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    There's a handful of songs that fit in this group, or into a list of songs that I've always liked, but I think are often overlooked.

    Back in NYC is one that I overlooked for a long time, but it's become one of the highlights for me. And Hairless Heart is, I think, really fantastic. And then someone earlier mentioned The Lamia. I think with all three of them, it took the first box set, and that live version of them, for me to really latch on. I was so used to live versions of In The Cage (3SL was what finally got me into the band), that the rest of the album didn't really resonate. But once I heard live versions of each of those; man, I love them. The Lamia in particular is a great live track. And I get it; I know that the second half of the Lamb isn't as respected at the first half. And I know that it comes to a "conclusion" somewhat abruptly. But I really like the second half.

    Many Too Many is one that it took a while for me to find; one of my least favorite of their albums, so it wasn't in regular rotation. But I've grown to really love that track. Like it or Not is another late cut from an album that I think is really strong. I think either of them would have made a great addition to the '07 or '21 tours, but I knew there was no way.

    Other folks have mentioned Keep it Dark, and I echo their sentiments. Great track!

    It's Gonna Get Better is one that I've known for ages, but never really card about. My buddy and I wore out his copy of The Mama Tour on VHS. But we never paid much attention to this one, because we knew that the Cage Medley was coming up, and that's what we were waiting for. But it's a really great song. And especially the last couple years, I have to keep reminding myself that, indeed, It's Gonna Get Better (at least I hope so).

    The last I'll mention is Anything She does. When I was younger, I hated that song, I think mostly because I liked the radio hits, and wanted to hear The Brazilian. I also never understood Benny Hill, so that song was never in the rotation. And then I started to really get into the older stuff, and I poo-pooed IT as a whole; I was too cool for that radio-friendly crap! Foxtrot or Die, man! (Ahh, the arrogance of a teenager) But at some point, something with it clicked with me, and I really like it. I love the addition of the harpsichord-ish sound in the last verse after the break. It's nothing more than a silly little pop song. But I think it's a great silly little pop song.

    I thought the 92 medley was perfect. The best part of some classic songs, and brought us through the beginning notes of Volcano to IKWIL. It is my favorite medley they have ever done, as I'm not keen on In the Cage too much.

    This is one of those "to each their own" sort of situations. For me, '92 has been my least favorite medley over the years. Not because of the big things they played. I really liked Volcano, Lamb, tMB, Firth, and IKWIL. I thought those worked well, and if they had just done those things, it would have been a perfectly lovely medley. What ruined it for me was the 8 bars of this, 8 bars of that, and 8 bars of the other thing that they shoehorned into it. I didn't need mini-snippets of Illegal Alien, Your Own Special Way, FYFM, or whatever else they crammed in there.

    I still really like the Turn it On Again medley from the Mama tour. Same idea, where they did 8 bars of this, and 8 bars of that. But I think what made that work well was that it wasn't their songs. They were little bonuses of fun. I don't know how many times I've seen the video of that show, but I still love it, and I still feel the excitement build as they get closer and closer to getting back into TIOA.

    But doing the same thing for their own songs, for me at least, didn't work at all.

    This reads as AI journalism, as opposed to an actual person writing it. The inaccuracies are pretty blatant, but if you were just a bot being fed articles, I could see why it would make some of the statements it did. And the writing style is kind of choppy; it doesn't flow like a person wrote it. If I had to guess, this was a bot written article, given a pseudo by-line, and not a very well trained bot either.

    At least I hope so, because if Su is a real person, she really needs to learn how to fact check and edit her articles (or go to work for Breaking the Band, which was about as good a piece of "journalism").

    Thanks for taking the time to look that up. From the setlists I’ve seen online since I first asked it looks like sometimes they play SR as the final encore and sometimes they play TMB. Keeping my fingers crossed they play SR in Philly.

    According to their site, they are playing 2 shows that night near Philly? I wonder then if they'll play TMB for one of them, and SR for the other. For your sake, I hope you're at an SR show.

    I'd never see a tribute band of any kind but good for them for doing LFS.

    I respect that decision. I think I was originally a little averse to seeing a "tribute band". But then I started thinking of it less as a tribute band, and more as a night at the symphony or theater. I'm excited to listen to the CSO play a night of Beethoven, or see Les Miserables or something, even though nobody on stage was associated with the actual writing of the music. That's not to say you need to do the same; to each their own. But I'm glad I decided to see TMB (more than a few times now). I didn't get to see Genesis back in the day, so it's nice (for me at least) to experience someone else's version of it. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

    Hey, are you going to see The Musical Box November 20th? I see they are playing in Chicago. I have tickets to see them the following weekend in Philly. We saw The Genesis Show tribute band last month in New Jersey and my girlfriend was royally disappointed that they didn't play Supper's Ready (first time I've seen them when they didn't play SR). I've assured her (stupidly perhaps) that TMB will play SR. Just wondering if maybe you would mind posting a short review of TMB concert in the Cover Bands thread (if you see them on the 20th and if you have time). Thanks.


