suede aren't that big in the US, and never tour here since their gear was stolen on a tour in the 1990s. I got tickets to see them in a theater in November.

    I also saw Genesis in Jan, and have a ticket to see the Smashing Pumpkins in October.

    ...meaning that, improbably, I *should* be seeing my top 3 favorite bands from the past twenty years* ALL IN THE SAME YEAR 🤯.

    All in the same year. Holy fuck. HOLY FUUUUUUUCK LET'S GOOOOOOOOO!!! 😃😃😃

    *Foals have since joined the ranks but only in the last 6 months so I'm not counting 'em, also can't be too greedy.

    I haven't thought too much about the tour since it ended, and haven't been avoiding Genesis. Actually I listen to them a fair bit. What did for me though, was stumbling on a photo of a big sign for the band I took at the show I went to. Made me really long to be able to see them again, and that feeling has persisted. A dense or loud kind of absence.

    Neither are correct. It's a B- nan-a. (nan rhymes with gran).

    I read that as bee-nan. Ah! ...with the last syllable like the sound you make after you chug a few mouthfuls of bracingly cold water on a swelteringly hot day.

    I don't mind the multiple possessives. Reminds me I've tried introducing the multiple contraction might'nt've.

    I think I use this regularly in speech but it's an ambitious one for the written form. Should there be an apostrophe between n and the second t because there's a missing o?

    Bloody hell. What recital is this you'd prefer to avoid by having a colonoscopy?!

    Aunt Petunia's choir group where the highlight is the bland angel food fingers her cronies stand around devouring in the church hall at the intermission. Or an acquaintance's offspring's elementary school oboe quartet. (Made up examples, also with too many possessives which I don't know how to work).

    I now have an image of the colonoscopist saying "I heard you've sadly had to miss a recital for this procedure. Well, good news - I have a live feed of the recital to play so you don't miss out!"

    This should have been discussed as part of the consent process. I'd maybe insist on general anesthesia just as a precaution 😀

    Coming off of this, if on a Monday someone says something is happening "next Wednesday" would you take that to mean Wednesday of the following week (ie, 'Wednesday week')?

    Usually yes, I would. However, if the something in question was an event that I would rather be having a colonoscopy than attend, then I would misinterpret. "Oh, I thought you meant the recital was that Wednesday. Shit! Sorry about that..."

    So what actually is this?

    Seems to me someone put together a handful of mostly ant Phillips and Steve Hackett tracks where at least two other members of Genesis played/sang, ie 3 members of the band. And the songs are all 1974-77 releases. Beyond that, I know nothing of the songs themselves, such as whether they were on main albums or obscure b sides. Either way, I found it a pleasant listen and to my ears, very Genesis like, albeit very much the softer/more pastoral side.

    I had never heard any of the songs on this, so although it's in no way unreleased or 'archival' Genesis, it did make me realize that the output related to the band is enormous, and much bigger than most bands. You could easily have fooled me into thinking these were actual lost Genesis songs. I'd love an 8 disc version of Abacab (album, outtakes and rarities on 2 disks, unreleased remastered gig on 2, extra live snippets and rehearsals on another, dvd of tour/documentary, and a final disc of pictures of the menus at the restaurants the band are at while on tour) or whatever but it will never happen and that's fine-ish. Happy to take the bits that show up from now and then like the Live Forever rehearsal. But it seems there's a lot of stuff that sure sounds like Genesis that I haven't heard and maybe others haven't yet either. Strong Stagnation vibes off God Of I Saw Her Now:

    A delicious pasta salad lunch. Wholewheat fusili cooked, rinsed in cold water, drizzled with olive oil and left overnight.

    Stir into it finely chopped red onion, yellow pepper, toasted pine nuts, cubed feta, 4 slow-roasted tomatoes (my own recipe - absolutely luscious), torn dry black olives, juice and grated zest of half a lemon, a few parsley leaves and an extra drizzle of olive oil.

    I added chopped pickled green chillis to my helping. Man it was good and I had to stop myself wolfing down a whole other portion. There's enough left for another couple of lunches.

    100% stealing this. Sounds effing phenomenal!