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    It strikes me that this whole “Punk vs Prog” thing is mainly a British (perhaps more broadly European?) phenomenon. I graduated from high school in the US in 1979 and can say that right up until the end of the 70s at my school there were at least a decent amount of prog fans. I remember quite clearly receiving ATTWT for my birthday and some of my classmates bemoaning the fact that they thought Genesis was beginning to move away from their classic prog period.

    RIP indeed. I wish I could figure out how to create a new thread on this board using my iPhone. I tried to do so last night about Crosby as soon as I heard the news. I loved the man’s voice. He and Phil sounded sublime on Another Day in ParadiS.

    Just a couple of quick additional comments about last night’s show (which was superb!). The band played the US setlist, which featured DWTMK played into Squonk (instead of played into Carpet Crawlers). One other surprise was the first encore they played last night was Back in NYC. I know that song was played at a few Duke Tour shows back in 1980, including Philly. But I have to say the large majority of people around me seemed not to recognize Back in NYC and just sat there staring. However IKWIL got everyone up and rocking again. Lots of dancing along the walls and in the aisles at various points last night :D

    It was worth the drive, wasn’t it? 😎

    As usual, the show was outstanding AND, despite the show being on a very cold Saturday night in the middle of January, it was completely sold out! The Philadelphia area loves Genesis any time of the year.

    The setlist was the customary “Duke” tour setlist, and there was an extra surprise! The actual guitar and bass that Daryl Stuermer used on the “Duke” tour are now in possession of the band, and the guitarist and bassist used each for much of the show! These can also be seen being played during parts of the TSL video/DVD. It made the “Duke” songs extra special.

    I’m sure they will squeeze in an extra Scottish Rite show during the summer - they usually do. If so, I’ll be there again! 🤘

    Yes, it was definitely worth the trek! I think that was the best I’ve ever heard the band sound. I missed them not playing “Say It’s Already Joe” (I’m not sure why they left it off the set list), but thoroughly enjoyed the show nonetheless. Next up: The Musical Box doing The Lamb tour in May :)

    Bit the bullet and bought tickets for this Saturday’s Genesis Show concert in Philly. I watched the Lyceum 1980 concert again this week, which got me excited to see a Duke Tour show. Also, once they released the NFL playoff schedule and I saw Baltimore is playing Sunday night instead of Saturday that sealed the deal for me (yeah I’m a sports masochist: with Lamar Jackson still hurt I know Baltimore will lose by 30 points minimum, but in the immortal words of David Puddy: “You gotta support the team” lol). We usually stay overnight after the show but will drive home this time. It’s 6 hours round trip for us but I’m sure it will be worth it.


    Neil Young and Crazy Horse

    The Beatles


    Gentle Whispering (Neither a band nor a musician, but I’ve gotten totally addicted to listening to her ASMR videos on YouTube late at night).

    Absolutely the Three Sides Live Tour in August 1982 at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. To my taste it featured the best setlist of any post W&W tour. I guess we should have realized we were in for something special that night when they opened with DOAV. Supper's Ready was pure magic (and a huge surprise that it was on the setlist!), and the Lamb/Watcher encore was quite a treat. In addition the band was in top form musically and vocally with the "newer" material (Dodo; Abacab; Behind the Lines; Man on the Corner, etc). And as usual the In the Cage medley was fantastic. If only I could go back to those 2+hours of musical magic. It's an evening I'll always treasure.

    North American dates are scheduled for late summer / fall and will be announced at a later date.
    Peter was also doing arenas in 2012 in the US

    Yes he did—my bad for forgetting about that tour. On that tour in the DC area he played at the Patriot Center, an arena which seats approximately half as many as the arena he played in 2002. I know he played many full-sized hockey/basketball arenas on that tour, though looking at tour dates on Wikipedia it appears the stage design significantly reduced the capacity for the shows. For example, TD Gardens in Boston seats over 19,000; the number of seats available for the concert was 9,215, and 5671 tickets were sold. Most other nights on the tour more tickets were sold than at the Boston show, but again at most venues the total available seats were actually about half of the actual capacity for the building.

    I'll be interested in seeing whether this tour ever actually makes it to the US. The last time I saw PG in an arena setting (2002 in Washington, DC) the arena was at best 2/3 full. 20 years later I doubt a lot of folks will be willing to pay outrageous prices to see him in a 20,000 seat venue. He could always downsize to smaller venues, but even if he does that it seems likely that ticket prices will remain high. Based on the prices mentioned by those who have bought tickets for the European tour shows I have a feeling I'll be passing on seeing PG this time around.