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    Thanks, Christian. I will check back later. I have only been using Qobuz USA for 6 months, but I have always seen the hi res and CD quality download preorders show up at the same time. Hence, I already know that Yes The Quest will be available at both quality levels.

    It looks like the only release to be associated with The Last Domino? tour is the album of the same name coming out in November. I checked the prerelease info on Qobuz, and not even that will have a hi res version.

    Obviously, neither the label nor the band has any interest at this point in releasing Genesis material in hi res download. Bummer! I wish they would be more like Yes.

    Thanks for the replies. I'm in the US. I haven't done streaming yet--I'm old school and prefer to actually own an album. :) But I suppose I can try it if the hi res downloads never show up. It's better than shelling out several hundred dollars each for the SACD box sets on Ebay.

    I've noticed that hi res releases can be pretty random. Asia's 2nd and 3rd albums (Alpha and Astra) were released this month. And what about the debut, which was by far their best? Still waiting.

    Thanks for adding me to the group.

    I noticed that there are currently no Genesis albums available for hi res download. Does anyone know if this could change in the foreseeable future? It should be easy to convert the SACD or DVD Audio masters to 24/96 PCM stereo files.