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    So we've all been waiting for Cherry Red Records/Esoteric to finish releasing Tony Bank's solo catalog. They started with "A Chord Too Far", and then released great editions of Curious Feeling and Fugitive. But then they just stopped. It's been years and nothing to report. Well, today as I was lamenting that fact and tweeting at Esoteric/Cherry Red, I found a Spotify playlist that Tony Banks's group had put together. So I looked at what songs they chose, and sure enough, there were tracks from Banksstatement, Still & Strictly, Inc. Previously Spotify only had the first two albums, and a Chord Too Far. So at some point the other albums were added. Here's the interesting part. Each album says "Copyright Cherry Red Records". Which means Cherry Red DID indeed BUY the rights to all of the albums, just as Tony said in the interview on And while they haven't released them for purchase, it appears they HAVE released them for streaming. In that same interview, Tony says "I did the remixes with Nick Davis. We’ve already done A Curious Feeling, so that was improved quite a bit when we did that. We then did mainly work on The Fugitive and Bankstatement.". So my question is "is Banksstatement" on Spotify, the original recording or the Nick Davis remasters? I'm not sophisticated enough of an audiophile to figure that out. But I played my original recording against the Spotify version and the Spotify version does sound a bit richer and fuller. ANyone else want to compare? Also, while this isn't a full release, it DOES mean Cherry Red is doing SOMETHING with this music (better than nothing). (iTunes also has all the albums). Thoughts??

    Anyone heard the pieces of Los Endos in the b-side track "It's Yourself"? I kept thinking it would be cool to splice these together and sure enough someone already did...

    Maybe this is the way the track originally was structured. Genesis is well known for their "bits". And thankfully, no "bits" goes wasted.

    My understanding is that Undertow from ATTWT had more music to it but the band didn't include it, so Tony Banks used that music on his first solo album (it became "From the Undertow", IIRC). Has anyone listened to both pieces and heard any connections between the two? I had an idea of splicing the two tracks together somehow, but I can't say I hear the connection.

    songs produced by Max Martin. I love me some slick sugary sweet pop and Max Martin is one of the best at writing/producing that kind of music (e.g. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande). also listening to other pop producers like Greg Kurstin (Sia, Beck), Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic), Chris Braide (Downes Braide Association), and Guy Sigsworth (Bjork, Alanis Morrisette, Kate Havnevik).

    as it stands now, here is how i'm ordering all the pre-FGTR demos/recordings. For those songs that an actual date isn't listed, I just picked one out of thin air (to help with sorting).

    Song Date
    Patricia (Easter 1967 demos) 4/1/1967
    She Is Beautiful (Summer 1967 demos) 7/1/1967
    Try a Little Sadness (Summer 1967 demos) 7/1/1967
    Hair on the Arms and Legs (Autumn 1967 demos) 10/1/1967
    Hidden in the World of Dawn (Autumn 1967 demos) 10/1/1967
    Sea Bee (Autumn 1967 demos) 10/1/1967
    The Mystery of the Flannan Isle Lighthouse (Autumn 1967 demos) 10/1/1967
    Image Blown Out (rough mix 1968) 1/1/1968
    In the Beginning (early 1968 demo) 1/1/1968
    The Magic of Time (early 1968 demos) 1/1/1968
    Where the Sour Turns to Sweet (early 1968 demos) 1/1/1968
    Image Blown Out (demo) 1/15/1968
    That's Me (single B-side) 2/2/1968
    The Silent Sun (single A-side) 2/2/1968
    Hey! (13 March 1968 demo) 3/13/1968
    A Winter's Tale (single A-side) 5/10/1968
    One-Eyed Hound (single B-side) 5/10/1968
    Build Me a Mountain (Aug 1968 rough mixes) 8/1/1968
    Image Blown Out (Aug 1968 rough mixes) 8/1/1968
    In the Wilderness (August 1968 rough mix without strings) 8/1/1968
    One Day (Aug 1968 rough mixes) 8/1/1968

    Am I missing anything?

    Thank you Meryman. This confirms what I have in my "ultimate Genesis song" spreadsheet.

    1. Arent there notes somwhere that say Patricia was an "Easter 1967" demo, while She is Beautiful and Try a Little Sadness were Summer 1967 demos? Makes them seem like they were recorded in different sessions.

    2. I'd love to get precise dates for those demos tagged as "Easter 1967", "Summer 1967", "Autumn 1967" and "Early 1968". But i'm happy to at least have those date ranges. Helps with listening in order.

    3. are there two additional versions of "Image Blown Out"? I have listed a "rough mix from 1968" and a "demo' version (with no date).

    4. Anyone know the actual date for the August 1968 rough mixes? I'm being greedy of course. :)

    I just responded to the twitter feed for Cherry Red, thanking them for another Anthony Phillips release (which we should be grateful) and asking about Tony again. They've got to be able to work something out. Tony needs to be realistic about the fan base, and Cherry Red needs to respect that a Tony release is a little more involved and has a wider fanbase than an Anthony release. Both sides need to come to the middle and work this out.

    Christian, thank you for your interview. That was very enlightening. I think it said that a few of the releases were already DONE!?! That means all we have to do is press some copies and work on the packaging (which was great for the first two albums).

    Can anyone think of any other way to get the word out? Who is 'Mark' at Cherry Red, btw?

    Does anyone know what the very first recorded song is by the band? I'm not sure where I got this info but I have in my spreadsheets that the song "Patricia" is the very first recording by Genesis. My notes say it was an Easter 1967 demo. Maybe they recorded it during Easter break? I think I got that info from the first Genesis archive boxset. Anyone know more about this song? and if it's the first (that we know of)?