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    Yes, having come to my senses I now realize that Genesis fans probably aren't going to sing over songs they've been waiting a long time to hear Phil sing, aside from the dee-ah-days, the (This is the world we live in) Ohh ohhhh oh!s, the I's in I Can't Dance, or the highly-unlikely-to-be-performed-on-this-tour "......A flower!?!"

    I'm not expecting Iron Maiden or the Misfits or Rush in Rio where the crowd is as loud as the PA system. But I am interested to see what the audience participation will be this time.

    It's Gonna Get Better is another safe bet, possibly after Land Of Confusion. I'm guessing there will be as many happy tunes and as few sad ones as possible. If The Knife was rehearsed they may have gotten to, "Some of you are going to d....wait, let's not do this one. Too soon."

    Squonk, Watcher, and most songs from The Lamb are possible with help from the backup singers and audience.

    I like thewatcher's idea of Phil doing a Willy Wonka walk-on. At the very least I'd like to see him do a short walk for I Can't Dance.

    I've seen many "SAVE OUR STAGES" billboards since last year. Whenever I drove past one I thought, "If you reopen, we will return." Thankfully live music has come back before the end of summer.

    My favorite venue in Atlanta (imagine CBGB's with much cleaner bathrooms and a great dinner menu) used to put up signs if a show was a non-smoking event. Now they give notice if a band has requested that all attendees wear masks and either get vaccinated or show proof of a negative test prior to entry. Last I checked only one night on their calendar this month has full restrictions. Unless they significantly limit ticket sales there's gonna be 200+ people packed in that club like Marlboro-marinated sardines night after night. Thankfully there have been no concert-related outbreaks in my area, which I take as a good sign.

    I’m confused. Not to start another debate over this stuff but in reality doesn’t that decision (mask/vaccine requirements) reside with the government? Does me mean he will only play in cities where there are no such requirements?

    What I read was that he refuses to play venues that require proof of vaccination to enter. North of Atlanta GA where I live masks are voluntary in most places. Government has been making recommendations based on what they're told by the CDC. I expect that most venues will have signs telling patrons not to enter if they have any symptoms, and that the venue is not liable if anybody does get sick.

    Eric Clapton is touring the southeast US in September. Like Phil, Tony, and Mike, he's also in his 70s which puts him in the high-risk category, but as of now I haven't heard of any postponed shows. Eric has also said that he will not play to a "segregated audience" (meaning no masks or vaccine passports will be required for entry). It gives me hope to see some of my heroes soldiering on just so there can be live rock shows again. I salute them, even if some dates have to be moved AGAIN due to local mandates.

    Be well, stay informed, keep yourself healthy, and I hope we can all see more live shows ASAP.

    I have never collected bootlegs or torrents and was always a bit reserved about audience recordings as they simply might spoil or even destroy the experience. So I never heard that 1982 gig. Getting older, I am more and more thinking I should.

    If you type Genesis Six into YouTube it autofills Of The Best. For a bootleg I think the audio quality is at least A-. It opens with the crowd telling Jonathan King to F off, then you can kinda tell when Peter pops outta the coffin. Plenty of stories between tunes. Phil's drums are way up in the mix. I highly recommend listening to it as if it was a live radio broadcast.

    IMHO as a drummer I think I'd have an easier time learning to play the last half of Supper's Ready than Los Endos or Firth of Fifth, but that's just me. Now that he's had an extra year to prepare I'm sure that Nic is able to play almost any song mentioned in this thread. The toughest part will be counting to 9 while countless diehard fans scream, "OHHHHH %^&*!!! THEY'RE PLAYING IT!!!"

    I first found out about this show in the 90s. It was mentioned in a book about the band. Many years later I finally heard it on mp3 and loved it. The few mistakes don't matter. I'm just glad that they were able to pull it off, especially considering the difficulty of the material, and the fact that they barely had time for a few short rehearsals. They played almost every song I hoped to hear "from this arrangement" including The Knife and Supper's Ready. My fingers are still crossed in the hopes that someday a video tape of this show will appear, possibly in the same attic that holds a recording of Digby of the Rambling Lake.

    To anyone who said earlier that IT would be a great opener.....I now agree. On a long ride home tonight I was jamming to this set in my head, and I think it works great (time and Phil's voice permitting). Front-loaded with "the big hit singles you know and love" then going back era by era to some "VERY old songs" before finishing strong with tunes I know I'll be singing along with, assuming I can get to the North Carolina show. ( / = segue)

    Invisible Touch

    Tonight Tonight Tonight / Abacab


    Behind The Lines / Duchess

    Home By The Sea

    Follow You Follow Me

    Dance on A Volcano

    Carpet Crawlers (possibly with DWTMK intro)

    Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / Musical Box ending

    Lover's Leap intro / White Mountain (acoustic)
    That's All (acoustic)


    Land of Confusion


    Hold On My Heart

    Drum Duet / In That Quiet Earth / Apocalypse in 9/8

    1st Encore

    I Can't Dance

    Turn It On Again

    2nd Encore

    Fading Lights

    I Know What I Like / Stagnation ending

    As I've said before, they could pick 20 random songs out of a hat and I'll be happy. I think the latest Hits collection is probably for the merch table and not an accurate listing of the 26 songs they'll be playing on this tour. (UPDATE: In The Cage removed to put in an acoustic section. Changed encore so they end with a happy tune.)

