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    He still left his unmistakable mark. But in fact the decay was already making itself felt with W&W... One example: the unbearably sugary 'One for the Vine' or 'Your Own Special Way' (er... that's two, innit). ATTWT has its moments, but after that there were... no more 'rock' guitars.

    And that period in time saw the end of the prog rock era as a whole, definitely.

    I agree re: You’re Own Special Way. It’s completely forgettable. I disagree completely about One for the Vine. I think it’s a beautiful song. We can agree to disagree on that one.

    Here is the one contradiction in the whole “they went to hell in a hand basket after Hackett left” argument: Hackett himself claims he left because he wasn’t getting enough of his ideas through on the albums. If that’s true (as Hackett himself claims), his impact on the music of the “golden era” was, by his own admission, not as substantial as was the input from other members. Thus the changes in the music beginning with ATTWT were driven not by his absence but by conscious decisions by the other members begin to move in a different direction. And for what it’s worth IMO there were elements on Duke (BTL, Duchess, Heathaze, Duke’s Travels/End) that were fine representations of early 80s prog rock. Like it or not (pun intended) the Supper’s Ready/Close to the Edge era of prog was over.

    I think it would be awesome to let the fans vote for one song like the Rolling Stones do. That being said I promised myself not to complain about the setlist and just be grateful that I’m getting to see them live again. But as you know, promises are meant to he broken. lol 😂

    I’d love that opportunity, but I’d wager that many nights Supper’s Ready would be the choice. I can imagine the band saying “Oh god, 23 minutes of Supper’s Ready. Either the show is now 3 hours or we have to cut 2 longish songs or 3 medium-short length songs.”

    Is everyone missing the final sentence of the official social media posts from yesterday?

    "More tour news coming soon..."

    Given that they just announced a 4th show in the New York City area they seem amenable to adding shows. It’s a shame the shows in Ireland were canceled. Though I hope I’m wrong, to me management and the band wouldn’t use the term “canceled” if they intended to reschedule those shows.

    Hammersmith and the now-legendary London Lyceum 7 May for me, £2.50 and £3.

    Yes they did that truncated Knife at the Lyceum but not at the first two Hammersmiths. I queued overnight for my Lyceum ticket.

    Ah, the good ol' days. Waiting in the que overnight for Genesis tickets. Being in the US that wasn't really needed to score tickets until the Invisible Touch Tour. I waited in the line overnight for tickets to the IT show at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. I remember clearly someone in the parking lot blasting the bootleg "Live From the Mouth of the Monster," which was a recording of the theater show in Chicago on the Mirrors Tour. I also remember playing a cassette of a Mama Tour concert on the way to the show at RFK. In the Cage started playing and my girlfriend at the time and her friend started whining "We thought you were only gonna play Genesis music on the way to the concert." My brother and I could only look at each other and quietly shake our heads.

    I think Peter was taken aback by the underwhelming response in certain quarters to Up. I know I was shocked that the arena was half-full at best when I saw his show in Washington, DC on that tour. It’s similar to what Tony and Mike experienced when CAS was virtually ignored in the US. When you’ve experienced so much success it has to be a blow to a performer’s ego (and maybe even confidence) when album and ticket sales suddenly take a precipitous drop.

    Safe? You’ve obviously never been to Philadelphia lol.

    It doesnt work that medley they are doing.

    Also firth of fifth just starting with the drums is pretty lame too.

    The old medley they did in the 90s was epic. (even though all the all fogie genesis fans complained about it)

    Everything worked beautifully for that..

    The shame of it is that the vocal parts of Firth of Fifth seem like something Phil’s voice, circa 2021, could handle. Still I’ll take the abbreviated version over newer stuff they could have plugged into the set list (In Too Deep and Hold on My Heart come to mind).

    The Genesis Show are a tribute band based in the northeast of the United States. I drove up from Maryland to attend their concert in New Jersey. As always they were fantastic (they played Three Sides Live, followed by a selection of older songs, ending with a rousing version of The Knife). Despite some equipment problems with the analog keyboards overheating after some knucklehead who worked for the theater got too cold and turned off the a/c in the building, the band soldiered through and put on a great performance. The only downside to the evening was the disappointed looked on Ms. Moonlitknight's face when the lights came up at the end of the final encore and it was clear they weren't going to play Supper's Ready. I kept trying to leave and she kept saying "Let's wait another minute or two. Maybe they'll come out and play it."

    Technically, accurately, Steve's band is a spin-off, not a tribute.

    True, though when he does these tours that are 100% (or nearly 100% depending on the tour) Genesis songs it does have the feel of a tribute band. Having said that, I’ve seen Steve several times dating back to the early 2000s and I’ve enjoyed his shows. As for a real cover band I’m seeing the Genesis Show tribute band tonight. They’re doing a combo Three Sides Live/Reunion 1982 Show. Really looking forward to it.

    Being fully vaccinated isn't everything, as a lot of older people are now getting boosters.

    True, and as soon as the approval comes through for a Moderna booster I'll get it. I was outdoors in Baltimore this past Monday night with 70,000 other people at the Ravens game. Total craziness with the Ravens mounting an epic 4th quarter and overtime comeback to win. Being outdoors gave me some sense of protection, although realistically as my girlfriend pointed out the way strangers were screaming and high-fiving each other at the end of the game Covid protocols went out the window. We kept our hands away from our face and washed our hands thoroughly as soon as we got back to our hotet room. How much difference that made, who knows?

    I don't think so. It's still a couple of weeks ahead and the only question would be health issues. But I think I read somewhere they are all vaccinated, so we can assume they won't get sick, at least not for long.

    What remains unclear is the general situation in the US and Canada regarding indoor shows and large crowds.

    I have tickets for the show at the Capital One arena in Washington, DC. The last time I checked masks will be required inside the arena. I’m not terribly worried about the vaccine status of the people who will be around me. Given that a large % of the population in DC is employed by the federal government those who fit that category will be vaccinated. Also, given the average age of most Genesis fans in 2021 I suspect that most in the audience will be vaccinated.