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    I always wonder how many of the fans who bought albums like IT and WCD and were new to Genesis, are still die hard fans or was just a passing music phase in the 80's?

    The setlists seem to be made up of numerous songs from this period, but would the majority of people buying tickets for 2021 prefer a more varied setlist?

    Personally I could easily give WCD, HOMH and LOC a miss for something else

    as genesis fans, i thought it would have been difficult to avoid listening to music from Marillion due to the various comparisons. Saw Marillion numerous times in early 80's and some great Marquee shows.

    Should try the Clutching at Straws album, which imho is one of their best

    yes seen lloyd a couple of times in recent years. Wasn't sure how it would work playing the songs on his own with no band, but a very entertaining evening

    ordinary bloke...some good memories there . I was into similar acts at the time. Love and Money album often forgotten about, but played it to death at the time!...the Blue Nile, i could spend hours on the greatness of the 1st two albums. Hats is a classic

    No mention of Lloyd Cole and his commotions?..Rattlesnakes another great album that still gets a lot of airplay here 😄

    HOL is possibly in my top 3 albums. Love side 2 which i find is achingly beautiful. It has all been said about her creativity and musical writing. ..

    Regarding RS...i recently saw they had marvin gaye as best album of all time...'whats going on 'is a good one, but best ever? 🤔

    Very interesting thought on Los endos - that would be a powerful way to finish.

    For me it would be a great finish as los endos, for me, is one of their most powerful live tracks with lights etc .However, if Phil can't drum, then he would be a bit of a spare part, so can't see this happening, but hope i am proved wrong!

    thank goodness for that! I have no question over his huge influence on music, just his vocal has never got me enthralled although needless to say some tracks are classics.

    Some journalists start salivating at his mention, so maybe i just missed something along the way

    maybe a nod to white mountain or another track from trespass in a medley...but can't see much beyond that. Think Phil and Tony are pretty stubborn on what will and won't play, and probably some comprises along the way

    interesting pov...i don't think anyone would judge you on how many times have seen an artist , as could be lots of reasons for this, although i know some die hards see it as a badge of honour

    As for the i said earlier,.music is a personal choice and you do whatever you feel comfortable with