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    Would adore this but very, very unlikely.

    I'm still hoping the Mechanics play as much Genesis as possible next year and not just I Can't Dance, Throwing it all Away, Land of Confusion and Invisible Touch).

    And, as thewatcher mentions above, a Ray and Steve tour would be fantastic.

    What are your favourite songs that the band never played on stage?

    For me, there are three that I really would have loved to have heard live:

    • Many too Many
    • Blood on the Rooftops
    • Man of our Times.

    As I understand it, Many too Many would've been tough for Phil to have sung night after night.

    On the excellent Tabletop Genesis podcast, Steve was quizzed about why Blood on the Rooftops was never played by Genesis and he just said that it wasn't considered at the time. A true shame I think.

    Man of our Times is probably the weakest song of the three but I just think the crash of the drums and the pulse of bass would've sounded great in their early 80s sets.

    (Apologies if this discussion has been had before!)

    I think they must tour Europe in some capacity? Germany, Belgium and Italy in particular were such huge fanbases for the band so tickets would definitely sell well for a continental Europe Last Domino? tour.

    There's very little chance of Ray returning. Tony and Mike still shudder about the CAS tour and the lack of US ticket sales so I can't see that.

    I also worry that Nic will want to carve out his own career with his own band soon rather than being 'just' the Genesis touring drummer.

    Peter is constantly indecisive but one final show/tour or album with the four/five is and always will be the dream!

    Being too young to have seen anything pre-TIOA in 2007, my thoughts are based on videos of shows.

    I went for the Duke Tour as the Lyceum recording shows Genesis at the peak of their powers with a powerful setlist of old and (then) new Genesis. The Duke Suite in full, plus The Knife as the second encore, make it a special tour for me. That would be my time machine location!

    Second would have to be the Trick or Wind tours just to have heard Steve within Genesis playing Fly on a Windshield and Firth of Fifth live. Again, these look epic in the 1976 tour recording.

    I saw the concert last night and it was a phenomenal gig. Almost 2.5 hours of Genesis magic.

    The star of the show (or boy wonder as his dad called him) was Nic. An absolute monster behind the kit who held his own with a heavy booming drum sound. His drumming was particularly brilliant on Second Home by the Sea.

    Tony, Mike and Daryl were as professional as ever and the backing singers topped up Phil's vocals nicely. As for Phil, his singing was good throughout, albeit without the power of old in some places - but we expected that. His vocals were especially impressive on No Son of Mine and Invisible Touch.

    I did feel the setlist was a little too safe though. I think a rarity like Many too Many, Ripples, Undertow, Los Endos or the ending of Musical Box could and should've been thrown in rather than dusting off I can't Dance once again.

    Surprised, but not disappointed, that Hold on My Heart and Jesus He Knows Me didn't make the cut.

    As good as Duke's Intro is, I do agree that it should've been switched up and something like TTT or Mama should've opened up.

    The only slight disappointment was the Fading Lights medley. By launching straight into Cinema Show, they robbed the song of its thought-provoking sadness and beauty. The heartfelt lyrics need time to be dwelt on rather than BANG Cinema Show.

    Highlights: Second Home by the Sea, Duchess, Afterglow, Firth of Fifth, DWTMK

    I've now had a lil' listen.

    Once you get past the wall of sound (which can be a little too much at times), there are some really good tracks that reveal themselves after a few listens: Relaxation Music for Sharks, Held in the Shadows and Shanghai to Samarkand, in particular.

    Hackett's guitar work is phenomenal as ever and Fox's Tango sounds better within the album than as a standalone single.

    As ever, the music just needs to breathe a bit. I'm exhausted after listening!

    I hadn't thought of Icarus Ascending and It's Yourself is a good shout although it's very much locked into the Trick album, sound and mood-wise.

    I think Kim could've worked in a similar way to Horizons.

    If I removed The Voice of Necam and How Can I and replace it with Wot Gorilla I think mine could work (ish).

    I read an article earlier today where Steve goes into a little more detail about his departure. It's an extract from a new book that comes out next week which I'm excited to read.

    The article gave me an idea: what if Phil, Mike and Tony had been a bit more receptive of Steve's ideas? I think there would've been a lot more material for a double album like this. I know this wouldn't have happened so soon after the Lamb double but it's fascinating to ponder...

    Disc 1: side A

    Eleventh Earl of Mar

    Land of a Thousand Autumns

    Please Don't Touch

    The Voice of Necam

    Disc 1: side B

    One for the Vine

    How Can I?

    Hoping Love Will Last

    Inside and Out

    Disc 2: side A

    All in a Mouse's Night


    Blood on the Rooftops

    Your Own Special Way

    Disc 2: side B

    Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers

    In That Quiet Earth


    I think this is a good balance of W&W and PDT tracks and I would love to hear How Can I? and Hoping Love will Last with Phil on vocals.

    Match of the Day and Pigeons would be B sides to the singles so no need for Spot the Pigeon.

    I know it's unlikely, but I think it'll be a massive shame if Steve and Peter don't play at least a part.

    Heck, even David Gilmour and Nick Mason played at one of Roger Waters The Wall gigs in 2010 and they despise each other!


    • Peter and Steve to join in on a full rendition of Supper's Ready as the encore. Phil could sing the majority of the song and then Peter could appear unannounced to sing 'Guards of Magog' onwards with Steve's iconic guitar playing us out. Epic.
    • Peter and Steve join in for I Know What I Like, Carpet Crawlers or The Knife as an encore.
    • Phil says "here's one we really should have played live but never did" and Steve appears to play Blood on the Rooftops before segueing into In That Quiet Earth and Afterglow to end the main set.

    Why not?

    What I think it'll be:



    No Son of Mine

    Follow you Follow Me

    Home by the Sea

    Second Home by the Sea

    Hold on my Heart

    Firth of Fifth

    I Know What I Like


    Dukes Intro

    Turn it on Again

    Land of Confusion


    Throwing it all Away


    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    Invisible Touch

    I Can't Dance

    Los Endos (+ Nic drum solo)


    Fading Lights

    The Carpet Crawlers