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    Hm also interesting in that article Mike (or maybe Tony, couldn't really tell from the writing who was talking) that the concert film from the 76 tour was "bad, terrible." Sounds like we could've got more films from some of the later tours if they didn't feel that way.

    Now that we know the setlist, here's my fanmade one that takes into account what the band actually settled on.

    1. Dance On A Volcano [Song section]
    2. Behind The Lines
    3. Duchess
    4. Land Of Confusion
    5. The Carpet Crawlers
    6. Abacab
    7. Medley:
      • Fading Lights
      • Apocalypse in 9/8
      • Afterglow
    8. No Son Of Mine
    9. Home By The Sea
    10. Second Home By The Sea
    11. Acoustic Set:
      • Supper's Ready [Lover's Leap]
      • That's All
      • Follow You Follow Me
    12. Mama
    13. Firth Of Fifth [Instrumental]
    14. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
    15. Domino
    16. Invisible Touch
    17. Turn It On Again
    18. Encore:
    • The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
    • The Musical Box [Closing Section]

    It was a tossup for me between opening with Dance On A Volcano or Squonk. Went for the former but both are 10/10 openings. The lack of Los Endos (for good reason) certainly should've opened up a spot for these two in the setlist.

    The Cinema Show is cool, but it would've been cool to change it up a bit like they did in 07 with Duke's Travels or 86 with In That Quiet Earth. Again, I would be just has happy to have In That Quiet Earth/Afterglow, but on balance, Apocalypse in 9/8 is probably the one Banks keyboard solo that has been absent the most from those keyboard solo medleys (We've had lots of In The Cage/Cinema Show/Quiet Earth/Slipperman, even Riding the Scree). To me Apocalypse would be the coolest inclusion. And as cool as it would be to end with As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs, that's probably just impossible considering Phil's condition. So transitioning from the keyboard solo to Afterglow would solve that issue. Plus, I'm sure we all agree more Nursery Cryme & Foxtrot is cool, as the setlist is packed with Selling England and Lamb stuff. Seriously they've got 4 songs (admittedly in bits) from Selling England, they're barely even doing more from Invisible Touch (5).

    And yes, I have managed to put Supper's Ready into both medleys, but for the reasons above I consider those to be the best two options. Phil could easily sing Lover's Leap, and it would be a good nod to the fans. We didn't really need an acoustic Lamb. That song needs to go hard.

    For the encore, as much as I would prefer The Lamb/Watcher of the Skies medley, I thought it wouldn't be great for the show to end with a long instrument while Phil just sits there, so I had to go with Musical Box which has lyrics right up to the end.

    I get that things like "sheets of double glazing" in Domino are hard to sing with conviction and emotion. And "bread bin" is such a mundane object that it too might be tricky....but "undinal"? It fits the melody and timing perfectly and is the perfect word in context of "the siren's call". I'm sure I've heard that Phil won't sing it because be things "undinal" is a word that Tony made up.

    Uhhh, this is the same guy who's hit song was Sussudio, yes?

    I think what you've said about SR is debatable, possibly a discussion for the Foxtrot thread, but re the appropriateness of that line you've made me think of what would be a fantasy opening. They start gently with Lover's Leap, get to that line, then "... hasn't it" - then BANG! - straight into something loud and uptempo.

    True, but isn’t the line “It’s good to feel you again”? Might be a little bit weird hahaha

    I think you're missing the point somewhat. Genesis have simply never been the kind of band who change their setlists like some other bands mentioned here do. They tend to adhere to the belief that everyone who comes to see them should have the same experience; of course there will be fans who go to more than one show but this isn't a show which is going to cater to the whims of a minority.

    The comment "not everyone wants to hear it" highlights the problem that any artist faces when they go out on tour, which is that they're never going to please everyone.

    And I'm afraid you're quite wrong in that attitude that not every song should be sacrosanct. There are certain songs that an audience expects to hear, that the artist feels duty bound to perform even though they might hate performing the tune. Imagine if Phil went on the road and didn't sing In The Air Tonight, for instance, or Sussudio. He'd be lynched!

    True, but they will need to sacrifice some of those sacrosanct songs in order to make room for a few more interesting or surprising choices to make this tour more satisfying and unique. And with regard to the sanctity of Genesis songs, I guess they are kind of in a weird position given that there were 6 albums released during the 6-7 years Peter was in the band, but only 8 Phil albums despite his time as the lead singer far exceeding Peter's, which was 15 or so years. So obviously the band probably see their later material as being their main or most current sound, it doesn't necessarily mirror their recorded output. I kind of phrased that not very well but maybe it makes sense.

    Apart from being improbably long especially if you mean the whole of SR that's not bad and strikes the sort of fantasy/realistic balance you aimed for.

