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    No Self Control and Games Without Frontiers are classics no doubt. Intruder was revolutionary with the drum pattern and the sound that basically created the eighties (this can be looked upon both positively and negatively).

    Yes. Jerry Marotta and Phil kick butt on this album. And to think, all with no cymbals being allowed in the studio!

    Surely one of the points of joining a forum is to chew the fat over Genesis nonsense that others would be baffled by. Like when football fans sit in the pub and pontificate for hours about things they have no control over. The bizarre views and controversial arguments are what it’s all about, or am I missing something?

    Spot on. It’s also satisfies the craving of having someone to talk with about Genesis or Genesis related music. None of my friends or family love the band as much as I, so without this forum, all my Genesis related thoughts would just be bouncing around in my head!

    Good god man, I didn't buy it! I'd be afraid of waking up in the middle of the night to find that skeletal winged creature perched on the end of my bed. I am morbidly obsessed with the cover. It continues to blow my mind just how the creator sat back at the end, perhaps with a contented sigh, and thought to him or herself, 'yep, that's it. It's done. It can't be bettered".

    I'm also fascinated by it's appearance in Newbury Comics. I wonder if it'll be a sleeper hit among college kids who might like getting high and staring at the cover until the various elements start to move about and speak.

    I’ll be completely honest with you, I have no

    idea what I’m looking at, nor who Nad is! I’m just amazed by the artistic liberties taken in the cover, and by the reaction on this thread!

    Fellas fellas, you want the straight facts? Yes, what we endured the past year was a deadly pandemic. Yes, a lot of people died. Yes maskwearing, hand washing, etc does curb its spread. Yes, vaccinations have helped to curb the virus. Do we have vaccination hesitancy? Of course we do. Do grown adults have the right to make their own decisions? Of course they do. Damn skippy. Even if its a bad decision. As a nurse I’ve watched people die from it, it’s a helpless feeling . We’re all going to get through this.

    I love it. Genesis are a band that demands 6 favorite albums, dammit.

    (I'm not kidding, I have a top tier of Genesis albums that had CAS and Trick at the top followed by Abacab/Duke but Lamb and Trespass won't be refused entry to the club, what am I to do?)

    No doubt! I’m going to say something that might be a bit contentious among the fan base—-but CAS has on it probably one of the top ten Genesis songs ever, The Dividing Line. It’s almost impossible to pick a uniform top ten list of songs by the band, (their cup runneth over) but arguably you WOULD have to consider The Dividing Line on there.

    I went back and it's still there. I picked it up and took a photo of it. It's real. It costs $37. I felt my phone wince as the camera tried to focus, it did that blurry in-and-out thing like it would do in a Japanese horror film just before the dead girl with the jerky limb movements rushes toward you and eats your face. None of these sentences are false. It costs $37.

    Edit: $37.

    Haha. I can picture your eye twitching as you pick it up to pay for it.

    Best guess? I'd say either A Trick Of The Tail or Duke. I'd add the two albums in between but Steve doesn't have many contributions on Wind & Wuthering (though his contributions to Eleventh Earl Of Mar, Blood On The Rooftops & The Unquiet Slumbers / In That Quiet Earth medley are still awesome) and ...And Then There Were Three... mostly has good tracks but I honestly don't like Burning Rope & Say It's Alright Joe.

    I love Burning Rope. Might be my favorite track on the album. That or Undertow.

    What I would give to have seen Genesis in that ‘76-83 time frame. Seems like it was incredible. A great time for music overall. I’d take ‘72-73 as well. Some of those shows must have been spectacular.

    Maybe denying entry to things people REALLY want to do will encourage improved vaccination rates. People refuse to believe that this was a deadly disease that needs to be curbed through a combination of vaccination and unfortunately herd immunity. All this politicalization has led to ignorance. The right to decide is everyone’s god given right, but let’s be smart about it and realize science is on our side. The positivities rates dropping around the country is the proof in the pudding, as they say.

    Under present circumstances I'm not averse to the idea, but I'm curious what kind of proof would have to be shown.

    Up in my neck of the woods, we just get a peel-off sticker that says "I've been vaccinated."

    Perhaps in other jurisdictions, they give you something with your name and an official stamp from local health authorities.

    A sticker is not an official medical record of sorts. Usually you get a card that shows the dates that you received the shots.

    indeed a unique show

    but then again, what defines peak? I don't think it has to be connected with audience response. It can be, but doesn't have to. And of course we all have different perspectives. But I am also sure that musically, based on what they WERE able to do, their peak must have been somewhere between Lamb and Abacab.

    I don’t know. I’ve always been fascinated by a band’s tippy top moment. The moment when they are at the height of their powers, and can just command an audience. When of think of Zeppelin for example, I think many people would agree that the Earls Court Arena shows in May of ‘75 were their absolute peak. After that tour, Plant wrecked his car in Greece in August on holiday, and they never were the same. I was trying to pinpoint that moment for Genesis, and all these responses are great. You guys are right, it’s totally subjective. And since Genesis had a much longer career than Zeppelin, it makes it even harder to pinpoint.

    I haven't seen this talked about yet on the thread, but one thing I've noticed from watching several videos of Phil's Not Dead Yet tour is that the quality of his vocals has been a bit inconsistent between different legs of the tour. I was watching his 2018 Philadelphia show and his vocals on some songs were not too far off from where he was on the First Final Farewell tour (albeit transposed down), even on some more challenging songs like Hang In Long Enough and I Missed Again. Meanwhile, several of his 2017 and 2019 shows had him missing quite a few notes and having to defer to his background singers, sometimes in the middle of a vocal line. Also, his 2016 pre-tour announcement performance of In the Air Tonight at the US Open had him just about nailing one of the "screams" at the end (although he was standing up during that performance). Hopefully, he's whipped his voice into shape and improved his consistency for this upcoming tour, but I suppose I can't afford to be picky. I'm a Gen Z Genesis fan who missed out in 2007, and I'm determined to see them live at least once in my lifetime, warts and all.

    I’m right there with you. Like I mentioned somewhere else, there is a whole bunch of us fans in our late thirties to early to mid 40’s who never got to see them live because we were probably too young in ‘92, and missed the boat in ‘07 for various reasons. If nothing else, it becomes a bucket list thing.

    I’m really sorry to hear this Backdrifter, my condolences.