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    The of my favs bands from the 80's...saw them several times and were a great live act in the mid 80's. First 4 albums are great and This is the Sea, is a classic

    Two tracks really stood out for me, the magical rearrangement of Duchess and the most powerful Second Home by the Sea the band has ever played.

    My thoughts indeed...second hbts was probably the biggest suprise for me. Never been one of my favourites, but thought that they really gave it everything..with Nick leading the charge...a great moment.

    as for Duchess, has been in my top 3 for a long time, so was a real emotional highlight

    Rush and Genesis are probably the 2 constant bands for me through the last 40 years plus....IMO, they have produced several classic albums, Moving Pictures at the top of these list, but several others close behind....a band that stayed true to their own path

    with the sad death of Taylor Hawkins, have seen several references to Rush appear and especially Mr Peart. if you havent seen it , check out the Foo's inducting Rush into the R and R Hall of fame, along with their amusing cover of 2112!

    early morning after the night before......some thoughts on last night show, which will echo some stuff already said..

    Firstly, wow what a great show,...rumours of Phil's demise have been overplayed. thought his voice was very strong all compared, and seemed to be having a great time. very strong for some tough numbers like Mama, and thought he took No Son, to a higher level at the end....great emotion

    Many highlights...Duchess was always going to be a great moment for me, and IKWIL was a great crowd effort, also HBTS part two, was exceptional

    amusing when Phil pretended to play harmonica....think he lost his way in WCD, but got a smile from Mike. also noticed a small screen erected at at the back of the stage for Phil to stand behind whilst waiting for encore...guessing easier than getting on and off stage

    Went with my partner who really only knows the radio songs and though she might struggle with some of the other the end she said she loved the long instrumental one's.....go figure!

    so this may be the end of the iine, but have to say Phil. Mike and Nick seemed to be having a great never so never. It could have been my imagination, but maybe even a slight show of emotion from Tony during the band introductions, having said that I don't think he smiled all night....that man is made of stone!

    it may be time playing tricks with the memory, but as others have said, possibly a better show than TIOA...probably due to being indoors rather than a stadium, but band also seemed tighter and Nick drives them on

    was on the floor seats and crowd stood the whole show, and no-one in my row went for a drink or toilet break....fantastic!. 2 rows in front was almost empty...maybe a group booking gone wrong, but a least this gave me a better view!

    all in all a great night, and for me a great way to end a lifetime trip. for those going tonight have a great time and make the most of the evening

    had the same thought..going tonight and have thought about tomorrow, but think i am going to stay sober tonight and make the most of it and enjoy as a one off...also won't be comparing performance etc between nights

    Taking my partner who has never seen them live before...think she may be even more excited than me and hopefully she will get to feel the brilliance of these guys!

    Usually tickets appear overnight, but very frustrating and gets you anxious..had the same for other shows. Frustrating considering AXS tickets have been on the app since day 1...something to bear in mind for future shows!

    i do remember for the TIOA show, the paper tickets turned up with 2 days to go...nothing like leaving it late

    Hope TM get things sorted