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    J’ai une question: Quand Genesis jouait In Too Deep en direct sur la tournée de 1987, qui a joué de la guitare solo et qui a joué de la basse? Mike jouait de la guitare et Daryl jouait de la basse ou était-ce l’inverse? Je ne peux pas savoir, il n’y a pas de vidéo de In Too Deep


    I'm sorry if you misunderstood what I meant when I was talking about the songs that I would like to hear on the 2020 tour. Since I am Swiss and speak French, all the messages I send on this forum, I write them in French and translate them into English by google. So I'm probably making grammatical mistakes and overly literal translations that are confusing, excuse me.

    What I meant to say is that since Phil Collins is the lead singer the priority will definitely be on songs he used to sing, it would be amazing if he sang a lot of songs from the 'Gabriel era that he is not used to singing (if there are songs before 1976 it will be I think in the Cage, Carpet Crawlers, extracts from musical box or supper's ready).

    Then, I note that since 1983 genesis has taken the habit of singing at each concert all its most recent hits and keeping them each time for the next tour, and Land Of Confusion, Invisible Touch, Mama, Domino, Home By The Sea, Turn it On Again, We Can't Dance, No Son Of Mine and Throwing it All Away have become essentials of all concerts for almost 30 years (since their creation, these songs have appeared at each concert) , so I expect to hear them anyway in 2020, because these are the songs Phil is used to singing, which will make his job easier given his age and current health. that the public (except fans of the 70s only) appreciate and which have become almost cult, apparently according to Phil who seems very proud of these 80s titles.

    I expect some surprises, older songs they will rework, they will probably be titles from the albums A Trick Of The Tail, Wind And Wuthering and And Then There Were Three, I am delighted to see which ones.

    There are also moments expected from fans, who have become the hallmark of Phil era concerts, which we will certainly find at this all inclusive (Los Endos with the percussion duo, the medley In The Cage / Afterglow where Rutherford plays guitar with two necks, I Know What I Like with the performance of Phil on a tambourine, Turn It On Again as final with a medley (present in 1983, 1987, 1992, and probably this year (in 2007 it was the exception because Turn It On again was the title and common thread of the tour, in 2020 it is not the case).

    For me the setlist could be like this :

    Set 1


    Land Of Confusion

    That's All

    In The Cage/Cinema Show/ Slippermen/Reading the Screen/It/Afterglow

    Jesus He Knows Me

    Shipwrecked or Alien Afternoon or Calling All Stations

    Silver Rainbow

    In Too Deep

    Blood On The Rooftops

    I Know What I Like

    ~Set 2~

    No Son Of Mine

    Eleven Eart Of Mar

    Burning Rope

    Home By The Sea or Fading Lights

    Old Medley including Exerps from Musical Box, The Knife and Supper’s Ready

    Drum Duet/Los Endos


    Invisible Touch


    Throwing It All Away

    I Can’t Dance

    Turn It On Again/Dukes End/Ending

    Hello. I know that there is a full concert (or almost complete, more than 1 hour 30) filmed by Genesis of the 1978 ATTWT tour which is a pro-shot with a fairly clear image and a relatively good sound quality (it is a concert in Japan it seems to me, or maybe in the United Kingdom). I found it on youtube a few years ago but since I changed my computer I lost it completely and I couldn't find it anywhere (I should have saved it ha ha). Does anyone know if it is possible to get this pro-shot concert of 78 in decent image quality, or on the net in mp4 or rar, or on DVD?

    I created this topic to chat about your favorite Genesis albums.

    My personal favorite is Invisible Touch, an album with a very recognizable sound that combines the high tech sound of Steinberger guitars and electronic drums with the tradition of progressive rock. This album shows that in 1986 Genesis is still able to produce structured songs with complex progressions and arrangements (Domino, The Brazilian, Tonight tonight tonight are in my opinion rare nuggets of "80s prog-rock", a current of rock little recognized) while arriving at composing easy-to-remember melodies to which we immediately adhere (invisible touch is just great, the best pop-rock song of all time for me, Land Of Confusion melodically reminds me of the Gabriel period but also sounds very high tech with Rutherford's solo in the middle of the song, even better at Wembley 87. This album is one of those where Phil Collins' skills are most highlighted: He can go in the highs of a natural voice and to present an almost Gabrielian soft song (the magnificent In Too Deep) or sing with a hard pop voice, tailored for MTV (Land Of Confusion, Everything She Does).

