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    It struck me from very early on as a fan, that Genesis have a lot of really great opening tracks on their albums. Like unusually strong statements of how good they are, what they are capable of, and what's to follow. Sometimes the first track is the best one on the album.

    What's your favorite/which do you think is their best? And why?

    For me, Eleventh Earl of Mar, Mama (obviously) and No Son of Mine stand out. But my favorite is Calling All Stations. Aggressive and cold.

    A small pick-your-own garden has opened in Cromarty. We went there yesterday and had to restrain ourselves grabbing just about everything, it all looked so good. We picked some plump broadbean pods, a lovely earthy crinkly green lettuce, big shiny red onions and thick juicy spring onions (scallion). There's something deeply satisfying about smoothly pulling veg out of the soil, with that slight resistance. It all came to £5.

    Got it home and I used all bar the red onions in a salad along with chopped cucumber, torn dry back olives, sliced pickled chillis and a can of tuna, plus half a can of sardine fillets to use it up. I dressed it with the oil from the canned fish, lemon juice, crushed garlic and a dash of agave syrup. With a hunk of bread from the local bakery, and washed down with frosty dry vintage cider, man it was just the thing after a beautiful hot sunny day.

    One of the red onions is going into a beef mince and chicken liver curry I just prepped and will be cooking shortly. And there's even some of that cider left.

    Fantastic. I have become, and becoming moreso, a huge lover of all things grown, made, baked, brewed etc "here". The coffee beans roasted across the road, the bread made in town, the beer brewed ten minutes walk away.

    3 tiers. Albums within a tier are equivalent for me. But you could make a straight 1-15 list like this and I could live with it.

    1-6 (tier 1)

    Calling All Stations

    Trick Of The Tail





    7-14 (tier 2)

    Nursery Crime


    We Can't Dance


    Wind and Wuthering



    Selling England



    so unless I name a specific zoo, I should say I’m going to zoo. Unless I specify which concert I’m attending, I say I’m going to concert? Sounds mega awkward!!!

    A little late to the party here but... can you be 'zoo-ized'? No? Then you can't be in zoo. You can only be at the zoo. Or at a stretch, in the zoo.

    Hmm. Never thought I'd type that combination of words in my life.

    I love Abacab, it's firmly in my 'top tier' of Genesis albums. It's spacey and exploratory. They were never trying to alienate fans, they were just doing what they were good at it. If it rubs you up the wrong way, it's on you. Pass on and listen to what you like.

    re: Whodunnit, it's just a tune at the end of the day. I enjoy it, I wouldn't seek it out specifically to listen to but I don't skip it. It's fun. I kind of love that it pisses some people off.

    Primary memory it excavates: I was going to my first, and only Genesis gig so far, in 1998, the CAS tour. My parents were going too as I was pretty young. The week or two before I was watching the Genesis tour videos at home, getting in the mood as it were, or just watching what I enjoyed. Anyway my dad came into the living room and sat down coincidentally as Whodunnit came on the 3SL video. He watched and I suffered a little. Around three minutes later he stood up awkwardly and lumbered toward the door. "Jaysus, that's awful shite" he mumbled.

    I explained that the Ray Wilson version of the band was *extremely* unlikely to play it, but he didn't stick around for In The Cage :D

    Sorry ignore my last post.

    This is the most beautiful thing ever. Really. I was a massive Genesis fan and thought other music was shit, especially modern music. In hindsight, I was a pompous ass, then I heard this perfection and realized there is a huge world of beautiful shit out there. If you've heard SP and dismissed them, fine. If you haven't, please give To Sheila a try loud on good headphones and tell me what you think.

    That's it, I'm smashing my copy of Foxtrot, covering the pieces in nitric acid and bovril, burying the resulting gloop in six feet of clay in an undisclosed location and never listening to the album in any form ever again.

    In two thousand years some bloke will be out walking his dog and the hound will start pawing furiously at the earth. Jeez, what's wrong buddy? He'll dig down and find your relics. They'll end up in MOMA in NY. I'll say, I knew him. Yep I'm gonna live for two thousand years. BD was a fan of Bovril I'll say, but he was ok!

    Also if Foxtrot didn't have Watcher, Time Table, Can Utility, Get 'Em Out by Friday, Horizons or SR on it I'd do the same thing you propose.

    Out for dinner on a date night. Had a filet steak, medium rare, potatoes, spinach, a peppercorn sauce. Relatively basic and absolutely fucking delicious. Surrounded by people talking shit, warmth of bodies in a room. Surreal and fabulous.

    That's interesting. I don't think I've ever heard it but apart from ACF which I really dislike I've often thought the bits of his subsequent work I've heard had touches of promise. I've never much liked the multiple-singers approach so what you said is encouraging. I think others here have been positive about Strictly Inc too.

    It's the only one I've given regular play to other than the Fugitive (which also has one singer). Have not heard it in a very long time now but may give it a whirl again. I remember there's a very long track with good work by Daryl. Overall prefer The Fugitive but Strictly Inc had a couple good songs and a cohesive sound.

    This got me thinking and I will try to express what I thought.

    Being 'in' hospital means I have been hospitalized. It's a state of being. Being 'at the' hospital means I'm visiting there. 'in the' hospital would mean the same thing I believe but sounds less right than "at the". So the operating room tech while he is at work is 'in the' hospital but he is not 'in' hospital.

    We would never say someone is 'in' library because you can't be libraryized (or whatever the word for being made resident of a library would be). A person would always be 'at the' library.

    Be interested in Backdrifter's thoughts here too. There's probably a technical answer I don't know.

    Imagine writing and recording "Sussudio" and complaining about other people writing silly lyrics.

    I can see his point. Sure the words in sussudio are silly while the words in, say, Burning Rope are not silly (or maybe they are, but less silly than Sussudio). But if you're a singer, I guess there's a difference between lyrics and words. Silly words might make non-silly lyrics if they are easy to sing (any vocalists out there correct me if I'm wrong) and sound good. Whereas non-silly words (for example "you dream of a future afterlife, well that's as maybe, I don't know... Don't live today for tomorrow, like you were immortal...") might make very silly lyrics if they are unwieldy and hard to sing.

    The fact that Phil made songs like Burning Rope listenable is a major testament to his genius imo.

    I've never fully understood Phil's dislike for that song, personally I think it's one of the best on ATTW3 and looking at the chords sequence it absolutely seems, like something Phil could have written.

    Does he dislike it? I never knew that. It's one of my favorites on that album too, and one of the harder to explain omissions from live sets. If one of the members had a strong feeling against it I guess that would explain that. I always wondered if they had the same problem they had with Way of the World (couldn't think of a way to end the song).

    Drop the badly out of place Spike and you've got a nice set there, in fact with that amendment it's just about the best, not unfeasible least silly suggestion in this thread, for me anyway.

    Agreed. Although I love Spike and would much prefer the full Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, as you say, it balances quite feasible and not silly with being the best.