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    Thanks Mark. Nick Davis. That's the name of the guy who did the first two Tony Banks remasters.

    Does anyone think Genesis will "go to the well" one more time and try to release everything again? Seems like that is a "thing", except when i need it to be. :|

    Hi, while I enjoyed Genesis' later works in the 80's/90's, I never really got into the band as a superfan until a couple years ago, when Cherry Red Records released a couple Tony Banks albums and they piqued my interest. Next thing I know, i'm diving head first into their entire collection of works, which then led me into all the solo works. I've been using my Spotify subscription to listen to as much as possible, but now want to start buying everything. I started by buying the two Tony Banks remasters form Cherry Red. I love the 5.1 mixes by the way. I have 5.1 in my car, so I can listen to those releases in glorious 6 channels. I learned that all the Genesis albums were remastered as well (by the same guy that did Tony Banks' first two albums, right?). BUT, I don't see those albums on sale anywhere. I guess I was too late to the party. Does anyone know the state of those albums? Are they still in production? What is the best way to purchase them if I want a) the best mixes; b) 5.1 mixes, c) all the b-sides. And does anyone know or expect there to be another release wave of their music in the near future? Should I hold out for a 50th anniversary edition of their albums? (NOTE: I'm willing to spend the money to get the best stuff - for example, I just went all in on "Toto" and bought remastered versions of most of their albums in a $500 box set - 13 albums and 17 LPs - so i'm not afraid to spend the $$$). Any assistance/ recommendations would be much appreciated.