    If I had to guess? Maybe not SR. It's such a long piece, I'd assume that unless they are recreating a specific tour where they played it, they'll keep it out, to make room for other songs. I could of course be wrong, but that's my guess.

    So, maybe I'm mistaken about that then...…westbury-ny-438aff87.html

    Too many things to try to quote them all ...

    Vitriol towards I Can't Dance - Yep, I'm one of those who would rather that one be left in a waste bin. I didn't care for the video (which was always on MTV), I didn't care for it on the radio, I didn't care for it on the '92 tour, I didn't care for it on the '07 tour, and it is an always skip on the album or any live releases. I know lots of people really like it, so I am glad for them that they get to experience as often as they do. But I could go on living forever without hearing it. <shrug>

    Duchess - Seeing and hearing clips of this on YouTube almost made me reconsider my decision not to go tonight or tomorrow (the Chicago shows, as I type this). That's such a great song anyway, and this version sounds amazing. I wrote this somewhere else, but that moody instrumental opening could just go on for much longer before the break into the song.

    The Lamb - I agree with whomever previously said that the Lamb is great in any form. I have only experienced the acoustic version via YouTube, but I really liked it. It's very different, and I really like that they took a chance on it. Sure, they could have done an acoustic Hold on My Heart or something. But I like the left turn for this one.

    Abacab - I wonder if that might have been an option vs Fading Lights? Both songs that lead to long instrumentals at the end. Maybe they were thinking Abacab could lead into Cinema Show, but they liked the quieter option instead? I don't know. Either way, I agree with many here who wish that they played at least a little of the FL instrumental, and had come up with a better transition.

    Regardless - to all who are going to the Chicago shows tonight and tomorrow, make enough noise that I'll be able to hear you in Uptown!! Have a great time!

    Hey, are you going to see The Musical Box November 20th? I see they are playing in Chicago. I have tickets to see them the following weekend in Philly. We saw The Genesis Show tribute band last month in New Jersey and my girlfriend was royally disappointed that they didn't play Supper's Ready (first time I've seen them when they didn't play SR). I've assured her (stupidly perhaps) that TMB will play SR. Just wondering if maybe you would mind posting a short review of TMB concert in the Cover Bands thread (if you see them on the 20th and if you have time). Thanks.

    I actually do have a ticket for that show (or maybe it's the other night they are playing in St Charles?) But in the end, I don't think I'm going to be going. They used to play at a theater on the north side of the city, which is dirty and smelly, and really great! Now they play at a theater pretty far out in the suburbs, which is considerably less convenient for me. I've been out there for a few shows, but I'm not sure I'm going to do it again this time. Sorry.

    But I'm sure there's got to be a way to find out what they are playing. If I had to guess? Maybe not SR. It's such a long piece, I'd assume that unless they are recreating a specific tour where they played it, they'll keep it out, to make room for other songs. I could of course be wrong, but that's my guess.

    Have fun when you do go!

    Like a few other people here, I'm in my late 40s, so I didn't have a chance to see any of the earlier tours. And I didn't really get into the band until just after IT, so WCD was the first tour I saw.

    WCD - Madison and Chicago

    CAS - Had tickets for the Chicago show, but the US tour was cancelled

    TIOA - Paris (got to meetup with some other fans from the old official board at a little bar the night before) and Amsterdam (I wasn't risking the US tour not happening again. So I started off the trip with a few days in Florence before heading to Paris, and it made for a really extraordinary divorce present to myself). Then Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Chicago

    I've gotten to see The Musical box quite a few times (Foxtrot, White, Black, Lamb, Trick, Extravaganza), which works for me in terms of seeing some of the older tours. It's those middle years (Abacab, Encore, Mama) that I really wish I had been able to see.

    Fair enough. I hadn't noticed who the posters of either of those videos had been, or if they mentioned any of the alternate sources (I'm sure not). If that was your stuff that someone else took to put those full cuts together, I can totally understand you wanting them removed.

    Someone had pieced together the full show, and put it on YouTube. The songs that were cut from the official release were of mixed quality. Some of them were pretty good, other sources were ... not great. But it was still nice to be able to see the full show, after having only known the official. I managed to find it a couple times, but not recently.

    Someone also did the same thing with the Invisible Touch tour. There were a lot of comments / complaints about where songs actually belonged in the set, because they used the US version of The Cage Medley (with the end of Supper's), but that caused it to not be accurate to the running order of the rest of the show (from Wembley). Can you imagine ... a bunch of Genesis fans being irritated that something wasn't accurate to the original? We're all so calm and easy going! Anyway, that one I only found once, about a year or so ago, but I haven't seen it on YouTube since.

