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    Not directly related but I saw them in Rotterdam around '83, I think it was the Invisible Touch tour. Near the end they were playing a medley of non-Genesis songs, when Phil suddenly stopped the whole show. He said "there are some f.... idiots fighting here", indicating near the front of the crowd, and with that they just walked off and that was it. He doesn't suffer fools gladly!

    I saw them twice in '82, in the Hammersmith Odeon and also at the 6 of the Best gig in Milton Keynes, on the same weekend. But my big story is (I'll try to keep it short): I got into the Hammersmith Odeon gig free! I had traveled over from Dublin with friends for the 6 of the Best gig, we tried get tickets for the Hammersmith gig but no luck.

    But on the evening of the Hammersmith gig I went along to the venue myself anyway, just in case... A guy just came up to me and invited me to go in with him! I was walking on air as we went in. He was Mike Gardner of the Record Mirror magazine, going to review the concert, and his girlfriend couldn't make it. He was asking me for info about the songs during the gig.

    I've googled around and it looks like Mike Gardner moved on to the BBC World Service. I can't find any way to contact him now - if anybody knows a way I'd love to get in touch and thank him again!

    And by the way, he gave them a great review!