    Is it improbably long though? I wouldn't be much longer than their 2007 shows, by my calculation it would only take a bit over 2 and a half hours, so you might have to trim some songs out but I don't reckon many. I guess you also have to take into account the fact that they are all 13 years older! And yes, I left of a few which I'm sure they will play, for example "I Can't Dance" given that Mike heaps and lavishes an outpouring of praise upon that damned song every chance he gets! I actually really like my idea of them doing Fountain of Salmacis - it's their second best song, the vocals are manageable and it would be a great surprise for their fans.

    You can actually get a very decent and satisfying setlist by having at least one song from every album with Phil that should appeal to every fan. I hope they give up a little bit of the reliance on SEBTP in their old songs. Do we really need to hear I Know What I Like AND Firth of Fifth AND The Cinema Show like they did in 2007? I'd rather hear The Musical Box or some stuff from The Lamb (except In the Cage). Speaking of 2007, I guess there were really only a couple of surprises. The Behind the Lines / Duke's End medley, and Ripples to me. What surprise songs do we reckon are even in contention?

    I doubt they will do anything from Trespass, from NC The Musical Box or Fountain of Salmacis (wishful thinking but I reckon the latter song could go quite nicely, and really doesn't have many vocal difficulties), the whole or part of Supper's Ready or Watcher of the Skies...

    The only stuff that I reckon is in contention from The Lamb is the title track, Carpet Crawl and In the Cage. It would be cool to have the link of Squonk, Dance on a Volcano and Los Endos (but again maybe this is just wishful thinking). From Wind I have seen people bring up Blood on the Rooftops and from Three Many Too Many as songs that were considered for 2007. From Duke maybe Behind the Lines and Duchess, doubt they will do Duke's Travels again. From Abacab I can't really see anything other than the title track, from the s/t the usual suspects. And if they play any track from IT except Anything She Does or the Brazilian (which is doubtful) it would hardly be a surprise. From WCD I only see them playing the hits like No Son of Mine or I Can't Dance.

    This would be my dream setlist while trying to retain an aspect of realism:

    1. Behind the Lines

    2. Duchess

    3. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway / The Musical Box [Closing]

    4. Abacab

    5. Land of Confusion

    6. Squonk

    7. The Carpet Crawlers

    8. No Son of Mine

    9. Follow You Follow Me

    10. Domino

    11. Ripples, Blood on the Rooftops or Many Too Many

    12. Supper's Ready

    13. Afterglow

    14. Invisible Touch

    15. Dance on a Volcano

    16. Los Endos

    17. Turn it on Again

    18. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

    One other thing, is there any news about Phil possibly being able to play some drums? I know he will probably have more time to practice. But if not, do you guys reckon they will cut long instrumental sections to save him the trouble of sitting around?

    I don't know if anyone else saw but someone posted a "leaked rehearsal setlist" on the Facebook site he started called "The Last Domino Tour?". He had stated that Alan Hewitt leaked this somehow. I don't want to list it here due to the spoilers. I have to think that it's legit since Mark has always been good with getting information out.


    Can you post it using the spoiler function? I can't find that facebook page, maybe even a link to which page it's on.

    Phil hated On The Shoreline? And yet he seems so enthused by it on the video for the extras on the box set.

    Oh ok, I must have got that wrong. One one of the documentaries on YouTube like First Night or something I swear there was some reference to Phil hating one of Tony's songs and Tony hating one of Phil's songs for the WCD sessions. I just assumed they were talking about Shoreline and Hearts on Fire.

    Hearts of Fire may have been Phil's. I say that because I'm pretty sure Phil wanted it on the album and Tony hated it, and likewise, Tony wanted Shoreline on the album but Phil hated it. We did a few posts on the old forum trying to figure out the lyrics writers for each song from Trespass to Calling All Stations, that was fun.

    I can't recall if it was Tony or Phil who made that remark, but I always thought it was a bizarre excuse for not playing more individual tracks from The Lamb - as if the audience at a rock concert would care about proper lyrical context.

    I would assume both have said it...multiple times :)

    I'm sure I've read Banks saying it. I think he said he'd had loved them to continue doing The Lamia (as would I!) but - insert "wouldn't work out of context" comment. I agree, I find that baffling. Plus, so why did they ever do anything from The Lamb ever again?

    Yes, is that in the 2007 interviews? He says something really funny, along the lines of "The Lamia could have been a really nice song, instead you have something about snakes." I guess Tony's resentment at Peter writing all the lyrics, and maybe the bad memories associated with that time of the band - along with the out of context stuff - precluded the band from doing many of the songs. From memory, Mike said in his book something like played The Lamb in full forced them to play a lot of songs that weren't great and didn't really work live, I think he even name drops Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist.

    So what songs do you guys reckon they could have carried on playing? I would say Counting out Time, The Chamber of 32 Doors (I think these - words and music, except the 32 doors intro - were written by Peter alone so maybe that explains it) and The Lamia would have all sounded good on later tours.