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    Oh, I'm excited for this one! Let's hope it will be available on the Drumeo YT channel for everyone to see, and that some in-depth technical stuff will be discussed (instead of the usual Genesis/PC history talk).

    As for now, there is already a video available (by the same interviewer) talking about some PC techniques:

    And there is an interview with Nic planned:

    just listening to You Might Recall...having seen Nick play, think he could have really powered his way through this one, especially the way the drums were booming at the o2....wishful thinking of course!

    Love listening and drumming that song!
    A good alternative for me would be (from a drum perspective) to have some kind of workshop. Maybe a video or something else recorded, where PC explains how he did certain stuff and Nick playing.
    There is some stuff on the web, but it's not very well or in-depth explained. But yeah, wishful thinking.

    If the band has any energy for releasing filmed performances, my wish would be to focus on the archival material that exists, even if they don't put in the effort to restore it properly. I'd love the 3SL full footage for example.

    That would be great! I wonder if that footage even exists though.

    I guess that music wise, I'm just born in the wrong decade ^^

    The 1992 and 2007 tour videos are my least favorite. Though I do like the fact that the 1992 concert footage was released in multi cam "format". Al other tours, especially Duke, I've watched many times over.

    And speaking of Nic, he indeed is a very well trained drummer. But I do sometimes miss the subtle accents that Phil put in during his playing. Although that is not to be expected when you only have a couple of years experience with the material vs. the man who developed it in the first place.

    However, despite having its strongest rhythm section since 1992, this band is a pale imitation of what once was, and we all know why that is. It's not a criticism, it's just fact. Father Time catches up with all of us in the end

    I agree, but I think there's also a historical aspect to the story. As rlj1010 stated, nowadays concert footage can be recorded fairly inexpensive and once the tour is over, it's done. You can't do it over again.
    So it might not be of great significance now, but it might (and probably will) be in the future.
    To proof my point: they did not value filming and/or releasing footage in the past and here we are (at least I am) now, looking for recordings of stuff they have done.

    For me personal it's not only for entertainment and sentimental purposes (although I'm too young to have experienced any of their shows), but also for learning.
    I started drumming because of Phil and some (technical) stuff you just can't do by listing. Like him, I also can't read/write sheet music. So the only option left is watching.

    TL;DR: record footage of the shows for archival purposes, and at a minimum release a "live CD" (not a studio compilation). An HD version of the 2007 tour is also welcome.

    I agree, still sounds good. It's just that my brain is automagically filling the silence.
    Much like a pop/click on a record. Once you get used to it, it's hard to unhear it.

    Might also be as simple as not having printed it on his lyric sheets (during the first shows), and memorizing it this way. Either way, interesting theories.

    Thanks for sharing Christian!

    I must say Phil's voice indeed really improved, especially compared to recordings of earlier legs. And he didn't forget any of the lyrics ^^
    Makes me even more excited for Amsterdam.

    Just curious - a small detail I noticed in most (if not all) videos, is that he doesn't sing "sleep" in "and the sleep, and the odds" at around 3:22 min. Just curious, anybody knows why?

    On March 15 the government will reassess the current regulations. Hopefully they will get rid of the 1G stuff.
    Although given the current situation (more and more positive tests), I kinda doubt it.

    Anyway, I never expected the day would come that I will see them in person after becoming a fan 14 years ago, and attend both dates (which coincidentally are also in the week of my birthday).
    So, PC for the first time in Nijmegen and now this... I think the circle is round ^^