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    Dookie by Green Day. One of my favorite all time bands, Green Day. But Dookie for an album name? Naming their breakout album after a steaming turd didn’t hurt them one bit and the album is stellar. Still don’t know what its significance is though.

    Collins' Hello, I Must Be Going! while his song 'We Say Hello Goodbye' was featured in his next album No Jacket Required.

    I've always thought 'We Say Hello Goodbye' was recorded during the Hello, I Must Be Going! sessions.

    That’s like Houses Of The Holy by Led Zeppelin. Houses of the Holy was the title of their fifth album, but the song Houses of The Holy was on their sixth album, Physical Graffiti. Fun little oddity.

    Nope, just many audience bootlegs. Probably the best quality one is the TM Productions version, which you should be able to find on Genesis Movement’s torrent site. It’s not brilliant, none of them are, but he polished up the best sources pretty well.

    The band performance was rough round the edges that day. You could tell they didn’t have much rehearsal time. Some good moments though and it must have been a real nostalgia-fest for those who were there.

    Excellent, thanks!

    Was there ever an official recording released for the one-off Six of the Best Concert from 1982 with Peter Gabriel? Would love to hear audio from that reunion.

    Haha. Something about the scene where Ramon is taunting Jerry with the pool pole as Jerry is doing laps cracks me up, and of course as dark as it is, the scene where neither Jerry nor Newman wanted to perform CPR.

    Newman: He could die.

    Jerry: (pause), yeah.

    Fantastic track on a fantastic album. As with others here, for me Trick of the Tail is their best album, and Ripples is representative of the album as a whole. And even though the song is written from the point of view of a woman, doesn’t it apply to us all? We can slow him down, but we can’t stop Father Time, he comes for each of us. The guitar solo by Hackett is fantastic, I heard someone say once it sounds like he’s playing guitar underwater. I think of that when I hear it, unmistakably a Hackett guitar solo. A 15 in my book, deservingly so.

    I've never really gotten too far into vinyl, though ironically the one album I used to own was And Then There Were Three and I thought it sounded terrible on both vinyl and the original CD for being inexplicably thin-sounding yet cluttered at the same time. The 2007 remix was the first time that particular album was anywhere near the same sonic quality as the rest of the catalog in my opinion...

    I'll also add that I'm glad that there are so many options for people to collect and versions to prefer. Every format and every version brings something different to the table and offers some subtle and not so subtle variations on every album.

    I agree about ATTWT. It’s universally known among fans that the album historically has always sounded tinny and washed out. It has to be the way the album was mixed because the albums on either side, Wind and Wuthering and Duke, sound good, especially Duke always sounds fantastic. It always drives me a little crazy because I think the songs on the album are really strong for the most part. If the album was given the TLC it deserved in 1978 it would have sounded great, but I think it was rushed into production. The album cover proves that. Anyway, the remix definitely helps. Songs like Undertow and Deep in the Motherlode sound amazing on the 2007 boxed set.

    I think people who charge such high prices wouldn’t take reasonable offers, George Michael’s album Older on vinyl is getting re issued (limited on vinyl first time around and was going regularly for £1500). Folks even though they know it’s imminent are still asking £600 and £800 for their copies. I hope they fall flat on their faces for being greedy!.

    I agree! I’m all for capitalism, but when I see some of these people on sites like eBay charging such exorbitant prices for coveted items such as these boxed sets, asking for thousands of dollars, get a life you know. Charge market value or a little above, the goal should be to make a profit, not rip off fellow collectors and jack up the market.

    To be honest, I'm not sure it IS viewed as mediocre on the whole. I don't rate it at all, but I think a lot of people like it a lot. I'm in the minority it seems.

    And to illustrate my point, I'd say those 4 songs you mentioned are among the worst songs the band ever released! (and I don't mean that as a personal comment).

    But I like the fact this is a band that people can love for all sorts of reasons.

    That is true, and nothing personal taken. There is so much to love about the band, and this forum would be boring if we all had the same opinion! But I disagree that the back half of the album is among the worse songs the band ever released. That is a strong statement, but rightly your opinion. There are worse songs on We Can’t Dance and Calling All Stations. And I would say One For the Vine off of W and W is a meandering piece of crap. And do not forget their debut album. I’ll stick up for the back half of the self titled album though.

    Absolutely. And not only I have spent lots of $$ on their LPs and CD output but also on travel expenses to see them Live like I did for Duke (1980 - New York), Turn it On (2007 - Denver) and the Last Domino (2021- Montreal).

    But as you said, it was worth every dollar and do not regret it for something that I enjoyed to the fullest.

    That’s amazing, I would have loved to see them in the early 80s! How was the New York Duke show? Was it amazing?

    I’ve always been an avid horror fan, but never watched all the Friday the 13th movies in their entirety. For the most part, they are terribly bad movies, but I started a marathon last week. Finished Friday the 13th Part III last night. Actually I forgot about the end of 3, it creeps me out. Something about bad horror I find appealing.

    I'm wondering why the Black Box (Live 1973-2007) is the most expensive at over $1000 USD while all the other four (that I already have had for years) are all selling for under $400 each.

    If I recall correctly, the bonus CD on the Black box is a Rainbow theater concert in London and all the rest are easy to find individually online. But, I do have that Rainbow concert bootleg that is not pristine audio but sounds ok. Sometimes you make bad decisions out of conformity and end up being sorry you did.

    Agreed. And I’m sure we’ve all bought their discography many times over in different formats. It’s kind of shameful how much money Genesis has made me spend. But I regret none of it. I love the band, they’re worth it.