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    Wow. I haven’t heard Heathaze in a while. It’s always been a favorite of mine and the mellotron makes it even more moving. Truth be told tears welled up in my eyes while listening to this.

    It's always been my favorite (by a long shot) off of Duke. Adding mellotron brings it up to a completely different level. My biggest beef with Banks is/was his obsession with the "newest" synths and keyboards though I can't really blame him when it comes to the mellotron. I moved one once and they were a beast - not as bad as the B3 I moved (what we do at age 19) but still a massive unit. Now, any $1000 synth has decent mellotron string and choir patches but the first synths in the '80s were terrible when it came to reproducing these classic sounds. There's nothing that sound like a mellotron, owing to the tape banks and the weird technique one has to use to play it before the tape runs out lol! But that weird technique gave birth to things like Watcher of the Skies, so no complaints here..... Cheers, Andre.

    Agree. Having played much of Genesis' catalogue from the '70s, I can attest to the fact that their chord and arpeggio structures are bizarre, not to mention all the alternate tunings that Rutherford used during that period. And I mean weird.... Also, Banks' chords are certainly not "traditional" by any stretch (I'm not a keyboardist but I certainly remember our keyboardist scratching his head on occasion). And though the music became much more streamlined in the '80s, some of that weirdness persisted (e.g.: Turn it on Again is in altered tuning). That greatly differentiated Genesis form other prog bands of that era. The only other musicians I can think of that did a lot of this were Joni Mitchell and David Crosby.

    Exactly! Politest vandals I've ever heard of.

    Reminds me of my first trip to London in 1982 as a 19 year old (I was living in Ottawa).... I was walking in Islington or somewhere in North London (which, at that time, looked like utter shit) and before I even realized it, I had 5 skinheads circling me. Did I mention that I had shoulder length hair and was wearing a Jethro Tull t-shirt lol? They asked for money (of course). One guy had Made in Scotland" tattooed on his forehead, another one "Violence is My Drug". I felt the right move was to hand over my money lol, let alone the 5:1 ratio. The weirdest part is that they proceeded to invite me for a beer!!!! Ah, no, so sorry but I have an appointment I need to get to! Ah, the joys of youth....

    Ah the 80s: electric drums, synth horns, those ridiculous looking mini-guitars (I don’t care how good they may or may not sound, they look ridiculous), and Tony and Mike in their Miami Vice suits while Phil sports the business casual look onstage in his cotton Dockers and white dress shirt. Embarrassing.

    Those "mini" guitars (sorry, that made me laugh) were Steinberger guitars and were quite pricey back on the day (made out of graphite). I never liked them also but they seemed so fitting given how sucky the '80s were generally, not just fashion. We could have along chat about that, As far as the '70s go, I'll take my bell bottom jeans and platform shoes any day over those hideous Sergio Valente jeans and upper jackets lol.

    slightly off piste but some xmas humour ...watching School of Rock for the umpteenth time yesterday..laughing when Jack Black hands out the CD in class referencing Rush,Floyd and the keyboard solo on Yes's Roundabout....can just imagine TB choking on his popcorn when he saw that 😂

    If you look at the blackboard when they go over "rock history", you will see Genesis prominently featured under the "prog rock" branch lol.

    Well not all of them, as Hackett has made clear.

    I love I&O and think it's one of the best things they ever did. It does have a different feel compared to the album material but that's one of its strengths in my view. The dynamics of the instrumental are very different from usual Genesis, and it's their oddities that so often appeal to me as is the case with this one. The run-out section when the drums go to half-tempo with Hackett's big ringing discords is wonderful - a great antidote to all the lush swirly Genesis-y stuff on the album. Maybe it's as well it ended up on the EP as it's too good for the album.

    Hackett wanted Please Don't Touch on W&W; which they did rehearse. I think that song would have been awesome to include as the rest of the band would have put its touch on it (it would have sounded different from what ended up on Hackett's second solo album). It certainly is/was as strong as Wot Gorilla, for example.

    …and I’ll add my thanks as well!

    That was a very welcome read. It was perfect to read while “Duchess” is playing in the background (yes, it really is)! 8)

    P.S. The bit that made me smile the most was the “merits of ‘Man Of Our Times’” comment. ^^ I’ve always really liked that song, despite many not rating it very well. (I am now listening to this very song - can you tell I’m listening to Duke?)

    It's a Rutherford song... typical (Man of Our Times. Listen to Moonshine on Smallcreep's Day. Heck, it's even a "descendant" of Squonk to my ears. Heavy chords, Taurus pedals... it has Rutherford written all over it

    Me too. Actually, I even understand why they left out Inside and Out. The overall sound of the song is completely different from the rest of the album. To me it belongs more to ATOTT...

    A bit of context... Mike wrote it right after the got married in the late summer of '76 for his wife Angie so yes, it is a love song. I actually think it's cool that Banks used a Fender Rhodes on that song, which he never did, I believe, either before or after. And yes, I agree reading Inside and Out; it does have that ATOTT vibe to it.

    I was thinking the same thing. Could you imagine Peter coming to the front of the stage for the encore signing "Can you tell me where my country lies?" then continuing to sing Carpet Crawlers with Phil as a duet? That would be the perfect end to the last show. I know it's unlikely, but we can dream...

    Not sure why this sounds so far fetched? It's the end of the band and the last show is in their hometown. Gabriel and Hackett were critical parts o the first incarnation of the band. Why wouldn't they join for a 1-2 song encore? Gabriel sang the intro to DOWTMK in Edmonton 5 years ago and it sounded fantastic (way more emotional than when Phil sings it - sorry). Same for Hackett; he'd probably jump at the chance. I can understand their reticence in revisiting their '70s catalog in the '80s but 50 years later? Come on, give me a break!

    If not for “Your Own Special Way” it would rank right up there with SEBTP and ATOTT for me. It’s easy to see why Tony loves it so much (though it is interesting to me that Mike ranks it below ATOTT).

    Mike is a "rocker", don't forget. He wrote Squonk (or co-wrote) as an ode to "Kashmir" which he heard while driving with Tony in 1975. Banks is the romantic one so no surprise in regard to his love of W&W. I actually don't mind YOSW though I realize that it was the first of the pop love songs. Inside and Out would have been better but it may not have been written (or fully finished) that early on.

    It's my personal all time favorite release by the band.

    Agree with Mark. I can still listen to it 45 years later and hear subtleties that I missed. I've played that entire album live and it is a beast (I've dissected every 4/8-string bass parts, 12-string parts and Taurus parts). It is so incredibly dense and emotional.... It was tough for them to play live (I saw the '77 tour) for a number of reasons including the lack of an acoustic piano, the huge number of overdubs (OFTV in particular), etc. But I remember listening to that record and thinking that it stacked up favorably against any Gabriel-era album.