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    Massive XTC fan here. Would be very glad to get some XTC and Partridge related waffle going in this thread.

    But I'm away for the next week, so I can't get it going just yet.

    If anyone's interested we could do an album by album discussion. Not necessarily in the chronological order.

    When the tour gets on its way, this or a new thread that does have the set list will have *SPOILER ALERT*?

    I really like to be surprised. I know that is hard in this day and age, but I was able to hold back most of the set list in 2007 and was surprised with a few songs.

    Me too. I hate setlist spoilers, so if/when the UK shows actually happen, I'll be staying away from here for a bit.

    I still remember my surprise and delight in 2007 when they launched in Behind the Lines in Manchester.

    And when they played Ripples, by brain pretty much melted.

    I know I've definitely read (or heard on Tabletop Genesis) what the cover is supposed to mean.

    But it's gone from my memory and even looking at the cover again doesn't help jog my memory. THAT'S how unclear the cover is!

    Having said that, I still think it's a really good cover. And nicely fits the wintry vibe of the album.

    I think Turn It On Again, while it may be a predictable choice, would really get the audience going & say ' Genesis are back'!

    I like that idea.

    I saw Tears for Fears 2 years ago. They opened with Everybody Wants to Rule the World, which i thought was a pretty gutsy move. But also very confident.

    TIOA would be a great opener

    Tough one for me this one. As a PG nut from about about 82 onwards, this is the first album of his that disappointed me on some level.

    I don't think it's a bad album by any means, how could it be. But I don't play it much, and that tells me something.


    My Head

    Barry Williams

    Started with the Invisible touch tour and have seen them on every tour since then. Wish I could have been at a Mama tour gig or 76/77 show.

    Earlier shows would also be something, but thanks to The Musical Box I kind of had the experience how that might have been. :love:

    Quite. They are a gift to the world IMO!

    I think the relatively recent Selling England show was amazing, though the extravaganzas were great too. Where else are you going to see Seven Stones!

    I'm really hoping those Lamb shows don't get cancelled, as I've got tickets for 2 shows.

    I'm surprised to see the Lamb lagging behind. I'm biased because it's my favourite album, but I think the art/packaging is next level.

    I love Wind and Wuthering. I don't know whether it's a coincidence, but the artwork matches the contents perfectly IMO. (As does ATTWT but i didnt choose that one). W&W =autumn and ATTWT = winter, in my head!

    The cover to Seconds Out is the main reason I lusted after a Les Paul as a youth, especially one with the pickguard still on (guitarists will understand!)

    The Tabletop Genesis podcast helped keep me sane last year through lockdown. Many long walks in the evenings were accompanied by the podcast.

    The presenters are likeable, entertaining and knowledgeable, IMO. Also, I like podcasts where there are several people having a discussion, rather than one or two people having to keep it going.

    At this point, the TG team have covered pretty much all of the main Genesis releases and a good few solo albums too

    as genesis fans, i thought it would have been difficult to avoid listening to music from Marillion due to the various comparisons. Saw Marillion numerous times in early 80's and some great Marquee shows.

    Should try the Clutching at Straws album, which imho is one of their best

    Yes, my personal favourite Marillion album.

    I saw them touring Script for a Jester's Tear in Liverpool. Some amusing wag called out for Supper's Ready, to which Fish replied with some well chosen, er, words, which were not ambiguous.

    I listened to this yesterday. I've been listening to the whole of the Rockonteurs podcast and it's been pretty excellent stuff. The Nile Rodgers episode in particular was fantastic.

    I really enjoyed the episode with Mike. He sounds in very good form, and more open than I expected for some reason. Some conciliatory noises towards Steve I thought too.

    The usual self deprecating stuff from Mike, and I would thoroughly recommend everyone has a listen.

    I have been absolutely knocked out by this video.

    The quality is astounding given the source. It really helps to bring alive what it would have been like to see and hear the band at this stage in their career.

    Anyone on here who hasn't seen it needs to now!