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    Ah a Margate man... I like it a lot and must get back there sometime, haven't been for years. I love the harbour arm but sad that BeBeached has long gone. Last time I was there I also had a lovely meal at the Ambrette, I hope that's still there.

    I love the Shell Grotto, incredible place especially given no-one knows who made it or why!

    You are welcome back any time!...unfortunately the ambrette has now closed (moved to Canterbury)..but is now a decent pub, so not all bad..

    Was this the bit that's amid all the fairground stuff?

    15 years ago I went to a Radiohead gig in a similar place in Prague. In the middle of various rides and next door to the Sea World aquatic arena, there was Radiohead.

    yes it is..classic old uk amusement park..was bought by Livenation, so business model is indoor and outdoor up for me Richard ashcroft followed by Manics/suede double bit for me a 10 walk home! 😉

    4 tracks from NGD. Love Song and a blend of Pleasantly disturbed from earlier..As mentioned, was slightly more than was i took it as bonus.

    Belfast Child was pretty stunning as the sun was setting on the horizon..

    Simple Minds open air in Margate...probably last saw them in the 80s!..was half expecting a easy run out of their better know tunes to keep the masses happy...

    Actually some deep cuts from first couple of albums mixed in with the hits...New Gold Dream one of my favourite albums from that era., so was great to hear..probably one of the best shows seen in a long time, with the band on top form.

    I’m going to be on Putney for that as well. If you want to say hello to a fellow Genesis fan let me know!! Flaunt the Imperfection is one of the great 80s synth pop albums.

    Of course..will be one of the 2 middle age greying men at the bar.. so that should narrow it down!...agree with Flaunt the Imperfection, very melodic. Although some of my favs are off the debut album, but don't think they are playing many of these this tour. But still be a fun night out

    No, you're right about the drama series. Until now I assumed I was the only one here who remembered it. As I recall, it was about an agency that helped to rehabilitate just-released convicts. I think it featured Gwyneth Strong, who played Cassandra in Only Fools & Horses.

    I just looked it up, yes it featured her but the IMDB description says it was two female ex-convicts who set up an employment agency. But I'm still fairly sure they helped other ex-cons. I recall liking the show, but it only lasted one season.

    I can vaguely picture the opening sequence: an animation of a figure boxed in between walls, while the song's chorus played then faded.

    Good update...i can only remember the theme tune, funny enough !...i remember playing the track one day at college and a girl came in and said 'i like this show ' which i gave a bemused smile as up until then i hadn't heard of the programme. Let alone Phil already cashing in! 🤣

    thought i would listen to the album yesterday on the back of this thread..been a few years since gave it a spin. Definitely a 80s sounding album..IO stands out for me on the album and has been a favourite for me. The live version even stronger which he seemed to enjoy performing.

    I also seem to remember an old BBc drama from the 80s with the same name, using this as a theme tune..but that might be a addled student memory!

    still remember buying the album on day of release and listening to several times in a row...Title track and album still remains a favourite of mine . Yes the live version even better with Mike rocking out. Great tour of 82, with tracks from the album...shame none played on recent tours

    many moons ago lived near the Tortworth roundabout..and often had a light ale in the Toby...didn't know its musical history back then as was the late 80s and pre Internet....everyday is a learning day!

    Do you have any of those artists whose work you always like when you hear it, yet you never investigate them any further let alone buy any of their stuff? For me, Ride are an example of that. Today I heard Peace Sign on the radio, I think it's a new one. And as usual I thought, oh I like this, who is it? Ahhhhh, Ride, of course... Leading no doubt to my not doing anything about it until I hear another one I like and think the exact same thing.

    Always been a big fan of Ride, from their early shoegazing stuff to new releases. Good live act as well...Twisterella still a great song which takes me back to some late indie nights in London

    Indeed sad to hear of Walinger passing...saw him play live with Waterboys and his own World Party. Very talented songwriter with a social conscience...

    Guy Garvey as ever reliable for a Genesis airing. On his Christmas show on BBC 6Music today he played songs with a seasonal/wintry feel, one of them being Snowbound which he announced as a family favourite and indeed dedicated to his family.

    I've never much liked it and always felt it was too firmly in the twee/soppy category, the end of the Genesis spectrum I like least. As such I haven't listened to it for about 40 years. But I quite enjoyed hearing it today, mainly for the music and vocal - very much not the words.

    A mere 45 years on I'm starting to fully appreciate how well PC's voice was developing at that time.

    Agreed..imho phil,s best vocals around this time...its yourself and don't make waves are 2 fine examples..