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    My money is on Tonight, Tonight, Tonight...

    Phil's last solo tour started with Against All Odds, instead of an obvious uptempo number. Genesis may do the same. A different flavor than the last couple tours.

    I don't see Land Of Confusion again, being that it opened in '92. And Turn It On Again opened in '07 (after the instrumental 'Duke's Intro').

    Tonight x3 would be a good way for Phil to ease into the show. Plus it's one that everyone knows.

    A nice video intro, and then:

    I've revised my setlist prediction.

    I now predict they will open with Tonight, Tonight, Tonight. A slower, moodier start...

    1. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

    2. Abacab

    3. No Son Of Mine

    4. Land Of Confusion

    5. Old Medley (Squonk, Musical Box, Supper's Ready, Afterglow)

    6. Follow You Follow Me

    7. Home By The Sea

    8. Duchess

    9. Misunderstanding

    10. That's All

    11. Firth Of Fifth / I Know What I Like

    12. Mama

    13. Throwing It All Away

    14. Domino

    15. Fading Lights

    16. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    17. Invisible Touch

    18. Turn It On Again

    I expect shorter versions of the epics, to cover more material in their two hours, and also so there won't be many long stretches with Phil awkwardly sitting up front with nothing to do.

    1. Abacab

    2. No Son Of Mine

    3. Land Of Confusion

    4. Old Medley (with bits of Squonk, Musical Box, Supper's Ready, and Afterglow)

    5. Follow You Follow Me

    6. Home By The Sea (no Second Home this time)

    7. Duchess

    8. Misunderstanding

    9. That's All

    10. Firth Of Firth/I Know What I Like (same as 2007)

    11. Mama

    12. Throwing It All Away

    13. Domino

    14. Tonight Tonight Tonight (single edit version)

    15. Fading Lights (abbreviated)

    16. Invisible Touch

    17. Turn It On Again

    I figure this is realistic and should be around two hours. No huge surprises, but gives us Abacab, new stuff in the Old Medley, Misunderstanding, That's All, and Fading Lights, as changes from 2007.