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    Just thinking this evening... If Phil didn't get it and four others did... Is he going to be thinking "man, I dodged a bullet there"? Should we be thinking that? I want to see them so badly, and I'm confident the show will go on, but maybe putting a 70 year old diabetic in front of thousands of cheering/singing/shouting fans just isn't a brilliant idea.

    Colin Powell has died of COVID.

    Haven't heard or thought of him for a good while but still felt a bit shocked to read the headline. He had one or two major stains on his legacy but all round seemed to be one of the good guys, resigning when it was revealed that Saddam didn't have wmd and lamenting his speech to the UN. I hated that administration he was part of but he seemed to disavow it and distance himself from it, particularly by endorsing the Democratic candidates in subsequent presidential elections.

    I’m 100% with Foxfeeder. I’m a music snob and honest about it. I detest mainstream hip hop, rap, snd modern pop. Cookie cutting, auto tuned tripe.

    I don't think strongly liking one type of music or detesting another type makes you a snob though. Those are just your preferences. How does detesting hip hip make you a snob? I think - but am open to correction here - that believing that your musical preferences mark you out as somehow superior to other people would make you a snob. This would be a point of view I could never understand.

    Loving music passionately, hating other music with a passion? Sure. Same deal with paintings, movies and books, all art is supposed to evoke some sort of emotional response. It's a glorious thing really, and there such an abundance of all art forms out there you'll find plenty to love and hate. But no one's preferences make them better than anyone else, so I believe.

    Sorry, bit of a long winded OT detour. Also, in the middle of typing it, I inadvertently hit a wrong combination of keys that yielded this result, hahaha:


    It looks to me like an emoji for "who slipped this fatal toxin into my drink?"

    And yet those same people will likely be able to name a song by Kanye West, Rihanna, or any one of a 1000 other talentless autotuned computer-accompanied muppets. Just goes to show, you can fool some of the people all of the time.

    1 K, 2 T's! Jeez, you can't even spell your own userid. ^^

    I don't share this attitude toward other artists and especially their fans. The world is big enough for Steve Hackett, Kanye West and Rihanna. The greater popularity of the latter two is multifactorial and not a big mystery. I enjoy some of their material myself although I'm not that familiar with most of it.

    In fact - and I'm not trying to be controversial here, just honest - if I had an hour to kill, I'd rather take a punt on Kanye's new album than Steve's latest effort (I haven't heard either). I might go on to regret that decision but c'est la vie! Also, I'm not trying to make a point about one specific artist vs another, more a general point about attitudes towards other music fans and artists.

    How horrific. I'd read this morning that he'd been stabbed in the line of work, but now to hear he has died... Just unbelievably awful. There is no difference in point of view or opinion that should lead to this.

    I had a listen to the start of Fountain of Salmacis. It sounds really interesting. Oddly, it kind of evoked a scene in a black and white movie set in a saloon in the wild west. Will have to check out the rest.

    That is sad about the pianist though, I wonder what the story is.


    So basically, you have a few symptoms for a few days then after like 2 days, your energy just goes and your head kills and then after 2 more days the fever and cold etc all come in one big hit.

    Also i've seen Covid cases rising alot again and so with that and this new bug plus the winter flu season coming, it's going to be a difficult winter for many it seems.

    Ugh that sounds really rough. As Backdrifter said I hope it passes fairly quickly. And I agree, those ingredients you mentioned could combine to make a turbulent winter. Everyone's exposure to bugs has been so curtailed for so long now!

    Funny short description of the Lamb on :

    "The mother, father, brother and second cousin of all album concepts is the simple tale of a New York kid who is turned into a fly on a car windscreen (novel beginning), then heads off on an epic journey during which his best day includes getting a topless massage from a trio of snake-babes (who he later eats).

    His worst involves being castrated (without an anaesthetic) and being forced to join a colony of ‘slippermen’ who carry their balls around their necks in plastic tubes. Definitely not one for The Bumper Book Of Bedtime Stories. The music, by the way, is brilliant."


    The band informed people on social media and their website

    The venues informed all ticket holders

    We have a thread about this and also a news item on our website, our tour dates page also states the postponed shows

    I was just going by the anecdotes here of people finding out third hand but maybe it's just a couple of unfortunate cases.

    Reading about a councillor who's apologised for comments he made on social media involving laughing about dead grannies, demolishing green belt land, telling nurses to f*** off, etc. Leaving aside that and the fact that, as with all such cases, he's only apologising because he's been called out on his comments, I'm struck by the frequent use of that phrase "unreserved apologies" and "I apologise unreservedly". Has anyone ever pubicly offered their reserved apologies?

    "Reflecting on the comments I made, I apologise in a restricted, limited way." As opposed to wild, free-spirited apologies that dance around like inebriated elves.


    On a related note, the phrase 'apologize for any offense caused' always pisses me off mightily. A way to not apologize at all and make it seem like the target is at fault for not being able to take whatever the offense was in good humor. So it's another dig at them basically in the guise of an apology.

    Last night I dreamt I was talking with comedian Alan Davies and 2 other people. I asked them to imagine this: in every kitchen is a chute and a tap. Into the chute we all scrape the leftovers and food scraps from our plates. The chutes convey the scraps to a central processing unit which combines everyone's scraps and converts them into gravy. The gravy is fed through another network of pipes which feed the taps. Thus, everyone has a gravy tap.

    Davies applauded me and said the idea was "genius".

    But it isn't, is it. It's absolutely disgusting.


    You really wouldn't want those pipes bursting in the winter!