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    Hopefully one good thing to come out of the pandemic will be the end of handshakes, a ridiculous and sometimes slightly nauseating custom. Elbow-bumping can sod off too. There's absolutely no need for physical contact when meeting people. A nod, a smile (or in my case a sort of half-scowl) and a a few kind words of greeting are all that's necessary.

    Aw, nothing wrong with a good sturdy handshake, and a look straight in the eye. To me it shows respect. At least that’s how I was raised.

    Loving this story that the baby on this cover is now suing the surviving two members of the band and Courtney Love on the grounds of child sex abuse. The lawyer has said the image "clearly depicts the baby as a sex worker" and - my favourite bit - that the baby "didn't sign a release for the image".

    The lawyer added, "My client has issued the following statement: 'Googoo gagaga.' He won't be taking questions at this time as his nappy needs changing and he's then due for his afternoon nap."

    Annnnd the band’s legal team pulls out a waiver his parents signed the day of this photo shoot releasing the band from any indemnity. Game. Set. Match.

    I've realized what my "you're only allowed one wish" surprise would be. Phil walks slowly on stage, walking aid tapping slowly and deliberately as the audience goes quiet. He makes his way to the center, then does a forward roll and springs up like Willy Wonka, dropping the walking aid. Crowd goes nuts. Show on.

    Don't care what the setlist is!

    Hahaha. That would be hilarious. He does the whole walking cane getting stuck in the ground thing.

    I think we have to be realistic and not expect too many of the older songs.Looking back at the last tour one major surprise song (Ripples...) and a few medleys might be as good as we get this time. I also think they will minimise instrumentals as it leaves Phil with nothing to do sadly. As someone who loves watching the whole live stuff on video it makes me feel sad to realise the days of Phil jumping up on his drum kit and playing with real passion are now in the past. As Phil used to say before they played Ripples in the 1978 tour it is about the approaching of old age and the passing of time"....and time catches up with everyone in the end. I see this tour as the final chance to say goodbye to the band that have been such a key part of my life since I first heard them in the mid-1970s. I am going in not expecting too much and I certainly do not feel they owe me anything. They have given me such huge pleasure over the years and made my life much richer in every way.

    Beautifully put. I agree.

    We have movie theaters here in the states that do dinner and a movie. They’re called The Movie Tavern. You actually have waiters or waitresses come around and take your food order during the movie. I went once and found it distracting.

    I would try this concert and food thing though if i lived where it’s happening.

    Had a nice couple of weeks out of town in Maine and Western Massachusetts. Nice lakes, swimming for the kids etc. Did an obscene amount of barbecuing! Good local brews too.

    Anyway, OT I want to say I increasingly believe it very important to counter disinformation rather than conveniently deleting it. I used to think 'what's the point?' but having seen it balloon malignantly I don't think that at all anymore. That's all.

    Fair point made. Just to respond, I want you to know that I take the privilege of moderating this forum seriously. I think deeply and thoughtfully before I make a determination to delete the thoughts and posts of any member on here. I too have my own opinions and feelings about such topics as were being discussed. That being said, it’s not my position as a moderator to take sides, even though I have a side. If a thread is off topic, we must get back on topic. In addition, the team does inform members privately of their toxic behaviors, usually without other forum members being aware. With that being said, carry on!

    Not sure I am the target audience....not entirely sure who the target is unless it's completists.

    There doesn't appear to be much, if anything, new here. I wouldn't buy CDs or a download. If I were to buy anything it would be the vinyl and I think I'll save my 60 quid for the 4LP live album that I hope to see next year.

    However it is intriguing how many of these might make the set. The two different track listings do make me wonder if they've settled on two sets, one for UK and one for the USA? Then combine both for the live releases? Possibly wishful thinking.

    What would make me excited and probably many of us would be a new album. New material. I’m kind of hoping a successful tour will prompt some creative juices and, wishful thinking on my part, a new album. Not gonna happen though.

    It's a peculiar situation. In most countries the vocal minority opposed to vaccines and other public health measures is just that - a minority. But in the US, some states have a majority that vehemently oppose these measures, and have surging cases and hospitalizations, while other states like in New England have vaccination rates comparable to the best in the world. Not sure such a patchwork of philosophy and culture is so manifest anywhere else and will be interesting to see if the surge spills over into well protected areas. As such, there is no real firewall between them, I'm not aware of any restrictions across state lines.

    There is talk in the US in some states of making the vaccine mandatory for healthcare workers. Actually it’s already happening. As the push to end this pandemic strengthens, you may see more private companies creating policy that enforce vaccination. There is no restrictions across state lines that I’m aware of either.

    My earlier suggestion to relocate the entire tour to Massachusetts is increasingly looking like a no-brainer. Maybe with a stop in PA, since one of our newly minted moderators lives there. Can someone put me in touch with their management so I can sort this whole mess out 😃?

    Yeah. This is all a shame. Especially since the guys are not getting any younger here. They have the two shows scheduled for Philadelphia at the beginning of December. Things are not getting any better here in the states either. It might turn out that the US leg is the beginning of the tour, followed by the UK dates in 2022. Im just speculating, we will have to wait and see.

    Yes. Anyone remember this?

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    That’s really cool. How wild would it be to have the complete set of tapes for all their concerts?

    OK, here's a question related to opening songs: Do you prefer "Where the Sour Turns to Sweet" or "Calling All Stations"? :)

    For me, it's the first one -- best song on FGTR IMO.

    I almost didn't buy CAS because of the initial impression I had of the title track. It's one of those songs that took me a while to warm up to. (Once I heard the whole album I was glad I bought it, though.)

    I like both. To me CAS, like many of the opening tracks in their canon, is a strong statement. I actually think it was a strong promise for an album opener, which didn’t quite live up to the rest of the album. That being said, I don’t dislike the album, I mostly enjoy it. The album as a whole though does drown in mid tempo bloat though by ‘If That’s What You Need’. But overall, the dark, grittiness of the title track does set the mood.

    Also, my favorite track on FGTR is In the Wilderness. Great 60’s pop tune.