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    Not meaning to change the subject but I just realized that you’re on record as an audience member for some of the performances on 3 Sides Live! How must that have felt?

    Haha, yes it feels good actually! I didn't know Genesis stuff all that well on that day. I went in a casual fan and came out a Genesis nut.

    That evening was a life changing event for me, so having some of it on 3SL is amazing.

    I wonder if anyone on the board is on Seconds Out? :)

    Wow. Classics one and all I'd say.

    A decent showing from Rush on there! I'm not sure what my top 10 would have been then. But on 13/11/81 I was about 5 weeks away from seeing Genesis for the first time, (NEC 23/12/81) and my listening habits were never the same afterwards!

    Now we're talking. Finally some love for a shockingly overlooked album, definitely one of my favourite PG albums.

    I vaguely remember being somewhat bemused by it when I first starting listening to it (83ish probably). It doesn't seem to fit anywhere, and is LIGHT YEARS from the album that came after.

    Practically a whole album of quirky, somewhat noncommercial songs, with sometimes bizarre lyrics.

    I went for OTA, DIY and White Shadow, but to be honest, it could have been any of them.

    I play this album much more than 4, So and UP.

    Now this was tough. To the point where I voted and instantly regretted not voting for No Self Control!

    In album order,


    Family Snapshot


    Intruder because it is PG at his creepy, unconventional best, whilst sounding magnificent. Holy cow, those drums.

    Family Snapshot - great narrative (we can still argue about what it means), different sections, wonderful ending. Perhaps a bit of a forgotten gem

    Biko - because you have to. I know it has been heard and played a million times at this point but I can still remember the first time I ever heard it. It would be a shame to let the over familiarity obscure the fact that it is magnificent, daring, fairly groundbreaking at the time, important, anthemic. You name it.

    I’m right there with you. Can’t get into Say It’s Alright Joe. If I’m listening to the album all the way through I won’t skip it, but it does nothing for me.

    I can see why people aren't that fond of it, but it has grown on me significantly over the years. To the point it's quite possibly my 3rd favourite on the album after Burning Rope and DITM.

    Not sure I can say why exactly. I think it has a nice melody, and I love the section at the end of the verses "Ooh, Build myself a tower" etc. And I think the faster sections are excellent.

    I think it's quite a soulful song (for Genesis!). Though I can absolutely see why it wasn't a great choice for playing live.

    No doubt! I’m going to say something that might be a bit contentious among the fan base—-but CAS has on it probably one of the top ten Genesis songs ever, The Dividing Line. It’s almost impossible to pick a uniform top ten list of songs by the band, (their cup runneth over) but arguably you WOULD have to consider The Dividing Line on there.

    Funnily enough, I'd agree. But it's a different song!

    In my case, it's One Man's Fool.

    Let's face it, most bands favour their recent material live, especially when there's an album to promote. We've all seen it, and it's part of the way it works usually.

    However, in this case the "newest" Phil material is nearly 30 YEARS OLD itself.

    There is no new material. There's old stuff, very old stuff, and ancient stuff.

    On the whole they seem to shy away from playing anything that some of the crowd won't know. They probably thought playing Ripples last time was "brave" for that reason.

    This is the first PG album I bought as a PG fan - I hadn't discovered him when PG3 came out.

    It was an exciting time. This album, the tour, the South Bank Show special, and also the Milton Keynes reunion, which I've already droned on about in other threads.

    I played this album a lot at the time. It seemed very forward thinking, very creative. I don't think it has aged well. It's got that early 80s digital sound which I'm not a fan of. For me, the fact is I just don't listen to it very often.

    I still love Rhythm, San Jacinto and Wallflower. And to be honest I can live without the rest of it.

    PG2 never seems to get much attention, but I think that album has remained interesting in a way this one hasn't. This one is comfortably my least favourite PG solo album.

    The That's All-Stars?

    I can see them going very Route 1 for an opener - Land of Confusion or Abacab.

    The 2007 show was slightly more varied than I expected - BTL, Ripples.

    I can see this one being less varied, and being all about the obvious choices. I really hope I'm wrong.

    But Secret world even beame a bigger monster live. Very powerful!

    Yes, even better live.

    I was slightly disappointed when this album came out initially. Still enjoyed it, but a bit disappointed.

    Around 2000 I was going through a tough time and this album was my constant companion and helped me through (along with the live album of the tour).

    It's still my favourite of PG's albums, because it touches me in a way none of the other albums do. I think he must have been in a very deep/spiritual place at the time he made this album.

    Blood of Eden

    Washing of the Water

    Secret World

    Tough one. Im surprised In Your Eyes isn't at the top, as it's comfortably top in my opinion. Although I prefer to see it at the beginning of Side 2, not at the end!

    I'm a big PG solo fan ( I saw this tour) and a HUGE Kate Bush fan, but to be honest, Don't Give Up has always left me a bit cold. I think it's the chorus.

    Along with IYE I went with Sledgehammer and That Voice Again