    Tony Banks contributed enormously to this album which demonstrates well the faculties of this virtuoso to adopt new very modern keyboards for the time (I am not a specialist in synths but I am fascinated when I see at Wembley all these high keyboards technology that can invent the ambiance of a song on their own, in the first part of Domino Banks gives us the illusion of being in a spaceship or in an outer space like in James Bond Moonraker), while sometimes playing in a very classic way (In Too Deep's piano is 100% Banks of the 70s). As already said previously, Rutherford makes us discover on this discs new instruments such as the 6-string steinberger guitar equipped with vibrato, custom-made for Rutherford, with which he can play lots of different sounds thanks to a synthetic amplifier, at Wembley he plays all the new songs on this same guitar which emits multiple voices depending on the songs, moods, passages).

    Phil's talent for playing and mastering electronic drums is highlighted in The Brazilian, an instrumental with crazy originality whose energy and the combination of different instruments increase in intensity throughout the piece, this piece with 'fabric of a Los Endos or a Wot Gorilla with an appet of new technologies at the service of prog musical creation.

    In summary, in this album, I really appreciate the promotion of new instruments and sounds from the 1980s while keeping Genesis' own identity in terms of melodies and song. For me Invisible Touch is a real progressive rock album which expresses itself in the high tech language of guitars, keyboards and percussion of the 1980s, not a simple pop-rock album as some extreme Gabriel era fans say on youtube. which presents inventive, audacious, creative and high quality music. I can't say which is my favorite song from this album because I think everything is excellent on it, there is no filling, each song brings something: The tubes, the songs with flamboyant melodies to sing on stage with the group, listen with friends while singing with or to cover with our own group (Invisible Touch, Land Of Confusion, Everything She Does, Throwing It all Away), a romantic ballad à la Collins worthy of his solo albums, supplemented by a golden accompaniment by Genesis (In Too Deep) and 3 nuggets of "80's prog-rock highlighting all the artistic and creative capacities that we love in Genesis (Domino, Tonight Tonight Tonight, The Brazilian).

    Thank you for all your answers. Yes So for the Duke tour's photos it's the lady lies. Thank you very good for this information.

    All this begs the question of when your avatar photo was taken. I have seen it before but I can't place the period and I don't want to make a fool of myself by guessing

    For the photos from the abacab tour I think it's from I know what i like (Phil has the tambourine in his trousers so he uses it in that song) when the public booed his famous tambourine solo in the middle of the song with the "Hey, hey" from the public of the left, and the right etc. And Phil is shirtless when he flips the bird on the picture (he changes his clothing during the In The Cage/Afterglow Medley) so this picture could be from In The Cage 2nd part, Afterglow, Turn It On again or I Know What I like. I think I know what I Like because of the tambourine. Unfortunaltely Three sides live stops after Turn It On Again (quite sad !!) so we have no filmed performance of IKWIL from 1981 (If you know that a complete video of Abacab show exists tell me i would be so much happy !! :) )

    Last week I've listenend again all the LPs from ABACAB to Calling all stations. This week I'm watching all the pro shot shows from all the tours of this period.

    I've been very impressed by the Mama Tour who is for me a wonderful performance.

    Rutherford uses a lot of different guitars, i think that wondeful (2 fender jaguar (Abacab and Turn It On Again, a modified stratocaster with synth ampli (on many of the sow's songs), a simple steinberger bas, an unidentified guitar with a Les Paul look with a puissant enormous song (on Keep It Dark and It's gonna get guitar) and a very inventive steinberger double neck on the old medley, the guitar of the future with a lot of gadget and an inventive design (for me the best of all Rutherford twin necks guitars).

    Phil is at his best, his voice sounds perfectly right, and he modulates his singing mode based on songs.

