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    You're being too harsh on Steve again. Yes, I remember comments about "nightmarishly long sides" (Supper) and "red colour across a painting" (Pete's busy vocals on The Lamb), but the Fielder book is nearly forty years old now. I don't know how old you are, but from own experience people's opinions are likely to change occasionally over such a long timespan. That doesn't necessarily have to be a shameful thing and there doesn't have to be an agenda, either. These days I can listen to Michael Jackson or the last few MOR Alan Parsons albums and actually enjoy it. If someone had told me in my youth I would have laughed.

    You know you want to. This thread and the less than brilliant new album have made me go back and relisten to some of his older stuff. I rediscovered some gems I hadn't paid enough attention to, never gave a chance or had completely forgotten: Oh How I Love You, Lost in Your Eyes, Little America, Tombstone Roller, Blue Part of Town (and, in fact, the whole blues album), Circus of Becoming, A Girl Called Linda, The Phoenix Flown, ...

    VOYAGE OF THE ACOLYTE: Shadow of the Hierophant


    SPECTRAL MORNINGS: Spectral Mornings

    DEFECTOR: The Steppes

    CURED: The Air Conditioned Nightmare

    HIGHLY STRUNG: Cell 151

    BAY OF KINGS: Second Chance

    TILL WE HAVE FACES: What's My Name

    MOMENTUM: Cavalcanti

    GUITAR NOIR: There Are Many Sides to the Night

    BLUES WITH A FEELING: Big Dallas Sky



    DARKTOWN: Days of Long Ago

    TO WATCH THE STORMS: Wind, Sand and Stars

    WILD ORCHIDS: Man in the Long Black Coat


    BEYOND THE SHROUDED HORIZON: Prairie Angel/A Place Called Freedom

    WOLFLIGHT: Love Song to a Vampyre (about the ONLY song I like on that album)

    THE NIGHT SIREN: Anything But Love

    AT THE EDGE OF LIGHT: Underground Railroad

    FEEDBACK '86: The Gulf


    METAMORPHEUS: The Dancing Ground

    TRIBUTE: (Whoops, I never really listened to that one)

    SKETCHES OF SATIE: Gymnopédie No. 1

    GTR: Hackett to Bits/Imagining

    SQUACKETT: Divided Self

    I like hundreds of bands, but there are a few that hit a special nerve. Sometimes it felt as if they'd made music especially for me:

    Beach Boys


    Jethro Tull



    The Beatles

    I'll add for sheer talent and professionalism. ;)

    I voted for Plague of Lighthouse Keepers. Other faves include Close to the Edge, In Held Twas in I (Procol Harum), Echoes. Possibly 2112 (will have to listen to it some more, am just discovering Rush). Awaken seems rather hit or miss, there are parts I like, while others don't do anything for me. I nearly forgot the Foreigner Suite by Cat Stevens.

    I've listened to the thing about five times now. I guess those who loved Wolflight will be in for a treat. The others perhaps not so.

    After "Underground Railroad" and "Under the Eye of the Sun" I had high hopes for this album, but as it turns out those two tasters are actually its highlights!

    The eleven minute "Those Golden Wings" is just the most frustrating thing. It's built around a classy, rather inspired guitar melody, first played with electric twelve string several times and later on part of an elongated guitar solo. Unfortunately, the remainder of this pieced together track doesn't add up to anything but self-indulgence.

    "Hungry Years" gets plus points for actually being reminiscent of a song and for Amanda's (underemployed) vocals adding warmth. But like the Crosby, Stills & Nash experiment a few albums ago it sounds leaden when it should sound cheerful.

    Then again, if you loved Wolflight...

    dinner in 1998 to celebrate ARCHIVE 1. I couldn't find much detail, but one article claims that it involved "all former and present members of Genesis," which can't be true

    The only members present, next to the "legendary five", were Ant Phillips and John Silver. You'll find a nice photo of those seven here:

    Chester Thompson has worked with Steve and met Steve.

    They even played together in Genesis in the early months of 1977. ;)

    Daryl Stuermer, too, met Steve as early as he joined Genesis. There's a quote in Armando Gallo's book, something like "A guy turned up telling me I was his second fave guitarist, and that guy turned out to be Steve Hackett".