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    I hadn't thought of Icarus Ascending and It's Yourself is a good shout although it's very much locked into the Trick album, sound and mood-wise.

    I think Kim could've worked in a similar way to Horizons.

    If I removed The Voice of Necam and How Can I and replace it with Wot Gorilla I think mine could work (ish).

    I read an article earlier today where Steve goes into a little more detail about his departure. It's an extract from a new book that comes out next week which I'm excited to read.

    The article gave me an idea: what if Phil, Mike and Tony had been a bit more receptive of Steve's ideas? I think there would've been a lot more material for a double album like this. I know this wouldn't have happened so soon after the Lamb double but it's fascinating to ponder...

    Disc 1: side A

    Eleventh Earl of Mar

    Land of a Thousand Autumns

    Please Don't Touch

    The Voice of Necam

    Disc 1: side B

    One for the Vine

    How Can I?

    Hoping Love Will Last

    Inside and Out

    Disc 2: side A

    All in a Mouse's Night


    Blood on the Rooftops

    Your Own Special Way

    Disc 2: side B

    Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers

    In That Quiet Earth


    I think this is a good balance of W&W and PDT tracks and I would love to hear How Can I? and Hoping Love will Last with Phil on vocals.

    Match of the Day and Pigeons would be B sides to the singles so no need for Spot the Pigeon.

    I know it's unlikely, but I think it'll be a massive shame if Steve and Peter don't play at least a part.

    Heck, even David Gilmour and Nick Mason played at one of Roger Waters The Wall gigs in 2010 and they despise each other!


    • Peter and Steve to join in on a full rendition of Supper's Ready as the encore. Phil could sing the majority of the song and then Peter could appear unannounced to sing 'Guards of Magog' onwards with Steve's iconic guitar playing us out. Epic.
    • Peter and Steve join in for I Know What I Like, Carpet Crawlers or The Knife as an encore.
    • Phil says "here's one we really should have played live but never did" and Steve appears to play Blood on the Rooftops before segueing into In That Quiet Earth and Afterglow to end the main set.

    Why not?

    What I think it'll be:



    No Son of Mine

    Follow you Follow Me

    Home by the Sea

    Second Home by the Sea

    Hold on my Heart

    Firth of Fifth

    I Know What I Like


    Dukes Intro

    Turn it on Again

    Land of Confusion


    Throwing it all Away


    Tonight Tonight Tonight

    Invisible Touch

    I Can't Dance

    Los Endos (+ Nic drum solo)


    Fading Lights

    The Carpet Crawlers

    Do you have a link to this video? Is it this one?

    or a different one?

    Has this interview taken place yet?

    I read on Wikipedia recently that 'Former Genesis member Steve Hackett in interviews said "Mama" was his favourite song from the band after his departure, calling it "beautifully haunting".'

    There was no source to this, does anyone know if it's true?

    To that end, I would be interested in knowing what Steve's favourite Genesis song is from after he left. I know he was a big fan of Mike's Smallcreep's Day and that he watched the band on the Duke Tour and was impressed.

    If they play Apocalypse in 9/8 it will make my year. But given Phil’s issues back in 1986 with belting out the higher parts (“blowin’” and “lyrics”) I’m kinda doubting it, unless they go all instrumental with it and skip the entire vocal section (is that a literal musical example of sacrilege?)

    Or is this when Gabriel enters the stage and makes his secret cameo?

    I think this could be pretty much spot on although I can't see them not playing Throwing it all Away, Turn it on Again or I Dan't Dance. (I really could do without the latter though.)

    I do wish Hold on my Heart was replaced by a more underrated gem like Many too Many, for example.

    To mix it up a bit, I'd love to see them open with Squonk.

    The right and only call with April so close. Incredibly exciting to see some rehearsal footage too.

    Sad to see Phil sat down as well as there only being one drumkit. Not discounting the possibility of a second being wheeled on for the encore or something like that though.

    Different to see backing singers too.

    Daryl and Nic in particular sound great and I'm liking the look of the light show. From the looks of the displays, Domino and Land of Confusion will be certainties but we knew that already.

    Who else spotted Mike's double-headed Rickenbacker?

    Match of the Day and Pigeons are fine, nothing more nothing less really. However, Inside and Out is a tour de force from the beautiful first half to the rousing second half.

    I really think it should have been on W&W, at the expense of All in a Mouse's Night or even Wot Gorilla?

    Would Hackett have stayed for another album if Inside and Out was on W&W?