    The staging is very inventive, with the radio-gag of Illegal alien, the communication with the other world of Home by the sea and the first appearance of the frenzied medley in the middle of Turn It On Again, this tour is the beginning of a new phase of the group, the more assertive modern phase, Genesis is now the group led by Collins, no longer a group in transition remembering the legacy of Gabriel, which is a highlight of this era 83-83 , the Collins group now has its own identity.

    I also reviewed the Wembley 87 the first Genesis DVD I had, which I also find excellent. Invisible Touch is my favorite Genesis album, and I was very happy to see that almost the entire album was performed on stage. I particularly appreciated the drum duo on the brazilian, the very dynamic version of Los Endos which combines the familiar sounds of the old genesis and the new instruments which bring a touch of modernity (Mike and Daryl's steinberger guitars, Phil's electronic drums and Banks' high-tech keyboards) which make us rediscover this masterpiece differently. Once again, Phil is at his best at this show, he looks very happy to sing at Wembley and the audience is very responsive and participative which encourages the group to give a boosted performance. The extended version of Domino is a nugget of prog that has nothing to envy to the standards of the 70s I think, Mike and Daryl are at the top of their game in this song. I have never seen the whole We can't dance concert yet, it is scheduled for the next few days and I can't wait to see how it will go!

    based on songs

    You had a great idea with The Lady Lies. It could probably be on this song.

    At the lyceum we see that Phil lives this song 100% when he sings it, he makes lots of faces, facial expressions and he seems very upset with the villain of the song at certain times. But no finger of honor, maybe he spontaneously made this gesture in some concerts but not in all, it would depend on the investment of the public in the show. (at the Lyceum the public is not very reactive and very receptive and passive haha). I watched the performance of the song at the Lyceum (official DVD released 2011) the lighting coincides with the photos, as well as the fact that Mike surprisingly plays the bass on that « new » song while he normally plays lead guitar in titles after 1976 . Yes I’ve seen the funny picture of the Naked Woman in Gallo’s book, that’s real Collinsian humour haha ! It was to introduce the Lady Lies (unfortunately no Naked Woman poster at the Lyceum, I wonder if they haven't filmed the show where Phil was the wisest unfortunately haha J ).

    I agree with you when you say that from the Mama Tour Phil seems more assertive and relaxed on stage because he had then constituted a great repertoire of standards appreciated by the public (Mama, That’s All, Abacab, Home By The See). I would have really liked them to sing Silver Rainbow in 84, in my opinion the best song on the album. I hope a DVD reissue of the legendary cassette of the show of 83 with the hilarious sequence of Illegal alien where it is really the great Phil Collins showman that I like most.

    It's interesting what you said about the 40 minutes Abacab set. But the pictures about what I was asking are from the Duke tour. I think it's during songs because Mike and co are playing, not waiting. The fact that Phil has the shirt open makes me think that it must be towards the end of the concert, after the In the Cage / Afterglow Medley. As Mike plays the double guitar and not a 6 strings strat makes me think of a song from before 1978.

    We can therefore deduce that these photos were taken either during the medley "Cage / Afterglow" (as I call myself), or Turn It On Again, or Dance on A Volcano or very probably I Know What I Like (a track where Phil always interacted a lot with the audience).

    here are the photos

    I hope this tour will take place and that i could see Genesis on stage in real ! I am delighted to see which titles will be sung. Maybe it will be like in 2007 a retrospective of their entire career. It would be nice if they replayed other titles from the Phil period that we haven't heard in a long time (Deep in the Motherlode, Keep it Dark, Illegal Alien, Afterglow, Dance On A Volcano, Misunderstanding). And It would be fun if they perform a few songs from Calling All Stations (Shipwrecked, Congo, Alien Afternoon). With Phil vocals, some of 1997 songs would easily become masterpieces !

    I saw in Armando Gallo's book on Genesis concerts several photos of the Duke tour where Phil Collins shows his finger of honor to the audience looking very angry. It surprised me a lot since Phil is generally nice and fun with the audience.

    Do you know what song it was and in what context? was it during the finale "I know what i like" if the audience booed Phil's tambourine solo?