    I don't know that we'll ever know what the plan was going to be. But if I was a betting person, I think I'd go with what Choccy suggested. I think London (and then the US shows) was going to be the end, and that the band (or Phil at least) didn't have plans for continental Europe. Then when London had to be postponed, Tony Smith said, well look at this, I just happen to have some additional dates already saved on the calendar. Rather than starting everything up for just those few rescheduled shows, why not add a couple others; gives you a chance to get back into solid form, and say goodbye with a really great show in London.

    Selling, Trick, and Duke for me. I’ve never listened to a single track from Calling All Stations even though I own a copy because I bought all the Box sets. I would consider myself to be an all era fan, but Selling is my go-to album when I get nostalgic for Genesis.

    Personally, I think CAS doesn't sound like a "Genesis" album the first time through. Different singer, different drummer, different writing (different positions, different little nurse's outfits; it's hard alright).

    I don't think it's great, but I think it's good. And while certainly not in their top albums, I do rate it higher than a couple other albums from the catalog. I'm not sure how it would sound now though, if I'd never listened to it before.

    I haven't listened to it yet (and the queue is pretty long, so it'll be a while), but the most recent episode of the Tabletop Genesis Podcast is all about this album. A while back, they did an interview with one of the guys (I don't remember if it was before or after the one's passing, so I don't know who the interview was with), but it talked about why they got into Genesis in the first place, and how they do the arrangements. It was a good interview, though I can't point out which episode that was.

    Regardless, as I said, the most recent episode is specifically about this new album, just released. So give it a listen if you've the interest.

    What about creating one super live album, no duplicates but you can choose the best 25 live songs you prefer to put on it from all the previous live albums.

    I"ll have to give it more thought to follow your rules. But a while back, I created a "Genesis Live" playlist in iTunes that I go back to from time to time. It does allow for duplicates though (just in a couple instances, where things are also included in medleys), and also includes things from boots, so not always official releases. And it's more than 25 tracks.

    Set 1


    Turn it on Again

    Dancing with the Moonlit Knight

    In the Cage / Afterglow (3SL)


    Driving the Last Spike

    Back in NYC / Hairless Heart


    Dividing Line

    Keep it Dark


    Carpet Crawlers



    Duke's Travels


    Behind the Lines / Duchess

    Old Medley '92 (Dance, Lamb, Musical Box, Firth, IKWIL)

    TTT (the long version from '86)

    Cinema Show

    Fading Lights

    It's Gonna Get Better

    Cage Medley '86 (with Quiet Earth / Ap in 9/8)

    Calling All Stations

    Not About Us

    Drum Duet / Los Endos

    Musical Box

    The Knife

    I think Pete has close to zero interest in singing a Genesis song at all, let alone with Genesis. It almost seems like Pete was goaded into singing those couple of lines of Moonlight Knight by Sting on their duo tour. It certainly didn't seem like something he would have done on his own.

    If I understood it correctly, Sting did that on his own at first, as sort of a one-off surprise. It wasn't until later that Peter started joining him for that. I could be totally mistaken there of course. But if so, that suggests you're right, and that Peter did it somewhat begrudgingly.

    I've now watched a couple different videos of Duchess, and I have to say, I LOVE it! The opening is really great, and one of those pieces that I feel like I could just live in for a while (to quote Phil in the Mama Tour video ... "at least until the drugs wear off."). I'd love for that intro to continue even longer.

    Then the heart of the song starts, and it just sounds great! The arrangement is really excellent, with some different keyboard and guitar bits. And while I know each audio recording is different (so it may be a function of the taper's mics), the two I've heard have both had a really booming low end that I liked.

    I haven't watched / listened to every song they play on the tour yet, but a fair amount. This is the first that's really hit me in this way; really loved it!

    What I've noticed is the pace, at least in 2nd HBTS. They seem to be playing it at about the same pace as they did in '92, which for me, is way too fast. '84 and '07, they seemed to play it a little slower, giving it more space and weight. This faster pace thins it out some for me. No need to rush it; take your time and let that mood settle in and build. Just my 2 cents.

    That's a really good interpretation. I still find it odd. Once we reach a "certain age" (cough, cough), we all look back at things we said, did, etc., at different points in our lives. And while we might cringe in certain instances, the reality is that history is not revisionist, i.e., we acted in a way that was consistent with who we were at that point in our lives. That doesn't make it any less valuable and shouldn't be looked down at as who we are today is the cumulative sum of those experiences. That's way too off-topic lol.

    I think that's a really valuable lesson, yes. But there's a difference between recognizing the value of what was done in the past, and reliving what you've done in the past by hanging out with it every night.

    I certainly know that my first marriage and subsequent divorce contributed to who I am today (and hopefully helped make me a better husband this second time around). But I have no interest in hanging out with my ex-wife. Similarly, I'm sure the band can see the way certain songs were really influential in their growth as artists and as a band. But that doesn't mean they have any desire to play some of those songs ever again. And I don't blame them for that.