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    I agree, up to a point. Dancehall and Stupid things are great, but after that, the albums have all become a bit "samey". The 2 "Plenty" releases prove he can still do it though.

    It's the factor which I see most commonly as the reason Wilson/PTree fans swerve No-Man. I've never had any difficulty and it's where I first started to follow Wilson in 1992. (I was put off PT for a few years, whilst continuing to enjoy N-M.)

    I was at Trading Boundaries on Saturday for their second play through - a really good performance followed by highlights from Smallcreep's Day featuring Noel McCalla again.

    Fantastic afternoon/evening of music including John Hackett, Tom Bowness, the Beggs Sisters + Nick Beggs.

    Doesn't get much better than that.

    *Tim* Bowness. ;-) A great talent, and all round good egg. Though I recognise his voice can be divisive.

    The aforementioned Guy Garvey played I Know What I Like on his 6Music show today, which was put together partly via a random flip through his vinyl collection.

    How odd he happened to stumble upon that, as opposed to his copy of CAS (for instance; knowing what a massive Genesis fan he claims to be).

    Thank you for sharing this. It's interesting how the music is the studio version but Phil is singing the vocals like karaoke style. I guess Phil kept to his word that he would not let anyone else play on the songs from Both Sides not even for these kind of performances at least until the tour.

    It was very common - in the UK at least, and especially on TOTP - for several years for live vocals to be performed to the studio backing track in such appearances. In the case of the TOTP Invisible Touch live single performance, it enabled *that* lyric to go out in family-friendly-form.

    In a recent-ish episode of Guy Garvey's TV series From The Vaults, in which each episode focuses on TV music archive material from a particular year, he looked at 1980 and it included part of the Duke Tour footage from Liverpool Empire. It featured dressing room footage (PC and MR, DS and CT all laughing and joking, TB stone-faced), interviews with the trio, and snippets from TIOA and Duchess. At the end of the feature Garvey's voiceover said "In all their incarnations, I love Genesis", a sentiment he's often expressed on his 6Music show.

    Yet until a listener to his show put him straight a few years ago, he'd never heard of Ant. Now, I have no particular difficulty with (the concept of) people who haven't, but methinks Mr Garvey overplays his supposed adoration of Genesis. As he does for many other artists. (Incidentally, I speak as a fan of Elbow since 2001 who enjoys much of the music Garvey plays on his programme.)

    I don't disagree but as somebody who had been a fan for several years, the change of direction was quite a shock. I always attribute this to the increased influence of Phil, whose writing seemed to be going in a different direction more towards the shorter popier songs. The band clearly enjoyed the extra sales and exposure this change of direction gave them. I agree it's quite possible without this they would have split. I heard Abacab but didn't like it and so Duke was the last studio album I bought. I have continued to enjoy them live and continue to buy their live output.

    Definitely not Collins's "fault":

    Banks in November 1980:

    "The idea on the next album is definitely to be slightly more ambitious than on the last two, just in purely musical terms. We'd like to try and have some rather longer pieces, and perhaps some shorter stuff as well. Certainly things that are a little more experimental."

    Rutherford in the same interview:

    "We've discussed the possibility of doing a double. Just an idea. I'd love to do it."

    And Rutherford again, after the album was released:

    "Most of the stuff that didn't go on [the double album] was stuff that was most like Genesis. Most [were] tracks I could say, "That's a bit like an old song," and that's a worrisome thing for a band...

    "Had Abacab died a death commercially I wouldn't have blinked an eyelid, because Genesis at the moment is so strong. Stronger than we've been for a long time."

    Steve - Foxtrot at 50 live CD/Blu-ray would be great as I missed the show, and a new rock album (Hopefully he'll tour this year in the UK too).

    Mike - He's with the Mechanics, wouldn't mind catching them as they are actually playing in my neck of the woods!

    Do you reckon there will be a live release from this Hackett tour? Oh, I do hope so.

    I'm hoping for some new Mechanics material, both on the tour and in recorded form.

    In France, both are out of stock on Amazon, but 31€/54€ on…oadcasts-Coffret-CD-album

    The CD box is really cheap there. I’ve preordered it (even though I don’t use CDs anymore, I’ll probably rip them on my computer, sync the files on the cloud and never use them again).

    It seems that as with the Amazon £35 vinyl, the French CD deal has been removed. I wonder if (both) orders already placed will be honoured. Amazon certainly has (inconsistent) history of not doing so.

    Whoops. Just noticed a typo in my original post. It was 23/12/81, not 82.

    Other people have mentioned that blurry pink photo, presumably from Afterglow, on the inside of the gatefold. When the album came out I remember telling people how much l loved that picture, and friends telling me "what's to like? It's just a blur...".

    Yeah? Well, wait until you see some varilites!

    What's also notable is that the inner photo is printed the wrong way round. Seems a repeated error with the band albums: see also the live photo on the rear of the Italian SEBTP. (Error repeated by Rhino on one of their more recent US vinyl reissues.)