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    Don't know anything about them other than some album covers . I have often wondered over the years what they are like. Seeing that these days you can listen to anything you fancy, now you have mentioned them again , I ll give them a go. I'll try Spyglass Guest . Are there any particular songs or other albums you recommend to try ,?

    I would recommend Spyglass Guest, the song Joie De Vivre is great off of that one! They had only 4 albums in a short period before breaking up and really just about any of their albums are good.

    Other songs I'd check out for a sample of their stuff would be "Sundance" off their 1st album, "Bedside Manners are Extra" off their 2nd album of the same name, and "Chalkhill" as well from that one. Time and Tide is a terrific album as well as Foxfeeder mentioned. I especially like "Tide" (ohh the Mellotron!!) which segways into "Catalan." Also really enjoy "Asses Ears" from that one as well.

    Time and Tide is my favourite album of theirs. It never really falters, while the others don't keep the standard up quite as well.

    That is a good one as well, one I've come to like quite a bit more over the years. It's a bit more on the shorter song side, but it works for where they were headed at that point. I particularly like some of the lyrics on this album which come off pretty humorous at times.

    This is a somewhat older thread but a good one. Radiohead is one of my top favorite bands and one of the rare groups to have (in my view) a long string of top notch albums in a row. I came in at the Kid A/Amnesiac era having heard some of the OKC stuff around. I bought all 3 in a short period and was fascinated by the music, particularly on Kid A which is my favorite of all their albums.

    When HTTT came out I was initially excited by the new material, having heard a bootleg of much of the song list played the summer prior. I found though that the album went a little back towards their mid-90's sound mixed with the Kid A era, so it wasn't as much uncharted territory. Now I regard the album higher and part of that string of great material. IR is fantastic and probably a fan favorite, if not THE favorite from what I gather.

    I actually really like KOL, perhaps I'm in the minority. Really everything but Mr Magpie and Feral I think are great songs. I like the atmosphere and percussive elements to the songs, something about them... Hard to explain.

    MSP however is the first of their albums I can't crack. It feels distant for me somehow, like I can't get into it fully enough to enjoy it. There are good songs for sure but it loses me half way through with the exception of True Love Waits which I find to be a far superior version to what we had heard long ago.

    The Genesis/RH thing is a weird one to me. I don't see much crossover except for the mellotron choir and a tiny bit of synth here or there. I wouldn't assume fans of one would be fans of the other.

    I'm wondering if there are any Greenslade fans here? If so, I would love to hear favorite songs/albums.

    I got into them after finding out the former Crimson drummer Andrew McCullough had played in this band (I loved his work on Lizard). What an interesting and talented group I found them to be. 2 great keyboard players, no guitars (first 2 albums), an underrated bass player, and the drummer could have had quite a career as well. They kind of slipped into the prog scene a bit under the radar best I can tell. Maybe the singing wasn't their strong point and made them a little less approachable, but to me it kinda worked. Besides, their instrumental work was top notch much of the time, with kind of a bluesy feel at times.

    I'd say overall my favorite album is Spyglass Guest. All but one song works for me on that one and it also has Joie de Vivre which might my favorite song of theirs. So many great moments over their first 4 albums, not to mention how much Mellotron was all over their music!

    Anyone else into them?

    Mine are probably also due to just hearing them too often. Sweet Home Alabama drives me insane and is played constantly on classic rock stations. I also can't stand Piano Man by Billy Joel for the same reason.

    In it's most popular days like 15 or so years ago the Shakira song Hips Don't Lie (is that even the name?) used to make my stomach churn a little when I'd hear it. There was no escaping it. I still don't like it now but with no adverse physical reaction at least.