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    Ah that’s interesting to know. Thinking about it now the lyrics in the bridge of Earl do sound too similar to the rest of the song now that I think about. iirc didn’t Steve write the music to the chorus as well (which later is the home of his guitar solo)?

    I knew about the blood on the rooftops line that Phil wrote, but not that the rest of the lines said after that we’re also his. Venice in the spring does sound a bit too specific for Steve to write. Idk

    Alright I’m going to do Wind & Wuthering:

    Eleventh Earl Of Mar - lyrics: Mike & Steve

    One For The Vine - Banks

    Your Own Special Way - Mike

    Wot Gorilla? - instrumental

    All In A Mouse’s Night - Banks

    Blood On The Rooftops - lyrics: Steve

    Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers… - instrumental

    …In That Quiet Earth - instrumental

    Afterglow - Banks

    Nice to see them add more dates. I’m also glad to have gotten tickets to the DC date. Last time they were on tour I was practically 2 years old. I didn’t know a thing about Genesis then, so now this is a big opportunity to me.

    I love Burning Rope. Might be my favorite track on the album. That or Undertow.

    Well, I’ve grown to love Burning Rope a bit more, I can appreciate it now. I still like most of the other songs better but I have no problem with Burning Rope now.

    Can’t say the same for Say It’s Alright Joe. Worst track on the album IMO. Could’ve easily been replaced by one of the b-sides or something. Don’t like it and will probably never get a chance from me.

    BTW I like Halfway There, but the beginning of the track does sound like a Police song, as pointed out by someone in the YT comments. Probably doesn’t help that it’s obviously Stewart Copeland on drums. Still like it though, I like some of Stewart’s stuff for the band like Darkness and It’s Alright For You.

    OK, I have another one:

    What oddly specific thing does Mike's ACTING VERY STRANGE have in common with the album PROLOGUE by Renaissance?

    Hint: This can be observed just by looking at the respective album info in, say, Wikipedia. It's just a matter of whether anyone will observe it!

    Both have involvement from a member of the Copeland family (Miles Copeland III in Prologue, Stewart Copeland in Acting Very Strange)?

    On an unrelated note I’ve had a listen to Eleventh Earl Of Mar from both the 1994 remaster and the 2007 remix.

    Now I understand.

    Stay far away from the 2007 remix if you haven’t purchased Wind & Wuthering yet. For those who own it, I hope you get better enjoyment out of it than I did. Probably doesn’t help that the 1994 remasters were the only ones on the official YouTube channel. Oh well.

    Fellas fellas, you want the straight facts? Yes, what we endured the past year was a deadly pandemic. Yes, a lot of people died. Yes maskwearing, hand washing, etc does curb its spread. Yes, vaccinations have helped to curb the virus. Do we have vaccination hesitancy? Of course we do. Do grown adults have the right to make their own decisions? Of course they do. Damn skippy. Even if its a bad decision. As a nurse I’ve watched people die from it, it’s a helpless feeling . We’re all going to get through this.

    It’s like Genesis said: “It’s Gonna Get Better”. :)

    I just had a listen to the title track again (and its video), & I'm honestly surprised this wasn't a hit. It's catchy, has a memorable chorus, & has some great little guitar effects from Steve. Also didn't notice the claw that Steve was wearing at one point in the video lol. That was nice.

    Thanks for the info on that, that would've been my next guess.

    I've always wondered about the lyrics to It's Yourself. Of course it's not Phil & I honestly wouldn't believe it as a Tony kinda thing yet. Best guess would be Mike for me.

    All 3 are on "The Video Show" though.

    Really? Neat. I'm not sure if I want to buy it though, given that most of these songs likely used their single edits for the set. I'm one who prefers the original intended length. Maybe I could find a good quality vid on YT that's not adjusted weirdly. Idk.

    This is the official promo video for RA&B. I don't think I'd ever seen this, apart from a brief snippet of it from a TV ad promoting the album. I've always had this niggling memory of the ad, it featured one of the running-down-the-fire-escape bits. I thought I might have imagined it or that if I didn't, it was a tailor-made tv ad but I didn't realise it was from this video. It's very under-lit.

    Here's the Ripples one too. Didn't bother posting the Trick one as I thought these were the lesser-seen ones.

    And yet the Trick video isn't on the official YT channel. :)