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    In my case its the frustration of the Irish Government and Health Officials who are adapting an ultra cautious covid restrictions exit. Arena sized concerts are still very much not on the radar yet. 18000 max attendance for sporting events so far here in Ireland

    With the UK been so close and the real possibility the shows will happen there, its a no brainer and the fact 2022 will already be a busy year for concerts

    Wait and see I suppose. Let's hope its pretty straight forward in terms of arena access. The EU green cert might be enough etc

    I understand your frustration but at least your rules are being set at the national government level. Here in the US it’s utter chaos because decisions on restrictions are left up to individual states and municipalities. And most of the decisions are bass-ackwards: a state like Florida has its highest daily infection rate of the pandemic but their Huckleberry Dumbbell, Donald Trump-wannabe governor just issued an edict outlawing mask requirements. Meanwhile states with a high % of citizens who have gotten both shots are the ones where mask requirements and other restrictions are most likely to be reinstated. I’m supposed to see the concert in Washington, DC in November but honestly at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the mayor there outlaws large-scale indoor gatherings. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    I feel exactly the same way. Right down to BoEF!

    I’m on board with the critique. Perfect example for me is Close to the Edge. Once the “noodly” part kicks in at 1:00 I’m turned off. One of my issues with some prog bands is they seem to emphasize technical skill over melody. As for Genesis songs, for the same reason I don’t really care for the jazz-prog instrumental sections of DWTMK, DOAV, and R,A&B. It’s not that I don’t like extended keyboard solos: Apocalypse in 9/8, the second part of Cinema Show, and the intro to Watcher are 1, 2, and 3 on my list of all-time favorite instrumental sections. They have a melodic structure (and in the case of 9/8, paints a musical picture that perfectly captures what is happening thematically in the song at that point) that appeal to me. So that’s my two cents for what it’s worth. Last time I made a negative comment about Yes on this board I got blasted by overheated fans. Different strokes for different folks, people.

    Speaking of which..... From a Quebec talk show many years ago.....

    About 10 years ago Martin had a band called Dance on a Volcano (also at various points called Turn it on Again). I saw the band do the Encore Tour. His voice was spot-on sounding like Phil and from our seats in the theater he looked exactly like him, right down to Phil’s short early 80s haircut.

    Congratulations! What a fabulous vacation! Great that you have both been vaccinated. and your partner’s daughter tested negative. Our vacation was much less exotic: a week at the beach in North Carolina. Hope you all have a great, relaxing time.

    I don’t think this compilation would have anything to do with the setlist. Nick Collins himself said there were songs they tried to rehearse but were eventually abandoned. Their setlist choices could still be evolving. It’s just another hits package to coincide with the tour ... nothing more, nothing less.

    My impression is that the setlist is in fact set. From the interviews I’ve listened to with Daryl and Nic it sounds like it was set before they had to postpone the tour. Daryl and Nic were given a list of songs for rehearsals and some of them were dropped after rehearsals. Also Nic said they had everything completely ready before the postponement. Given the lighting cues, all the special effect images, and Phil’s well-known obsession with striving for perfection on stage I highly suspect the setlist is done.

    I think you’re referring to Stagnation, from Trespass. Tony always throws that little flourish in near the end of IKWIL.

    Biscuits in sausage gravy with 4 strips of bacon and some scrambled eggs, plus a pancake with syrup and a glass of orange juice.

    Fairly close to what I had yesterday:thumbup:. In my case it was biscuits in sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, and French toast with syrup. My girlfriend is a country gal who likes to cook old-fashioned meals like that. I may die in ten years from a heart attack but at least it will be with a happy belly and a smile on my face :)

    I listened to an interview yesterday on Rolling The host was interviewing Andy Greene (who was introduced as one of leading “experts” on Genesis, though I must admit I’ve never heard of him). At one point they started discussing GTR, and one of them (I don’t recall which one) claimed that Steve Hackett was driven to record the GTR album by his jealousy over the commercial success of Genesis as well as Phil and Mike’s solo careers. I’ve never heard such a claim before. Just wondering if anyone else has heard this explanation? It just sounds so “un-Steve.”

    If you mean the intro section of Illusion, I can kind of see what you mean.

    Nah, Styx had the odd good tune but on the whole I'm not keen and they could be laughably naff and bombastic - which, I got the sense (possibly unfairly) came mainly from Dennis De Young.

    Yes, the intro and outro on GI is what I had in mind. I’m not big on Styx. I CAN’T STAND Dennis DeYoung’s voice. Just something about it totally grinds my gears.

    Now that we are not worried about spoilers on this thread, here is the video of Alison Krauss and Vince Gill doing an acoustic country version of That's All. I doubt we'll hear a version quite this country, but it is nice to hear how Genesis songs can be reinvented.

    Sweet! I never really heard the “country” elements in this song in the Genesis version, despite Phil introducing it as a country & western song during the Mama tour. Now I get it!

    I have seen The Musical Box very often and over the years I became less and less excited. The Extravaganza tour was a nice thing, but obviously they have left their "copy the old shows" concept with that.

    Nevertheless, first time I saw Selling and Lamb live (TMB) was amazig.

    I’ve had the same experience over the years. I thought they were at their best when Martin Levac was their drummer 12-15 years ago. He looked and sounded so much like Phil that it was almost surreal. Talk about a doppelganger. The first time I saw them they did the Nursery Cryme tour. They were great but the setlist of course was very short. Then I saw them do The Lamb tour, and a couple of years later the SEBTP tour. I was blown away. But having seen both tours multiple times now the excitement has definitely worn thin.