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    Right now, I'm kinda obsessed with "Songs From the Big Chair" from Tears for Fears. I've always been a huge fan of the sound of pop albums from around the mid-80s, and this one gives me similar vibes to Peter Gabriel 4 and So. I especially love the extended medley of Broken/Head Over Heels/Broken (Reprise).

    I'm making plans to see TFF live this summer at the Forum in Los Angeles, so I'm probably gonna dive into all their other albums as well. I've already fallen in love with the first four tracks off of their third album, "The Seeds of Love", particularly the second one, "Badman's Song". Jazzy as hell, that song!

    Oops-I just reread a BBC article from 2020 that credited the “old dog” comment to Phil. I thought for sure that Tony said that, but I guess I was wrong. In the interview Phil made a point of saying songs that featured his drumming would be removed. I’m not sure what to make of that. No Los Endos in the setlist? No Behind the Lines? No SHBTS? No Firth of Fifth? No Cinema Show as part of an old medley? No Afterglow? If so I guess we really might get some stuff that hasn’t been played for a while.

    Yeah, you're right, I ended up re-reading the same article as well right after making my previous post (although it does seem like a typically Banksian thing to say lol).

    I agree, though. If they can't play most of the "Phil-centric" tracks then they're going to have to put in other songs to fill in those gaps, and hopefully at least some of these songs are ones that haven't been played live for some time (or never at all!).

    I find Tony’s comment that, given a two hour set limit and considering the hit songs the band feels they need to play, “some of the old dogs won’t be running” to be disconcerting for those of us who are hoping for more old stuff to be included in the setlist.

    To be honest, I interpreted Tony's comment as meaning that some long-running live staples (these being the "old dogs" and not necessarily just "old" i.e. prog era songs) may not be played in favor of presenting a broader picture of Genesis as both a prog band and a pop group within a two-hour timeframe. Tbh it could go either way at this point since it seems the band is trying to be as vague as possible regarding a potential setlist to avoid alienating fans of either Gabriel-era or Collins-led Genesis. Still lookin' forward to the show though, regardless of what songs are played.

    I haven't seen this talked about yet on the thread, but one thing I've noticed from watching several videos of Phil's Not Dead Yet tour is that the quality of his vocals has been a bit inconsistent between different legs of the tour. I was watching his 2018 Philadelphia show and his vocals on some songs were not too far off from where he was on the First Final Farewell tour (albeit transposed down), even on some more challenging songs like Hang In Long Enough and I Missed Again. Meanwhile, several of his 2017 and 2019 shows had him missing quite a few notes and having to defer to his background singers, sometimes in the middle of a vocal line. Also, his 2016 pre-tour announcement performance of In the Air Tonight at the US Open had him just about nailing one of the "screams" at the end (although he was standing up during that performance). Hopefully, he's whipped his voice into shape and improved his consistency for this upcoming tour, but I suppose I can't afford to be picky. I'm a Gen Z Genesis fan who missed out in 2007, and I'm determined to see them live at least once in my lifetime, warts and all.