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    Based on the PBS documentary, the Last Domino CD , and filling in some gaps this is what I reckon we will get:

    8:14 Dukes End/Turn It on Again

    6:56 Mama

    5:10 Land of Confusion

    6:57 No Son of Mine

    6:42 Duchess

    9:16 Home by the Sea (part one)/Fading Lights (song part only)

    3:20 /Cinema Show (Inst.)

    4:29 /Afterglow

    Acoustic set

    4:58 ..That's All

    3:02 ..The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (edited version as per WCD tour)

    1:47 ..Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (intro only as per Duke tour)

    5:44 ..Carpet Crawlers

    4:18 Follow You Follow Me

    4:39 Firth of Fifth (Inst.)

    6:44 I know What I Like

    6:53 Throwing It All Away

    5:31 Jesus He Knows Me

    11:33 Domino


    6:11 I Can't Dance

    3:49 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (short version)

    5:34 Invisible Touch

    - which is about 2 hrs long - no room for Abacab (hope I am wrong about that though)

    That looks pretty close to me. They might decide to drop In The Cage as in favour of some different older songs. My guess would be:

    ~Set 1~

    Turn it On Again

    No Son of Mine

    That's All

    Land of Confusion

    Home By The Sea (first part only?)

    Follow You Follow Me


    Throwing it all Away

    Jesus He Knows Me

    ~Set 2~

    Dance on a Volcano

    Lamb Lies Down on Broadway


    Man on the Corner


    I Can't Dance

    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    Invisible Touch



    I Know What I like