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    was just listening to ACF this afternoon..a great album whilst sitting in the sun!

    I really like Kim Beacon's vocal and was thinking how he could have probably made a good fill in vocalist for PC. I can see Kim style suiting Genesis post gabriel..maybe thats why he was chosen to sing?

    Haha, yes it feels good actually! I didn't know Genesis stuff all that well on that day. I went in a casual fan and came out a Genesis nut.

    That evening was a life changing event for me, so having some of it on 3SL is amazing.

    I wonder if anyone on the board is on Seconds Out? :)

    Not on the Second out , but am on the WCD video from Earls Court...although only noticed this about 2 years ago! 😄

    Interesting - two Rush tracks in this list! It surprises me they were that popular. Curious how this would look today ...

    1981, and after the release of Moving Pictures, Rush were on a roll!...Farewell to Kings and 2112, often appear in top prog album listings...both cracking albums!

    Was chatting with a buddy about the late great Tommy Vance and his BBC Rock Show. He had an annual listeners top 10, which i had on tape and played until literally expired!

    Managed to locate the details i had as below. Some classics on here...remember this was early 1981..SR in an no 2 pop pickers 😊

    The third top 10, was broadcast on 13 November 1981.

    • 10. (5) "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" - Pink Floyd - from copy of quadrophonic master mixed to stereo
    • 9. (8) "Smoke on the Water" - Deep Purple - from Machine Head
    • 8 (10) "Awaken" - Yes - from Going For the One
    • 7. (4) "Child in Time" - Deep Purple - from Deep Purple in Rock
    • 6. (9) "2112" - Rush - from 2112
    • 5. (7) "Xanadu" - Rush - from Farewell to Kings
    • 4. (6) "Stargazer" - Rainbow - from Rainbow Rising.
    • 3. (3) "Freebird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd - from Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd
    • 2. (2) "Supper's Ready" - Genesis - from Foxtrot
    • 1. (1) "Stairway to Heaven" - Led Zeppelin from Led Zeppelin

    indeed, it was a voice killer during that tour, they alsp changed keys on some further tracks to make it work for Phil

    Mama then came back in 1998 with Ray and also with Phil in 2007, and that was a nice performance, though obviously less aggressive than in 1987 for example.

    Funny, i could have sworn they did Mama at Earls Court in 1992. Just had to check, but indeed they didn't....maybe the few drinks before the show playing tricks with my memory!

    there are some boots from the Marquee gig, available on YT (orlando usually a good source) can some rather vocal crowd members deriding any numbers from Duke and Abacab, which is quite amusing...although probably not for Phil at the time 😊

    was at the Hammersmith show in 82, so would have to agree!...was pleasantly suprised when announcing SR, as a 10 year anniversary. Didn't think at the time, that would be last full outing

    Was a great show with the band at full energy. Not forgetting Phil wearing mask and snorkel for Whodunnit 😂

    sure most will have a different view. In theory for record sales and live shows..around 1986 would be the obvious choice

    Personally, early 1980s were great, as they were playing with a bit more swagger and confidence, having had success in US.

    Or knowing how diverse they are with setlists 😊, i expect them to do a set with plenty of non album tracks just to mix things up a bit...

    Open with..



    Match of the Day

    On the shoreline

    Open Door

    Inside and Out

    You might recall

    Twilight alehouse


    Happy the man

    Evidence of autumn


    Hearts on Fire

    Its yourself leading into los endos

    Fortunately no plans for Virgil yet!

    Used to be a big fan of xtc in the early 80'.. always seemed to bring something different to the table. Not listened to them for a while but after reading the comments, thought i must listen again . Reminded me if how good they were and indeed a great listen/reminder.

    Have heard Partridge a few times on 6 radio, and seems to do a fair bit of songwriting for others 👍

    some good points raised, i asked the question about how many people who bought IT as a 1st album would be at the shows

    I was thinking about those jumping on the back of PC solo success, and i still reckon some people came to shows expecting to hear ITAT

    Tbh, i hadn't given thought to a younger generation picking up on genesis music for the 1st time and great to hear that then revisit back catalogue

    I first heard ATOTT and then went back in time

    Has also made me think that if they didn't play the big 80's hits, then would they sell out 3 nights at the O2?...possibly not