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    I don't think it's been mentioned here but does anyone think there could be a resurrection of the In That Quiet Earth/Apocalypse in 9/8 medley from the IT tour? Perhaps just the instrumental parts since the vocals are challenging. I know from some of the interviews at least some of SR was on the table for the setlist. It would be a shame for the possible last tour to not include at least a portion of their signature song from the early era. Thoughts?

    Was just listening to the ITC medley from LA in 1986 and the thought occurred...

    Yeah! I'm hopping for that medley!

    Saddly, I can't imagine how can Phil's voice could handle it...

    Hi there! I'm a fan for years now, this will be my first ever show (Belmont park, UBS arena).

    Here are my thoughts on the setlist, base on the 2007 setlist, Phil's voice and Not dead tour setlist, different interviews for the guys and the screens showed in both teasers, etc

    VERY LIKELY: Domino, Abacab, Land of confusion, Follow you follow me, Mama, Invisible touch, Duke's intro, Firth of fifth, Throwing it all away

    CAN HAPPEN: Los Endos, I know what I like, Old medley (something like the We can't dance tour with old stuff, hopping Apocalypse in 9/8), Afterglow, Carpet crawlers, No son of mine

    WITH SOME LUCK: Squonk, Ripples, Fly on the windshield, Squonk, Home by the sea

    LONG SHOTS: Entangled, Hailess heart, Fading lights, Anyway

    I've put some of this songs on playlists and got some solid setlists, rounding 2 hours and a half (lsomtehing like the last tour). My guess is they could do some instrumental stuff so they don't stress Phil's voice for all the tour and we could hear some amazing stuff.

    Lastly, I'm hopping and praying they don't play I can't dance... and if they do, that will be the perfect time for taking a leak and having another couple of beers!