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    The tour is skipping Florida... so I'm making a little trip out of it.

    I will first be flying into Las Vegas to see U2's show at the MSG Sphere on October 11, then renting a car and driving over to LA, to catch PG at the Kia Forum on October 13.

    Can't wait.

    I guess we'll know when we know... but my prediction is that i/o will be 13 songs in total.

    The 12 songs performed live so far, plus 'So Much', which was on the Verona printed setlist, but not played.

    EDIT - Though on second thought, maybe it'll just be 12. If the "one song per new moon" cycle continues, a 13th song wouldn't be out until January 2024.

    Keeping it at 12 songs, would give us a final new song on December 12, 2023 and can then release a physical version just before Christmas.

    Its a shame there wasn't the same demand yesterday. I had a spare ticket for sale. I wasn't allowed to put it on Viagogo and AXS wouldn't let me enter less than the face value of £167 on their re-sale site. Then having looked at their website I see the ticket price was £210 as were some other re-sale tickets in the same block plus 2 new tickets at £167 which of course anybody looking would have gone for first. They really are just Gansters at AXS. I would have let it go for £30 or even given it away.

    Should have tried Twickets.

    Genesis are performing OK, but nowhere near their previous level. So why would they want to preserve it for the fans?

    Well, Genesis DID authorize a PBS documenary about the making of the tour, featuring early rehearsals when Phil was really struggling. (and that official DVD can be ordered during the PBS pledge drives).

    If Genesis were so concerned about how they currently appear, they would never allow that special to see the light of day.

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    If they're okay with that documentary out there, "preserved for the fans"... then I see no reason why they can't release a video of a full finished show from this tour.

    I think there's a good case for them re-releasing When In Rome on Blu-Ray because Pink Floyd restored and re-released the concerts from the A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour and The Division Bell Tour as well. I hope Genesis would do the same thing with When In Rome, besides I've got an ad in my DVD copy saying they will be releasing it on Blu-Ray ^^

    "Deliciate Sound Of Thunder" needed major restoration. The concert was originally shot on 35mm film, and yet the VHS that came out in the late 80s looked like total garbage. They totally restored and re-edited the entire thing a couple years ago, and it's a vast improvement.

    For "Pulse", they also recently re-edited, but the new version didn't improve much. They couldn't upgrade the picture very much as it was shot on standard definition tapes. The new version is redundant.

    If "When In Rome" ever finally gets a Blu-Ray, they don't need to do much. It was already shot in high definition and was edited well. They could just release it, as-is. Hopefully in 4K too.

    Again, I think maybe the issue holding it back was the exclusive deal with Walmart stores (in the US). I don't know if that was just for a set period of time or if it's permanent.

    When In Rome was released right in the middle of a high definition format war between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. I think the story at the time was, they didn't want to choose between the two and go through the expense of releasing it on a "dead format" (which is what HD-DVD ultimately became).

    Also, in the US at least, there was an exclusive deal with Walmart to carry the dvd. Can they even re-release it on Blu-Ray at other retailers now? Has enough time passed? Not sure what the arrangement is.

    All of us, the fans, deserve to have an official recording of what will be "the last time".

    We´ve given our fidelity to all Genesis family up to now. And Genesis family should pay us back with the release (cd, dvd/bluray or download of a show) of what likely will be their musical epilogue. We deserve it.

    Eh, that sounds very entitled. As disappointing as it seems, they owe us NOTHING.

    At least we have the YouTube videos. I'm sure someone could assemble a decent multisource edit of a full show.

    (Yes, we also had YouTube in 2007, but if you look for 2007 audience videos, most of the footage is ridiculously low resolution and unwatchable. Digital camera technology has come such a long way since then...)

    If they didnt want to go through the process of getting a physical product produced of this tour, fine.

    But they could have offered a streaming version, either for free or for sale.

    I know they filmed the rehearsals, but I think they've come a long way since then... An actual live show in front of an audience would have been so much better. And Phil's voice is miles better now than it was during rehearsals.

    I think they could have videoed it fairly inexpensively. But their choice.X/

    Although I’m fan of earlier tracks I’d have to leap to defend No Son of Mine which I think is one of their best later tracks and in fact one of their best of any era

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater of No Son Of Mine.

    But I really can't think of anything else on the setlist that would be considered 'expendable' for a new setlist addition.

    They're not going to add any additional songs and make the show longer than it already is.

    So any change to the setlist would almost certainly come at the expense of Duchess (see Chicago).

    If Duchess is the only song they'll consider dropping for something else, then I say leave the setlist alone.

    I would have thought these days the Blu Ray would be standard. DVDs are becoming rarer, or that is my experience.

    At the time When In Rome was released, the marketplace had not yet settled on a standard of high definition home media. The "war" between the two HD formats (HD DVD vs BLU RAY) was in full swing.

    Genesis opted to just release it as a standard DVD because they were unsure which HD format would win.

    Genesis also made a deal with Walmart to exclusively carry the DVD in North America. I guess Walmart shoppers circa 2007-8 weren't considered very tech savvy so they cancelled an HD release.

    Within months, Blu Ray wiped out HD DVD, but by then, When In Rome was already out, and wouldn't be re-released. They've had more than enough time to fix this oversight, but nothing yet!