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    As someone mentioned before as soon as I saw the red eyes the first thing I thought of was “Squonk,” although given that the character in the song is described as shy and retiring I’m not sure it fits. Still, I’d take it in a heartbeat if they play it! Still (im)patiently waiting for a US leg to be announced . . .

    As an American I just want to say how refreshing it is to come to this board and hear rational people talk in a sensible manner on the virus. I’m fed up with all these damn Trump-lovers in the US who deny the virus exists and think the whole thing (including the vaccines) are nothing but a giant conspiracy and hoax. I had to switch doctors last summer because the one I had been seeing went off while examining me, ranting about how the whole “virus thing” is overblown and nothing to worry about. If this keeps up my wife and I will be looking to retire in Costa Rica in a few years.

    Here on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland it’s blustery and cold. May have some snow tomorrow. Not that I’m complaining. I’m still like a kid when it comes to snow ⛄️ “They say a snow year’s a good year” :)

    —Abacab Tour, 1981, Landover, MD

    —Three Side Live Encore Tour, 1982, Columbia, MD *(favorite show!).

    —Mama Tour, 1983, Landover, MD

    —Invisible Touch Tour, 1987, Landover, MD; and Washington, DC.

    —Turn it on Again Tour, 2007, Washington, DC.

    I’d love to see them do the second half of Supper’s Ready. Maybe as part of an Old Medley a’la the early shows of the IT Tour. Phil’s voice can’t handle the 666 section anymore, but perhaps they could project the footage from the ATOTT concert film of Phil singing that section as the band plays live on stage? Then Phil could sing the final section “And it’s hey babe” etc live. It shouldn’t be any more of a strain on his voice than Afterglow.

    I’ve always liked Match of the Day. It’s a fun and quirky song, and as an American its “Britishness” reminds me of Gabriel-era stuff. Spot the Pigeon is a catchy ditty. Inside and Out is overrated in my opinion. The first part is You’re Own Special Way with different lyrics; the second half is a standard Yes-style “ain’t you impressed with how fast I can play” prog keyboard solo and lacks the passion of Tony’s best solos (Apocalypse in 9/8 and Cinema Show).

    For me SR is not only the greatest song Genesis ever recorded it’s also the greatest song in rock history. My single favorite moment in attending concerts was to hear SR in 1982 at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. One thing that always strikes me when listening to bootlegs of the 82 tour is how ebullient the reaction was in the US at the end of SR as compared to Europe. One of the LA shows was particularly raucous. The eruption of applause as Phil delivers the word “Jerusalem” builds into a crescendo that drowns out the musical outro. And who can forget the light show during the vocal sections that immediately bracket Apocalypse in 9/8? Phil on the platform with smoke swirling around him, surrounded by brilliant red lights and highlighted by a blinding white light shining straight up on him from below. So shimmering and otherworldly.