    Less than 2 months until opening night I'm now expecting it to be a Storytellers-style show with Phil doing more crowd work between songs. At least one track from every album from Trespass to WCD. Dreaming While You Sleep or Many Too Many could be alternates, I just don't know where to put them.

    opening video during walk-on

    1. Dance on a Volcano

    2. Abacab

    "Good evening. We're going to be playing a lot of our big hit singles that you know and love. (cheers) And we're also going to be playing some songs that we haven't played in a VERY long time (huge cheers). At least one of which was written before I had even joined the band. But first, this is from our 1980 album, Duke.

    3. Behind the Lines

    4. Duchess

    5. Misunderstanding

    6. Hold On My Heart

    7. Follow You Follow Me

    "OK, some of our newer fans in the audience might not remember, but back in the 1970's, we had a guitarist named Steve Hackett (cheers) and a vocalist named Peter Gabriel. (more cheers) Unfortunately, they could not be with us tonight (awwwww). It's alright. Everybody's doing fine and we're still good friends. They're just rather busy at the moment. And now we would like to play some of the songs we wrote together. This is for Peter and Steve.

    8. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    9. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight (intro) / Carpet Crawlers

    10. In The Cage / Watcher of the Skies (outro)

    11. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) / Stagnation (outro)

    12. White Mountain

    "As you may have guessed, when Peter and Steve left the group they left some very big shoes to fill. I had to learn how to sing lead (laughs) and we needed a new guitarist. Thankfully, we found a good one. Ladies and gentlemen...Mr Daryl Stuermer! (cheers)

    13. Blood on the Rooftops

    14. Land of Confusion

    15. Home By The Sea

    (long intro about how crazy a year it's been for all of us and how good it is to be able to get together at a big rock show again)

    16. Domino

    17. Phil and Nic drum duet / In That Quiet Earth / Apocalypse in 9/8

    18. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (short version) / Invisible Touch


    19. Mama

    (I dunno if he'll give Grandmaster Flash a salute with "It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under" during the breakdown, but my fingers are crossed)

    "OK. If we're gonna do this one I'm gonna need everybody to sing the really high notes with me, alright?"

    20. I Can't Dance

    2nd encore

    21. For Absent Friends

    22. Fading Lights

    Many good guesses in this thread. IMHO they could play their 10 biggest hits and then pick another 10 songs out of a hat and it'd be a great show. Most likely Phil's voice will ultimately determine what goes on the list. I'm just hoping that they try to mix it up so that it's not an exact replay of the 2007 tour. The good thing is Phil will have a few thousand backup singers in addition to the two on stage, so if he has any issues it could be like when I saw John Paul Jones about 20 years ago (bass, drums, Chapman Stick, no vocalist, the crowd sang every song).

    My last guess was a total fantasy. This one adds a few tracks they haven't done in a while, and the possibility of a different opener for when they play multiple dates in the same town.

    Waiting Room (during walk on)

    Dance on a Volcano, Deep In The Motherlode, or Abacab (changes each night)

    Behind The Lines


    No Son Of Mine

    Land of Confusion

    Hold On My Heart

    Home By The Sea

    Follow You Follow Me

    White Mountain

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Musical Box closing section)

    In The Cage / Cinema Show (instrumental) / Watcher of the Skies (outro)

    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) / Stagnation (outro)

    Many Too Many


    Phil and Nic drum duet / In That Quiet Earth / Apocalypse in 9/8 / As Sure as Eggs Is Eggs

    Fading Lights (short version)

    Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (short version) / Invisible Touch

    1st Encore


    I Can't Dance

    Turn It On Again

    2nd Encore

    For Absent Friends

    Carpet Crawlers

    Hello. First post from a new guy here.

    I'm in Atlanta GA with my fingers crossed that they'll play at least a small selection of shows in the US sometime in late 2021 or 2022. Most likely I'll have to settle for the next When In Rome/Come Rain Or Shine collection, and that's OK. Any band that's still playing live after 50 years is extraordinary.

    My big hope is that they'll drop a few songs that they've played a million times to make room for others. At least one song (or even a segment) from every album going back to Trespass would be great. I'm not holding my breath for Dodo/Lurker or Entangled or Digby. I just want a mix of the usual hits plus some surprises, the audience singing along with Phil on every chorus and high part.

    If they were to live-stream one of their last shows in the UK, this is something that I'd happily pay to see.

    Waiting Room (during walk on) / Dance on a Volcano



    That's All

    Land of Confusion

    Hold On My Heart

    Home By The Sea (only the first one)

    Follow You Follow Me

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (Musical Box ending)

    In The Cage / Cinema Show (instrumental) / Watcher of the Skies (outro)

    Many Too Many



    Phil and Nic drum duet / In That Quiet Earth / Apocalypse in 9/8 / As Sure as Eggs Is Eggs (Phil: "And it's..." The entire audience sings along from "HEY, BABE!" to "JERUSALEM!")

    Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (short version) / Invisible Touch

    1st Encore

    I Can't Dance (Phil does "the walk" all the way to his chair during the intro, and then he does it again for a minute at the end, crowd goes wild both times)

    Turn It On Again

    2nd Encore

    Phil: "Some old friends are here with us tonight.....Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel."

    (5 minutes of deafening cheers, applause, stomping and chanting "GEN-E-SIS! GEN-E-SIS! GEN-E-SIS!")

    Lover's Leap ("It really has been a long time.....Hasn't it?")

    Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (excerpt) / Carpet Crawlers

    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) / Stagnation (outro)

    (Band takes a bow, walks off, comes back 5 minutes later)

    Peter: "Well, as long as we're all here we might as well play it one more time.......THE KNIFE!!!"

    I'm sure we'll probably get something closer to the set from 2007, but a man can dream.