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    Well more fool me to coin a phrase. I no longer have my Face Value LP, but my CD for whatever reason doesn't include the Behind The Lines lyrics - only the songwriting credit.

    Really? Maybe it was just on the vinyl? Idk I don’t own either edition. Wikipedia says that it was Mike. Perhaps a little bit of bull has been going around. Was it really Mike? I think I need an interview snippet now because now I’m confused.

    This is a quest that has been lingering for long since I came on this board. We all know that the ARP Pro Soloist was the first synth used by Genesis on Selling England By The Pound. There was another synth used on The Lamb though. The Elka Rhapsody 610 Synthesizer, best recognizable as the synth that Supertramp used the most. Today we will start with the Lamb as we identify the synths used on each song (songs without synths will be excluded like the title track). This will continue until we reach either Invisible Touch or We Can’t Dance.

    I’ll start it off

    Fly On A Windshield has the Pro Soloist

    And the first question: Eno was involved and credited with Enossification. Was this just treatments? Was the VCS 3 used on In The Cage & The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging?

    Blimey, calm down mate! No-one's forcing us to figure it out. 😉

    Ah you’re right. I mean, we the people will walk in stride as we combine our knowledge and brain power to figure it out, like how More Fool Me was Collins / Rutherford & how Steve literally said himself that Mike wrote the second part of After The Ordeal in a YouTube video while he wrote the first.

    Getting back briefly to the original topic of the thread: I think we can all agree that it would be interesting to know what individual credits for Genesis songs from the Gabriel era would have been. Well, many years ago I read an interview where Tony said he was actually pushing for individual credits as far back as FOXTROT.

    ...Then, many years later, he turns around and claims (in the notes for GENESIS ARCHIVE 1967-75) that the group credit was used "because that's the way it was" -- an obvious lie, especially in regards to the shorter songs. Go figure.

    Well I mean I would understand why Tony would push for individual credits. He simply wanted people to know who wrote what correctly. And yet, because of that, we have this mess where we’re trying to figure out who actually wrote the songs in the Gabriel era. Who would’ve guessed that the lyrics in Firth Of Fifth were Banks’ & Rutherford’s on first listen?

    I’d say it was a smart move removing that starting with A Trick Of The Tail (but it slowly took over by Abacab so what was the point).

    Behind The Lines was written after a negative review in Melody Maker of their Knebworth concert. Given that Phil re-recorded the song for Face Value, I would have assumed the lyrics to be his, but earilier in the thread it's claimed that Mike wrote them.

    Well on the solo album the lyrics are credited to Mike it would seem. So that is that I guess.

    We Can’t Dance:

    No Son Of Mine - lyrics: Phil

    Jesus He Knows Me - lyrics: Phil

    Driving The Last Spike - lyrics: Phil

    I Can’t Dance - lyrics: Phil

    Never A Time - lyrics: Mike

    Dreaming While You Sleep - lyrics: Mike

    Tell Me Why - lyrics: Phil

    Living Forever - lyrics: Banks

    Hold On My Heart - lyrics: Phil

    Way Of The World - lyrics: Mike

    Since I Lost You - lyrics: Phil

    Fading Lights - lyrics: Banks

    There are also disputes over musical credits for this song (such as Hold On My Heart, which was allegedly Phil’s lyrics set to Tony’s music, idk)

    Wow. Classics one and all I'd say.

    A decent showing from Rush on there! I'm not sure what my top 10 would have been then. But on 13/11/81 I was about 5 weeks away from seeing Genesis for the first time, (NEC 23/12/81) and my listening habits were never the same afterwards!

    Not meaning to change the subject but I just realized that you’re on record as an audience member for some of the performances on 3 Sides Live! How must that have felt?

    I didn't know that, I've always thought the lyrics were Mike's.

    I think it said that on Wikipedia but I’m not sure if there was a link backing it up, I’ll have to check. Phil was using the phrase “going down like a monkey” a lot, which is why the working title was Monkey/Zulu.

    Just to get the obvious out of the way for Invisible Touch:

    Invisible Touch - lyrics: Phil

    Tonight Tonight Tonight - lyrics: Phil

    Land Of Confusion - lyrics: Mike

    In Too Deep - lyrics: Phil

    Anything She Does - lyrics: Banks

    Domino - lyrics: Banks

    Throwing It All Away - lyrics: Mike

    The Brazilian - instrumental, primarily a Banks composition based on a sample of Phil & Mike jamming

    Do the Neurotic - instrumental

    Feeding The Fire - lyrics: Banks

    I’d Rather Be You- lyrics: Phil

    Oh that’s right! Genesis was one of the investors of Monty Python and the Holy Grail because the manager encouraged them since some of the early records were on Charisma records, which Genesis were in!