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    Does anyone have a detailed analysis of the FGTR period in terms of when songs where recorded (including available demo versions)? I'm looking to fill the gap between their very first recording and Trespass.

    Great point about "order of recording" (and to that end you could also look at order of writing/composing). I really love listening to music chronologically as it shows the evolution of so many facets of music (composing, arranging, playing, tones/sounds, production, etc.). And when you have a band like Genesis where each member can hold their own, you get to hear the DNA of each member interwoven with other members. For example, I love hearing Peter Gabriel's Intruder with Phil on the drums. It shows where both where at that point in their careers.

    What if we made this a joint project among the Genesis fan community? Are there any web-based sites/services where a group can collaborate on content?

    Does anyone know if a chronological listing of all Genesis recordings (at the track level) exists anywhere. The closest equivalent of what i'm looking for is the amazing Peter Gabriel Recording Compendium (…um-Introduction-s597.html).

    I'm going to be driving across country in a month and want to listen to all of Genesis' recordings (both group and solo) in chronological order. I have created my own spreadsheet of what i know so far but want to compare it against something else to look for gaps or incorrect dates. Examples of things i'm looking for include cases where one of Genesis' members guests on another song or even demos of songs.

    i'm 48 years old, and this is the first song I ever heard by anyone in Genesis that I "recall". I always thought Phil's voice was different than most others. It didn't grab me at first but I liked it enough to remember it. I had it on this K-Tel album "Full Tilt". You can listen here;

    So it was my gateway song. Later in life, my cover band played it in a medley of two songs "Misunderstanding" and "Hold the Line" by Toto. It was our 6/8 medley. Later I found out that Phil actually wrote it with Hold the Line in mind as he liked that 6/8 feel.

    I also read that Phil wrote "Misunderstanding" during his first divorce period. It was after "And Then There Were Three", right? And he tried to go salvage his marriage by moving where his wife was, I think. So the band went on hiatus and Mike/Tony wrote their solo albums. But Phil couldn't save his marriage and lived alone where he wrote his songs as therapy. He wrote songs like "in the Air Tonight" and "I MIssed Again" as well as "Misunderstanding". As he was writing like crazy, the band gets back together and everyone shares their songs that would become Duke. Phil claims that he played "In the Air Tonight" as well as "Misunderstanding" but Tony doesn't remember that. Would have been crazy if "Air Tonight" turned out to be a Genesis song.

    Can I just say how amazingly brilliant the Peter Gabriel Recording Compendium is by Steffen Gerlach. Here is a sample (last section):…mber-next-Album-s634.html

    As a new fan hungry to find everything by all Genesis musicians (together and apart), this was exactly what I needed. Of course, now I want to be greedy and to get someone to do the same for the rest of the band. Pretty please? How about if we fund it a little bit? :)

    Thank you Steffen. Bless you!!

    I didn't know Phil played with Tears for Fears. Had to go look that up. Sure enough. He comes in halfway through Woman in Chains. HA! I've never seen a "half-song" credit. Wiki says that he was brought in to give the song a jolt halfway through (ala In the Air Tonight). :)

    If you are a fan of Phil Collins, you have a multitude of guest appearances, cowrites and productions to choose from (compare that to Tony Banks who never did anything for anyone). Phil sure enjoyed being busy. He had to be in at least two bands at all times and doing guest appearances when those weren't busy. Anywho, what are some of your favorite moments of Phil outside of Genesis/Solo works?

    I was just enjoying the Tina Turner back catalog today and was surprised to hear Phil on "Typical Male". Which btw, is typical Phil! He sure makes everything better, doesn't he?

    I only recently became a full-fledged Genesis fan (jn the last 2-3 years). I was a fan of their later works (Invisible Touch was first album/concert and I discovered the other 80's albums and some of the solo works). But it wasn't until a few years ago that I started from 1968 and started listening to EVERYTHING (and watching any video I could find). The band immediately vaulted into my top 5 of all time (along side Yes, Rush, Toto and <not sure>). When you are discovering a band decades after their heyday, it's a weird experience. Because you also want to try and connect with the band and its fans today. And that's when it hit me how much Phil has been suffering health-wise. For some reason, seeing him in his heyday (otherworldly drummer, dynamic performer) side by side with him sitting in a chair singing is really hard for me to take. And I don't understand why. I try to be grateful that he is alive and performing, with his son on drums, no less. What a great thing. But it's still hard for me to take. For some reason it bothers me worse than the fact that we lost Chris Squire, and Rush is retired. Anyone else feel that way? Sorry to bring the thread down.

    I just bought Chris Squire's first solo album in the deluxe set from Cherry Red/Esoteric (5.1 mix and all the singles). Waiting for April 27th for it to ship!

    Listening to Geoff Downes' New Dance Orchestra - The Light Program from 1987.

    I have DVD-AUDIO in my car (as well as DTS CD, I think). It can play 5.1 audio. I will often purchase an album with a 5.1 mix and then through various software programs I have bought, somehow get the 5.1 mix onto a DVD-AUDIO disc (I use Cirlinca HD-Audio Solo Ultra to burn the 5.1 mix to DVD+/-R). They sound so good in my car's 5.1 system (which by the way, they don't make these as much anymore to the point where I may never sell my 2011 Acura TSX because I love the sound system that much!). So if I bought the Genesis remasters, I would make sure to get the ones with 5.1 mixes included so I could do the same. I hate the thought of going on ebay, spending a fortune, and then find out Genesis has a plan to release the entire catalog in one massive box set this Christmas! :|

    I did get to catch Hackett just a few months after i DISCOVERED the full body of work of Genesis, including all the solo works. It was the Durham, NC show from 2016/2017 (i can't remember exactly). I really liked Steve's first four albums and his set list was a wonderful combination of early Hackett and Gabriel-Genesis (no ATOTT/W&W sadly). Yeah, they were great. That's the only live presentation of early Genesis i have seen to date (I did see Genesis on the Invisible Touch tour in 1987 in Chapel Hill, NC).

    Thank you for the links.