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    It sparks the imagination at the mention in that article that Phil wanted to use Chester on albums after their first tour together. Could you imagine the kind of stuff they'd have come up with rythmically having two drummers in the studio together. Considering what came out anyway and what could've come out of those kinds of sessions is an amazing thought. At least for me it is :)

    Hey so I saw that if any of you have Tidal as a music streaming format and are based in the US you can actually get the Genesis albums in Master format. Unfortunately this isn't available to UK yet and I've no way of finding out when that'll happen

    Totally agreed. This announcement is exciting but they should have waited for Covid contagion level to go down from RED as it is now to ORANGE at least. Mutant strains are STILL surfacing globally.

    Just noticing besides there being only one drummer who is playing a conventional style, all the members are seated except for Mike and the background singers.

    But I wish the well!

    A very eagle-eyed fan on youtube actually spotted a drumkit which I can now see too in that video and its strategically placed behind the backing singers. If like me you're being distracted by the music I suggest muting the audio and watching each scene step by step like the rabid Genesis fans that we are :P

    Listening to the first track you posted here does make me realise how melodic Phil's drumming is. I can actually just sit here and listen to it and not feel like it's one long boring drum solo.

    What's the back-story to these tracks, can you shed any light on them?

    Ta :):thumbup: