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    Any chance of a little context for this list of songs? We don't know the current setlist so what is the first list you posted? If these are songs from the current tour, what is the significance of "drum machine tracks" on those songs? What is a "pre-record"? If they are studio songs where a drum machine is used, so what? If they are songs played live where a drum machine is used, so what? Does it mean the live drummer is not good or should be judged for having an additional instrument on the song or something??

    Totally lost.

    All I did was list the songs that have been performed (Production Rehearsal on Thursday and Production Rehearsal on Saturday) on the current tour that have a Drum machine track or a pre record. It was for informative purposes only given the comments above by Rael and Duke of Earl of Mar. Doesnt have anything to do with the quality of drummer - Nic is outstanding - I was just merely stating some facts about which songs had pre records or drum machine tracks.

    In terms of the difference between pre-records and drum machines - JHKM has a pre record, so does Land of Confusion (Sorry missed that off the list earlier). One is pre recorded instrumentation - synth bass line in LOC and the other is a drum machine pattern, think the other songs. Hope this helps.

    Drum Machine Tracks/Pre Records on Current Tour



    Home By The Sea

    Fading Lights


    Hold on My Heart

    No Son of Mine


    Throwing it All Away

    Tonight Tonight Tonight / Invisible Touch

    I Cant Dance

    On Previous PC Tour

    Another Day In paradise

    Throwing It All Away

    Who Said I would

    Only You Know and I Know

    In The Air Tonight

    Cant Turn Back The Years

    Invisible Touch


    Short version of TTT into Invisible Touch... Theres a screen grab of the setlist from PC's music stand floating around

    @ TGA - There are around 20 Full shows that were recorded professionally. There are 2 European shows to start with, Singapore was another and then the TV Broadcast ones from South Africa etc.... Sheffield Arena was recorded for potential VHS release by Watershed Pictures. One song from Sheffield was broadcast on a BBC Princes Trust show back in Dec 1994. Be interesting to see whether they ever see the light of day.


    I heard an interview with Daryl in which he talked about rehearsing That’s All for the tour. Hopefully they’ll do TLLDOB as well. That’s a pretty full list of songs. There are only a few more that I think are shoe-ins to be included in the set (Abacab; IT; and ICD) and a couple more that strike me as likely (Firth of Fifth; Los Endos). Would love to see/hear Squonk as well.

    Can you let us know where you saw the documentary? Which channel ?

    You heard it here first :)


    Land of Confusion


    Old Medley - Musical Box, Duke, FOF, Apocalypse, IKWIL, Afterglow



    Acoustic Set - Lovers Leap, FYFM, Ripples





    Los Endos

    TTT/Invisible Touch

    Carpet Crawlers

    Fading Lights - first 2 verses before the instrumental section - only 3 of them on stage

    TGA - do you know what Multi Track tapes exist? I am guessing that they have 3 nights of Hanover from '92, Earls Court as well? All the 2007 shows? Some of the Australian shows from '86 etc.

    Anyone have a definitive list ?

    Hi All,

    For a project I am involved in I am looking for a complete list of songs performed on the WCD tour. As far as I know -

    Land of Confusion

    No Son of Mine

    Driving The last Spike (2 versions - early tour then later tour with key dropped)

    Old Medley (No real variations - maybe your own special way snippet some nights but not others)

    Throwing It All Away

    Dreaming While You Sleep

    Fading Lights

    Jesus He Knows Me

    Home By The Sea

    Carpet Crawlers


    Hold on my Heart


    Drum Duet

    I Cant Dance

    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    Invisible Touch

    Turn It on Again

    Songs Rehearsed that weren't performed (Available Online)

    Living Forever

    Way of the World

    Is there anything I have missed?


    Tell Me Why was Phil's lyric. Hold On My Heart was Phil's lyric. Way Of The World was Mike's lyric.

    Can you reference me these? According to Interviews - HOMH is a TB lyric and Way of the world was PC's response to MR's Tell Me Why.

    Looking to try and clarify lyric writers on WCD for a project:

    NSOM - PC

    JHKM - PC

    DTLS - PC

    ICD - PC

    NAT - MR

    Dreaming - MR

    Tell Me Why - MR

    Living Forever - TB

    HOMH - TB

    Way of the world - PC

    Since I lost you - PC

    Fading Lights - TB

    Shoreline - TB

    Hearts on Fire ??

    Anyone throw any further light on this ?