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    Nice, thanks for that info! Can you share any pointers on applying phase inversions? I've tried that a couple times but haven't had too much luck!

    I agree it sounds like Phil on "Man of Our Times". Reminds me of how he changes the timbre of his voice for some of the verses in "Dodo"

    I can't remember exactly how to get the option, but I think there's a link on the wikipedia entry of Audacity to download the ability to import files in ffmpeg format. You need that to import the files from the DVD. Then, you wait for awhile to get all the tracks imported in from the Video folder from the DVD. Finally, you just play around by putting two of the files together and inverting one of them (by selecting "invert" from the Effect menu).

    Having said that, I think one of the files on each of the DVDs are the soloed lead vocals. Some of the backing vocals are in there too.

    You're right in that Phil changed his timbre a lot in those days; he was brilliant at that!

    A couple of months ago, I had some fun isolating the vocals and instruments (through phase inversions) from the 5.1 mix in Audacity. I think the only place where David Hentschel sings is on “Duchess” along w/Tony and Mike. There’s a soft, falsetto voice in there that I know is not coming from Tony, Mike, or Phil, so that must be David. I listened hard, and I think Phil is doing all the backing vocals on the rest of the tracks; “Man Of Our Times” included.

    Nick confirmed on the old Forum that fold-downs were used for The Platinum Collection. However, Nick also said for the cubed box sets and individual albums, new stereo mixes were created in addition to the 5.1 mixes. For a listening example, if you listen to “Undertow” from The Platinum Collection, and the new stereo mix on ATTWT, you will hear some differences (e.g. the volume of Phil’s harmonies) that are not due to mastering.

    My pleasure!!

    I know all the remasters and mixes like the back of my head. I really wish they would've gone the King Crimson/Steven Wilson/Yes route where the new mix is offered on CD and the original mix is on the DVD/Blu-Ray, along with the new mix. Taking the original mixes out of print is something I will never understand.

    Personally, I tend to go back and forth between the original CDs and the 1994 remasters. It was fun to hear subtle details that the 2007/08 remixes brought out, and they are great to listen to in 5.1. However, I am not a fan of the compression/limiting used in the mastering stage. It "squashes" the mix, and there's no sense of space, and no dynamics. I'm a big believer in dynamics which is something very few think about in today's music climate. All this being said, here's my preferences for each album:

    Trespass: the MCA CD for sound/94 remaster for completeness (MCA has some early fadeouts). The 2008 remix is also fantastic!

    Nursery Cryme: 94 Remaster...2008 remix is also very good.

    Foxtrot: Tend to prefer the original CD overall, but my copy has the first half second missing of Watcher Of The Skies/94 remaster otherwise.

    Live: The original Atlantic CD sounds amazing! 2008 Remix is also very good.

    SEBTP: Original and 94 Remaster both sound great to me.

    TLLDOB: 94 Remaster

    ATOTT: Original ATCO CD

    W&W: 94 Remaster

    Seconds Out: I have both the 94 Remaster and the 2008 remix. Both sound excellent, and it's hard for me to pick a favorite...despite the remix being louder.

    ATTWT: 94 Remaster

    Duke: Original Atlantic CD (no contest here!)

    Abacab: 94 Remaster

    TSL: I have both the 94 Remaster and 2008 remix. I just barely prefer the 94 Remaster...but the remix is also very good.

    Genesis: Original CD (prefer the original mix just barely)

    Invisible Touch: Original CD (prefer the original mix)

    We Can't Dance: Original CD (prefer the original mix)

    TWWW: The 2008 remix I prefer just for the fact it's arranged as a proper live show

    CAS: Original CD (prefer the original mix)